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Bunnie Xo Net Worth $3 Million

What is Bunnie XO’s net worth?

Bunnie Xo, aka Alisa DeFord, is an American model and social media personality who has a net worth of $3 million. In 2018, she started the Bunnie XO brand.

She said — “I literally built my entire brand from the ground up without help from anyone.

DeFord’s the owner of Dumb Blonde Productions. During her podcast, she interviews many personalities, including — Priscilla Block, Dita Von Teese, Mod Sun, Charlie Classic, Lil Wyte, and Brantley Gilbert.

In March 2023, Bunnie had shut down her OnlyFans account. “I decided to retire and 100% immerse myself into the Bunnie Xo brand in 2023,” Bunnie said.

On YouTube, Bunnie has over 250 million views — about $750K in revenue.


Bunnie Xo Net Worth

Jelly Roll & Bunnie Xo attend The 56th Annual CMA Awards – @Getty

She was born on January 22, 1980, in Houston.

DeFord’s mom abandoned her when she was three months old.

“She left my life when I was 3 months old & we didn’t reconnect until I was 22,” Bunnie said about her mother after she passed away in 2022. “She lived her life hiding from demons she couldn’t conquer.”

What does Bunnie XO do for a living


In 2019, she launched her podcast called Dumb Blonde.

In May 2024, DeFord revealed on social media that her father, Bill, passed. In 2023, Bill was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

“Rest easy & don’t make too many angels fall in love,” Bunnie said.


What is Bunnie XO's net worth

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo attend the “Jelly Roll: Save Me” Documentary World Premiere – @Getty

In August 2016, Bunnie Xo married Jelly Roll, an American singer who gained fame after the release of his single — “Son of a Sinner.” In the past, I have written about Jelly Roll’s journey to weight loss.

6 years ago today, we stumbled into court house drunk and got married,” Jason wrote on his Instagram in August 2022. “Thank you for coming into my life and calming the storm.

On August 31, 2023, the two renewed their wedding vows in LA. “She’s supported me,” Jason said at the time. He added: “She helped me get my music career really up and going.” 

Bunnie met Jelly in 2015 while attending one of his concerts at Las Vegas Country Saloon. At the time, she was in an abusive relationship.

“I loved her from go,” Jason confessed in an interview. “I loved her from the moment I met her.

Alisa has a nickname for her husband — Pound Puppy. “She calls me her Pound Puppy,” Jason said. “She adopted a Pound Puppy.”

Bunnie Xo and her husband Jelly Roll net worth


Jelly proposed in 2016 while onstage at a Yelawolf and Deftones concert.

In 2022, at the 56th annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena, they walked their first red carpet together.

Bunnie and Jason renewed their vows in 2023.

After winning the 2023 CMA Award for New Artist of the Year, DeFord stated: “I got a thousand people to thank, but most importantly, my Lord and my wife.”

Tonite was your night,” Bunnie Xo said after the awards. She went on to say: “Hell, if we’re being honest, 2023 has been your YEAR.”

In April 2024, Bunnie and her husband’s plane made an emergency landing on the way to the 2024 CMT Awards. “They said it was an issue with the computer,” DeFord said after the unfortunate incident. “But at least it wasn’t the brakes.”


After marrying Jelly Roll, she became a stepmom to his son Noah and daughter Bailee.

jelly roll and his daughter

Jelly Roll and daughter Bailee Ann attend the “Jelly Roll: Save Me” Documentary World Premiere – @Getty

The mother of Bailee DeFord is a woman named Felicia.

It takes a special kind of woman to raise a kid that isn’t her child,” Jelly said in 2020.

In June 2024, Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll announced plans for another baby. “My wife and I are talking about having a baby,” he admitted.

They are open to exploring IVF treatments.

How did Bunnie Xo get her money


“I was like, it means I got to live to at least 60,” the country singer said after they took the decision to have another child. “I got to see this kid into college.”


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