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Billy Gene Net Worth 2024

Billy Gene Net Worth – $10 million

What is Billy Gene’s net worth?


Billy Gene (birth name – Billy Gene Shaw III) is an American social media strategist, blogger, and entrepreneur, who is best known as the founder of Billy Gene Is Marketing.

Gene has revolutionized the education system by teaching necessary and important entrepreneurial skills that schools aren’t teaching.

He said for Entrepreneur:

“I’m an entrepreneur who went from living at my parents’ house with over $50,000 in debt to building a multi-million-dollar business four years later.”


Billy was born on May 2, 1988, in the USA.

After high school, Gene went to the University of San Diego. He didn’t graduate. Billy explained in an interview:

“I did go to the University of San Diego. What a lot of people don’t realize is I didn’t graduate, but I attended all four years.”

In 2010, he borrowed $20,000 from friends and family to start a mobile oil-change company. Later, this business was closed.

Rethink and Relive LLC

In 2013, he founded Rethink and Relive LLC. The company hosts online classrooms to help people break addictions.

Operation Smoke Free

Billy also joined Operation Smoke Free as a campaign manager.

Billy Gene is Marketing

In 2014, he founded ”Billy Gene is Marketing,” a marketing company that is focused on Facebook and YouTube advertising.

According to their description:

“Social media marketing is becoming more competitive by the day, which is why we believe entertaining with video when advertising is mandatory.”

The company has 22 employees.

One of their main goals is to help local businesses to improve their brand.

In his ads, Gene tells the story of how he transformed his life from living in his parents’ house to managing a marketing agency that makes millions of dollars in sales and buying a Bentley.

The School Of GENEIUS

Gene also comprised ”The School Of Geneius,” a program that is advertised as the most powerful social media training you can take.

It cost $5,000 for every six months of enrollment or $7,500 a year upfront.

The program includes:

  • eligibility to become a certified partner;
  • weekly live training sessions with Gene;
  • database with campaigns and templates;
  • an invitation to the semi-annual meet-ups;
  • weekday live support from the in-house team;
  • access to the library with all step-by-step courses;
  • daily support sessions.


Many people are wondering whether ”Billy Gene is Marketing” is a scam.

His company has positive and negative reviews. One reviewer wrote on Yelp:

“I have gone through all of the programs myself. The school of geneius is the best program for learning digital marketing out there.”

But, another one wrote:


He also wrote:

”The only real VIBE to pick up on is the used car salesman from a POT LOT.”

The company has BBB accreditation with an “F” rating.

The company does not give refunds.


He has published two free e-books:

  • Videos That Sell Stuff For G.E.N.I.U.S.E.S.;
  • How to Sell Sh*t for G.E.N.E.I.U.S.E.S.


Gene has a daughter.

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”I want to encourage everybody to not be afraid to have aggressive call to actions.”

”The amount of money that people make is directly correlated to the amount of problems they can solve.”

”People think entertaining is optional, people think the video is optional — those guys are going to be out of business in less than three years.”

”I care way more about the quality of a customer than the quantity of the customers.”

”Business people care about green more than they care about anything else.”

”I would have reached my destination a lot faster if I sought mentorship from entrepreneurs who were living my dream and making it happen.”

”You need to design your life first. You set your life goals, and then you set your business goals.”

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In 2019. he bought a Lamborghini Huracan.

When asked about his favorite mentor, he responded:

”My favorite mentor is my dad. I was “temporarily” living out of my car, and one day it got towed.”

Shaw went on to say:

”I couldn’t afford to get it out of the impound so I called my dad to bail me out.”

Gene continued:

”He said, ‘Son, make it happen,’ and hung up on me. Guess what I did? I made it happen.”

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Billy Gene – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Billy Gene Shaw III worth?

Gene earns most of his wealth from managing his company,”Billy Gene is Marketing.” Shaw spends around $200,000 per month on his personal brand.

His company makes money from selling courses. Currently, the price for a bundle of his courses is $97.

Also, he has The School Of Geneius program – the most powerful and comprehensive online social media marketing program. 

The cost of the program is $7,500 for one year of enrollment or $5,000 for six months. Currently,  BGIM has more than 2,500 subscribers for the program. This means around $1.8 million in annual revenue.

He also makes money from speaking at events, for the price of $50,000. He said that the month of April 2018 was his first million-dollar month.

Therefore, American marketing educator Billy Gene has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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