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Chase Severino Net Worth | Wife

Chase Severino Net Worth – $500,000

What is Chase Severino’s net worth? Is Chase Severino married?


Chase Severino is an American reality TV star who gained prominence from his romantic relationship with the reality star Whitney Way Thore.

She gained fame from regularly appearing on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” where her weight loss journey was documented. 

The Origin Story

Chase Severino was born on June 7, 1990, in the U.S.

He was raised by his mother, Dorren Severino, and his father, Harry Severino.

He has one sister he is close with and includes her in many of his social media posts. With respect to further details surrounding his early life, most of it is limited.

According to Severino’s public LinkedIn account, he attended the University of North Carolina in Charlotte in 2008 and graduated in 2013 with a double bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting.

This was prior to him entering a life of reality TV.


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Immediately after graduating, he landed his first job, with happened to be one of prestige.

He was the Revenue Field Auditor for the North Carolina Department of Revenue, which commenced in 2014 and lasted two years.

There is no public information about what he was doing following his resignation.

Still, in 2018, he was hired as the Director of Accounting – Construction Division- Construction Division for Wendy Wilmot Properties based out of North Carolina.

He oversaw the entire accounting department, and although this was a great position, Severino left the company in 2020.

In the midst of his previous two jobs, he worked as a contract Finance and Administration Manager for Recovery Logistics, which commenced in 2012 and ended in 2021.

This position was also located in North Carolina.

He made a pivot in his career in 2019 when he accepted a job as a Bar Manager at Amplify NC in North Carolina.

While supervising and managing was a professional skill he had mastered, the bar scene is radically different from an accounting office. That said, Severino worked in this role part-time for two years.

During the same time as his role with the bar, he worked part-time as an Assistant Manager at East Coast Underground in Wilmington, NC.

This role lasted up until 2021.

His most current professional position is as the Chief Financial Officer and Director of OperationsChief Financial at “My Training Partners,” which commenced in January 2021.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Aside from his professional carer, he has dabbled in reality TV, which is how he made a name for himself.

Severino met Whitney Way Thore on New Year’s Eve in 2018, and the two hit it off immediately.

Whitney Way Thore, ex-girlfriend of Chase Severino


Thore was a micro reality TV celebrity at the time as the leading cast member of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” since 2015.

The show chronicled Thore’s life and her mission to lose weight.

By the time their relationship blossomed, it was season 6 of Thore’s show, and as such, filming commenced.

Severino agreed to be a part of the filming; therefore, their relationship was broadcast to tune in American viewers.

As a result, Severino earned the title “American reality TV personality.”

Due to his regular appearances, he earned a steady income from the broadcasting network.

The love affair would only go on to last a few years until the duo called it quits.

Following their breakup, Thore took to Instagram to share that Severino had cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend.

This was devastating news for her, but making it worse was when she learned that he would be a father as a result of his infidelity.

During the beginning days of the breakup and following her public statement, Severino received the wrath of “die-hard Whitney supporters,” making planning his new life much more challenging.

Since Severino was not a formal cast member of the TV show, he was no longer a part of it following the breakup.

As such, he returned to his professional career in 2020.



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Chase Severino is in a relationship with Sara Jackson.

It is unclear if they are married.

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Since then, he has been up to quite a lot, including preparing to become a father.

Severino and his girlfriend (Sara Jackson) welcomed their daughter—Aurora Joyce, in March 2020.

In September 2022, their second girl, Rhiannon Rose Severino, was born.


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From here, he made the decision to take on a new career as a personal trainer.

He became very interested in health and fitness over the years, and it would ultimately develop into a passion.

One of his good friends owns the gym “My Training Partner,” and Severino was brought on as the CFO.

Although he is the CFO, his passion is more in the fitness aspect of business, far more than the corporate financial side of things.

What was interesting to some was that he never appeared to gravitate toward fitness but instead shrugged it off as an element of life he couldn’t care much for.

So when he began posting content on his social media account about his workout routine and healthy meals, fans were equally proud and unsuspecting.

The UNC Charlotte graduate has also developed a health product line called “Dear Darla.”

He utilizes his Instagram account to sell three products, “Oh Kale Yeah,” “Dream,” and “Collagen Glow Up.”

Although the line is geared toward women, Severino often mentions that he regularly takes the supplements as a part of his health routine and stands behind every product he sells.

In addition to his successful career and family life, he took to his social media in July 2021 with a celebratory photo of him and his family holding up a sold sign.

The new father purchased a home in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Chase Severino – Net Worth

So, how much is Chase Severino worth?

Severino earned most of his wealth from working as CFO and Director of Operations at My Training Partners since early 2021. 

Chase also worked East Coast Underground, Amplify NC, and Recovery Logistics.

Therefore, Chase Severino has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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