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Wranglerstar Net Worth | Wife

Wranglerstar Net Worth – $2 million

What is Wranglerstar’s net worth? Who is Wranglerstar’s wife?


Wranglerstar is a few things.

It’s an ultra-successful YouTube channel that follows a family of three through life as homesteaders and Christians.

It’s the online persona of Cody Crone, the father of one and husband who runs the channel.

And finally, it’s the (fake) surname of a family living their lives in the Pacific Northwest and carving out their own niche in the social celebrity market.

Wranglerstar got famous when they ditched the urban sprawl and gave up their corporate trappings to live on a primitive homestead in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Together, the family of three has amassed a YouTube following of 2.34 million people and counting.

If you’ve never followed their daily adventures through their vlogs or sought out Cody’s opinion on a new tool, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about Wranglerstar.

The Origin Story


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When Cody and Jessica Wranglerstar tied the knot, they had big plans for their future.

Serving God—because both Jess and Cody are loyal to the Christian faith—was one of those plans.

But life got in the way for the energetic young professionals.

Something was missing in life—or rather, they were missing something.

After a few books Jessica read—mainly through her Bible study group—the couple decided what was missing. They needed to go off-grid and start afresh.

They met a couple they’d read about who went off the grid in Montana, and the couple invited them to spend a weekend with them at their homestead.

That trip started an entire movement for the Wranglerstar family—on the drive home from Montana, they made the decision: they were moving to the middle of nowhere.

So the pair packed up their life and decided to start over in Washington.

They bought a small homestead in the Washington wilderness and started investing more time into living—instead of throwing all their time into earning money.

The pair loved their new lifestyle.

They each went from working 80 hours a week and coming home to a dark house and an exhausted spouse to being in the fresh air and working together.

At one point, explained Cody, the pair ate 3 takeout meals a day each, simply because they couldn’t make time to get home and eat together.

The Start of a Beautiful Thing


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The move to living off the grid, and connecting with nature, was a wonderful thing for the family. When they added their first child—Jack—to the mix, things got even better.

They started to share their love of modern homesteading and their drive to share a new way of living with the digital world.

Jess and Cody launched Wranglerstar on YouTube.

If you thought going off-grid didn’t work too well with being a YouTube celebrity, you’d be right.

More than 1.88 million subscribers tune in to watch the Wranglerstars live their lives, and parents Jessica and Cody are mindful of how they want to deal with that.

For example, Wranglerstar isn’t the family’s real surname.

We don’t know what it is—because that’s how they want it.

Likewise, Jessica isn’t Cody’s wife’s real name—and we doubt Jack is actually their adorable son’s name, either.

They’ve never revealed where exactly in Washington they live—for a while, they even claimed to be based in Oregon—and they always ask interviewers not to share their real names.

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Life Online


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YouTube may have started out as a handyman’s hobby for the new homesteaders, but it quickly outgrew Cody and Jessica’s expectations.

They joked, “When we got our first check from YouTube, it was $100. We thought, ‘This is never going to cash.’”

It helped the couple to realize that they could actually make money—make a genuine living—just from posting videos.

There were drawbacks to that plan, though, as Mrs. Wranglerstar can attest to.

“(Your) subscribers want to watch daily,” she said. It was more work than the pair had anticipated and more invasive than the introverted couple expected it would be. Fortunately, they’ve limited what they show the world over the years. “When we do apple pressing, that’s half an hour of our life. The rest of the day isn’t on camera.”

Let’s Get It In Writing

The Wranglerstar family had shared a lot of their journey online, but a new offer caught their eye, and they released their first book—Modern Homesteading—in 2015.

The book, which focuses on God, simple living, service, and self-reliance, wasn’t a best-seller…but it was adored by Wranglestar’s fans.

The book covered topics like the family’s start on YouTube, their achievements, how to feed a family off-grid, and the quality of life in the wilderness.

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Wranglerstar – Net Worth

So, how much is Wranglerstar worth? Cody and Jessica earned most of their wealth from ads on YouTube and selling copies of their book. Therefore, Cody and Jessica Wranglerstar have an estimated net worth of $2 million.

On YouTube, they have more than 1 billion views, meaning about $3 million in revenue before taxes.

They sell merch on

Want to get to know Wranglerstar a little better? Hear why the family really moved, in Cody’s own words.

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I think you people are amazing..even your religion advice we have taken on board my partner loves the advice as he used to work at saw mill..he too would love to do this..but we aren't financial..We older couple😃...and have had some bad things that have happened in our lives....bless you guys..watching you guys has kept us sane