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Cassandra Sethi Net Worth 2024

Cassandra Sethi Net Worth – $20 million

Born Cassandra Campa, she is now known as Sethi thanks to her marriage to Ramit Singh Sethi.

The two got married in July 2018, getting married in the Ritz-Carlton at Lake Tahoe in California.

Since then, Sethi has become just as well-known for her work within her business, Next Level Wardrobe.

Her husband is also the founder of a company called IWT, which is a company that is all about self-development.

Together, the duo has created two very popular businesses that bring in a lot of interest.

Her husband has gained fame for his wealth-generating self-improvement business, helping people turn their lives around and become successful.

Meanwhile, Cassandra has developed a history of running a business that is extremely successful in its own right.

Together, they are a very successful couple who have built a happy life and future for themselves – let’s take a look at the life of Cassandra.

The Origin Story

Born to Patricia and Roy Campa, Cassandra grew up in a business-owning family.

Her father owns a business called Campa’s Custom Painting, which provides restorations for cars in the Visalia area.

He also delivers designs and recreations for other items, including antiques, so he is well-known in the area for his work, attention to detail, and skill.

Cassandra’s mother taught at Linwood Elementary as part of the kindergarten staff.

As mentioned above, she is the founder of Next Level Wardrobe, a very successful company within the fashion sector.

This personal styling company can help people turn their sense of fashion around, finding a look and style that fits their personality and flatters them.

Cassandra has an eye for the perfect stylistic fit for people, so she is great at helping people to find their looks and personality.


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She studied at the London College of Fashion, putting her immense skills and natural eye for fashion into practice. However, she also gained a Bachelor of Arts in the art of Fashion Merchandising back in 2006 via California State University.

While little is known about her early life before she met with Ramit and then moved into her successful business empire, Cassandra was known to have been ambitious and determined to use her natural flair for fashion in a way that would build a future for herself.

Given that her business is now thriving and one of the most popular in that industry, it would be fair to say that she has achieved a job very well!


Running her business, Next Level Wardrobe, she provides styling support services to her clientele.

The company, based in New York City, has been operational since 2018, and in that time, it has become a massive success.

She helps people in the professional sphere find a personal style that will suit them. Not all of us are born with a gift for fashionable vision, while Cassandra has that in spades.


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So, her business helps people find a look that will help them carry a personal style that just looks great.

Instead of having a wardrobe filled with clothes that “might” look good, Cassandra focuses on helping people find a look and a style that will help them own less but get more out of every outfit they own.

The business is very successful, and she has seen her work with people in high-net-worth areas like Silicon Valley.

She helps many other kinds of people, though, with her business assisting everyone from the overworked mother to entrepreneurs looking to impress people at business meetings.

Before starting her firm, Cassandra had worked for Equinox for four years, building the skills to eventually become the backbone of her new business venture.

She also worked for SoulCycle, developing a long-term history within the industry that has ensured her personal and professional growth could continue at pace.

Meeting Her Husband

Ramit Sethi -- hsuband of Cassandra Sethi

Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi attend the Meet the Author: Tim Ferriss “The 4-Hour Body” at Apple Store Soho on May 26, 2011 in New York City – @Getty

Cassandra came into contact with her now-husband Ramit back in 2012, when they met through a mutual friend at a BBQ.

The two started to talk and realized there was a natural spark and connection that could not be ignored.

The duo started to date one another pretty quickly, blossoming from an interest into one another into genuine love.

That love was eventually guaranteed when, in July 2018, they got married at the Lake Tahoe resort we mentioned above.

The wedding had a very interesting theme, with a primarily Sikh theme to it, thanks to Ramit’s heritage. The Indian theme to the wedding was a huge hit, with many high-profile images appearing of a beautiful day for both members of this.


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Interestingly, though, the ceremony was a two-part process.

The first part of the ceremony was the Sikh theme, which was carried out by Manjit and Amarjit Singh, two Sikh priests, while the second part of the ceremony was an American Catholic ceremony that Rev. Charles Grande ordained.

Cassandra Sethi – Net Worth 2024

Cassandra earned most of her wealth from wealth from founding and managing Next Level Wardrobe. Sethi also worked for 4 years at Equinox. Therefore, Cassandra Sethi has an estimated net worth of $20 million. (note – Cassandra’s net worth is combined with her husband’s)


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