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Robby Berger Net Worth | Bob Does Sports

What Is Robby Berger’s Net Worth?

Robby Berger is a social media star, content creator, and comedian who has a net worth of $10 million. He gained popularity for his videos, which see him playing sports and offering humorous commentary – on whatever he’s playing.

While he initially posted videos playing a variety of sports, Berger’s golf content became his most popular content, leading him to focus on golf above all else.

Robby’s unique perspective on sport, his approachable personality, his camaraderie with his co-stars, and his videos, which feature professional golfers themselves, have all helped catapult him into being one of the most recognized faces in the world of online sports.

Robby Berger has addressed the questions of his net worth on certain occasions. In a podcast interview with Habits & Hustles host Jennifer Cohen, Robby was asked if his net worth was within the range of “7 figures or 9 figures”.

He answered that his net worth “varies” but that it has gotten a lot higher. He said:

“I’ll tell you this, it’s more than I could have ever imagined. I would say it varies, as the years go on, it goes higher and higher.”

Robby Berger also revealed that he made a surprising amount of money by doing personalized videos for his fans on Cameo.

In the same podcast, he estimated that he did around 25 to 30 Cameos per day, with his price per Cameo being listed at $95 minimum, and $150 for fast delivery.

Robby Berger Net Worth

Robby Berger watches his shot on the 16th tee box during the Whoop Shot at Glory – @Getty

This would work out as approximately $3,000 a day, meaning that Robby Berger could be making as much as $1 million+ per year, just through his personalized videos on Cameo. Therefore, Robby Berger has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

The Origin Story

Robby Berger is originally from Randolph, New Jersey, but he moved out to Hollywood, California, several years ago in order to follow his dreams of making media content.

According to Berger himself, he originally worked in management at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, back in 2018.

During overnight shifts at the hotel, Bobby would edit and post content under his social media handles, which at the time were “@BrilliantlyDumb.” 

The content was intentionally goofy, ‘dumb’ videos of Robby playing different sports.

It was lighthearted and friendly in nature, which immediately helped Robby find a global audience.

Over time, Robby began to focus more specifically on golf videos, as this was what his fans and followers latched onto the most.

Bob Does Sports

Bob Does Sports is Robby Berger’s most successful social media venture and is the one that landed him the most fame in his career.

As mentioned above, Bob Does Sports features videos of Robby Berger and several of his friends/fellow content creators – named Joey Cold Cuts, Beardown Cuz the Jet, Fat Perez, and Nicky Chip & Putts – all engaging in golf-related activities.

Together, the group has been called a “Wickedly funny ensemble of ragtag golfers.” 

The videos posted on Bob Does Sports’ social media channels – primarily on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok – feature the group visiting golf courses, playing against each other, undertaking competitive challenges, and offering commentary and advice on the sport.

The members of the group are well known for their humor and improvisational skills, which is partly what has helped Bob Does Sports gain so much success in a very short time period.

In recent years, Bob Does Sports has featured celebrity appearances from professional golfers. It has also featured the group playing at prestigious courses, including PGA Tour courses.

Golfing World’s Reaction to the Success of Robby Berger

Robby Berger has been called ‘golf royalty’ in recent years, with many golfing professionals and fans of the sport reacting positively to his success.

For example, Berger shows up in his videos playing with pro golfers, such as his appearance with American pro golfer Max Homa.

He has also received plaudits for making the sport appeal more to the average man or woman, or those who are not golfers in the first place, who may never have shown any interest in the sport if they had not discovered his social media accounts.

In addition, Berger has been praised for his laidback approach, which manages to be engaging while also instructional for those who want to improve their golfing game.

What Else?

Robby Berger is known by his other personality ‘Robby Fairways,’ which he uses within his golf content.

He is also the host of the ‘Brilliantly Dumb’ podcast, which was named after his original social media handle, @brilliantlydumb.

Robby is also the founder and host of several other media platforms, beyond Bob Does Sports.

He is the founder of Breezy Golf, which sells performance golf apparel for the casual wearer. In addition, he is the founder of Drink Have A Day, a drinks company that focuses on tequila-based products.

And one of the sayings for Bob Does Sports is featured in the brand name — “Have A Day.” The slogan is also used in many of their clothing items and merch.

While the different entities and businesses of Robby Berger have contributed to the hint that his net worth may even be noticeably larger than the average person might assume.

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