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Deshae Frost Net Worth 2024

Deshae Frost Net Worth – $2.5 million

What is Deshae Frost’s net worth?


Deshae Frost is an American comedian and actor, who has enjoyed success on YouTube and various social media platforms since 2011.

He has also appeared in a number of TV shows, including SWAT and You Married Dat, further raising his profile and contributing to his net worth.

Most of his videos on YouTube are skits and pranks, and he has successfully developed a following of more than 3.3 million subscribers since joining the platform.

The Origin Story

Deshae Frost was born on January 9, 2001, in Seattle, Washington.

He showed an interest in entertainment from a young age, crowning himself as D-Frost from the age of eight when he would perform raps to his friends and family.

Deshae Frost Net Worth


Although there was a lot of love in his family home growing up,

Frost admitted on a podcast appearance that he experienced financial difficulties when he was younger, something that he is now happy he can rectify.

Most days after returning from school, Frost would load up the laptop and start writing movie scripts, something that isn’t an overly common trait with young children! 

Given his ability to tell stories and make people laugh, his mum encouraged him to try stand-up comedy at the age of 13.

Following success at an open-mic event in Seattle, he launched himself into the world of YouTube and the rest, as they say, is history.

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He often appears in his videos alongside his friends and family, and his fans are always interested to find out who he is dating.

That being said, Deshae Frost tries to keep a lid on his personal life away from the camera, which is something we ought to respect. 


Deshae Frost – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Deshae Frost worth? Best known for his comedic skits that have gone viral on the Internet, Deshae Frost has accumulated most of his net worth from various online endeavors. Therefore American comedian Deshae Frost has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

He is particularly popular on YouTube, where he has amassed 3.7 million subscribers since joining the platform in 2011. 

Most of the videos that he uploads are designed to make his followers laugh, and he performs various pranks and stand-up sketches that appeal to his audience. 

His most popular videos include Guy Flirts with My Sister in Front of Me, Turned My Girl into Billie Eilish, and My Sister Became a Mom for 24 hours, each of them racking up more than 5 million views.

Billie Eilish herself commented on his video experiment, saying “now ya know what life is like 24/7.” 

In total, his videos have been viewed more than 628 million times on YouTube, which has seen him net more than $2 million in ad revenue from the platform.

As is the case with other influencers and social media personalities, Frost is active on multiple platforms. 

He often shares his videos on Instagram, where he has more than 2.2 million followers.

This helps build and promote his YouTube channel, as he has been able to successfully monetize his platform. 

Another way that Frost supplements his income is by selling merchandise via social media.

His online store carries a range of clothing and accessories that bear his brand, and his merchandise sales have enabled him to diversify his online business endeavors.


In addition to his popularity online, Frost has also appeared in several TV shows.

He is perhaps best known for his recurring character of Darryl Henderson in SWAT, a role he held between 2017 and 2021.  

He has also appeared in You Married Dat, Hired, and Speechless, which are all roles that have helped him increase his profile and broaden his audience. 

Frost is represented by agent Sharron Elkabas and is part of mn2bs, an online booking platform for stand-up comedians and various other performers.

While it’s not apparent how much business he gets through the site, it’s another way for Frost to earn money, and his stand-up comedy shows contribute to his overall net worth. 

Appearing on a podcast, Frost gave his fans more of an insight into some of the serious aspects of his life, talking about some of the difficulties he faced growing up and why he developed such an incredible work ethic. 

He said:

“I work really hard, you’ve got to always work. I always help my family and stuff, which is good, and I feel blessed to be able to do that. Living a lifestyle that not a lot of nineteen-year-olds can live, which is why I setback every day just to be able to work.”

If you’ve followed Frost’s career to date and enjoy the content that he puts out there, it’s hard not to be impressed by his work ethic and his dedication to becoming a success. 

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