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Dan Gable Net Worth | Wife

What is Dan Gable’s net worth? Who is Dan Gable’s wife?


Dan Gable was a collegiate and Olympian freestyle and folkstyle wrestler and later became a well-known collegiate wrestling coach.

He represented the United States in the Munich Olympic Games in 1972.

As a coach, he also trained 12 future Olympic wrestlers, and 8 of them won an Olympic medal.

The Origin Story

He was born Daniel Mack Gable in Waterloo, Iowa, on October 25th, 1949.

Gable and his only sibling, sister Diane grew up in the small town with their parents, Mack and Katie Gable.

Dan began wrestling in middle school, and by the time he reached high school at Waterloo West High School, he was competing at the highest level in Iowa.

While in high school, he never lost a single match in his weight class and eventually won three straight state championships.

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Rotonda West, FL – 1974: Dan Gable competing on the ABC tv series ‘Superstars’ – @Getty

One of the things that truly motivated Dan Gable to excel at wrestling was because his sister was murdered in the family home while he was in middle school.

The rest of the family was on vacation, and Diane Gable stayed home.

He used that as a huge motivator in his wrestling career, hoping to make his sister in heaven proud of him.

The College Years

After being a very successful high school wrestler, Danny Gabel went on to college.

He attended one of the NCAA Division I colleges in Iowa when he decided to enroll at Iowa State University.

Gable competed as a collegiate folkstyle wrestler from 1967-1970.

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1972 Summer Olympics: USA Dan Gable in action vs Yugoslavia Safer Sali during Lightweight (68 kg) Round 1 match at Ringerhalle Messegelande – @Getty

During his college wrestling career, he finished runner-up, and then two other times, he won national championships in his weight class. While at Iowa State University, he was an outstanding 117-1 in his matches.

His lone loss was to a University of Wisconsin wrestler named Lee Kemp on what was his very last match before he graduated.

Career Accomplishments

After leaving college in 1970, Danny Gabel went on to wrestle competitively on an international stage.

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Dan Gable lifting weights at Carver-Hawkeye Arena – @Getty

Dan won gold medals at several international events, including the Tbilisi Tournament in 1971 and the Worlds Championship in 1971 as well.

He then competed in the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany, in the freestyle wrestling event. He was such a talented wrestler. In fact, as an Olympian, he won every match without giving up a single point.

After having a successful individual career as a freestyle wrestler, Gabel decided that he wanted to get into coaching.

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Chris Taylor, Olympic medalist, and Iowa State University teammate Dan Gable at an ISU wrestling match – @Getty

He was hired by one of the top wrestling schools in NCAA Division I College Wrestling, the University of Iowa, in 1976.

He would go on to coach until he retired in 1997.

As the head wrestling coach, he would amass an amazing 355-21-5 record in dual meets.

Dan Gable net worth

Larry Owings and Dan Gable – @Getty

Along the way, he would have a hand in training 152 All-American wrestlers, 45 of his guys would win National titles in their respective weight classes, 106 would win Big 10 Conference Titles, and what is more amazing that 12 of them would also go on to be Olympians like he was and 8 of them would even medal.

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Dan Gable married his wife, Kathy Carpenter, in 1972.

They have four daughters; Jenni, Annie, Molly, and Mackenzie.

In 2020, Gable was with his wife at the White House when he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Dan Gable net worth


Dan Gable – Net Worth

So, how much is Dan Gable worth?

The primary source of his income came from his wrestling competitions and his 20+ years as the University of Iowa Head Wrestling Coach.

For some time after his competing days, he was asked to be a coach for the US Olympic Wrestling Team.

He has also written several books on wrestling that have been pretty well-received by the wrestling community.

Real Estate

Dan, his wife Kathy, and his kids lived in a home that they built on 26 acres of land just north of Iowa City, Iowa, in Lansing.

The home was more of a cabin on the property, and there were tons of fruit trees.

Bottom Line

Why did Dan Gable retire

Dan Gable during the ceremonial weigh-ins before the finals of the NCAA Wrestling Championships on March 19, 2016 at Madison Square Garden in New York – @Getty

The majority of Gable’s income came as a direct result of his wrestling competitions.

After college, he competed in several high-profile wrestling championships.

As an Olympian, he won a gold medal.

After his competition days were over, he shifted to coaching and helping other collegiate-level athletes achieve their wrestling dreams.

He was able to establish a very lucrative life for himself and his family.

Therefore, Dan Gable has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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