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Beth Toussaint Net Worth | Husband (Jack Coleman)

Beth Toussaint Net Worth – $4 million

What is Beth Toussaint’s net worth? Who is Beth Toussaint’s husband?


Elizabeth “Beth” Toussaint is an American model and actress who is best known for her roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), Scream 3 (2000), and Red Eye (2005).


She was born on September 25, 1962, in Pleasant Hill, California, United States.

Under acting coaches Lilyan Chauvin and Diana Bellamy, she studied acting at the Brian Reese Studios.

In 1984, Beth worked as a model. After, she appeared in music videos for:

  • the song “Big Mistake” by Peter Cetera;
  • SAGA’s song “Only Time Will Tell”;
  • Bob Seger’s song “Like a Rock”;
  • Bon Jovi’s song “She Don’t Know Me.”


Her film debut was the 1987 horror film, Berserker. Since then, Beth also appeared in:

  • Dead Heat, 1988;
  • Dallas, 1989;
  • Growing Pains, 1989;
  • Matlock, 1990;
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1990;
  • MacGyver, 1990;
  • Cheers, 1991;
  • Melrose Place, 1992;
  • The Commish, 1993;
  • Night Siege Project: Shadowchaser 2, 1994;
  • The Presence, 1994;
  • Savannah, 1997;
  • Fortress 2: Re-Entry, 2000;
  • Scream 3, 2000;
  • The Last Seige, 2002.

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Beth Toussaint has been married to Jack Coleman since June 21, 1996.

Beth Toussaint and her husband Jack Coleman

Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

Coleman is an American actor who is best known for portraying Noah Bennet in Heroes (2006–2010), a science-fiction drama series.

The couple has one daughter, Tess, born in 1999. In 2005, Tess appeared in the Wes Craven film Red Eye.

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Beth and Charlene Tilton were both in the cast of Dallas.

Her brother, David, had a successful career as an author and journalist.

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Beth Toussaint – Net Worth

Toussaint earned most of her wealth from performing in over 36 movies and TV series, including Savannah, Legend, and Breach of Conduct.

Her most profitable projects were ”The Young and the Restless” and ”Dallas.”

Therefore, American actress Beth Toussaint has an estimated net worth of about $4 million.

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