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Did Donut Operator cheat on Wine Operator?

Did Donut Operator cheat on Wine Operator?


Regarding YouTube personalities, few individuals are quite as unique as Donut Operator.

Otherwise known as Cody Garret, Donut Operator has amassed a relative fortune – and a huge following – through his police-focused YouTube channel.

On top of that, he also provides a range of other insights and topics on his channel.

His immense popularity and his previous history in the police have made him a very interesting account to follow.

Like all big-name YouTube stars, though, Donut Operator has endured controversy over the years.

For example, his relationship with fellow YouTuber Wine Operator caused publicity over the years.

The couple were together for some time but are no longer an item as far as we can tell.

Why, though?

The rumors vary.

One of the main rumors, though, focuses on adultery.

So, is this true?

Did Donut Operator cheat on Wine Operator?

Like most of these social media rumors, there are often layers to uncover.

We will try to break down the most pertinent details so you know as much as can be disclosed about the incident.

Who is Donut Operator?


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As mentioned above, Donut Operator is a popular US-based YouTube personality.

Born on the 3rd of September 1987 in South Carolina, Cody Garret has become a very popular member of the YouTube community.

He is a former SWAT team member and police officer, and most of his videos tend to revolve around policing.

Outside of that, he occasionally brings some other intriguing hobbies to his videos.

On top of his policing YouTube videos, he also provides some other interesting YouTube content.

For example, he runs a Twitch channel that is very popular as well.

With well over 800 videos and over four million subscribers, Garret has become a significant personality on the internet all on his own.

Known for his trademark mustache, as much as his excellent content on policing issues, Garret has become a must-check for people who have an interest in the way that the law works.

All of this being said, though, Donut Operator’s relationship with fellow YouTuber Wine Operator became a big talking point for fans of his work.

Who is Wine Operator?


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Otherwise known as Kaley, Wine Operator has become a big name on the gaming scene thanks to her Twitch channel.

Across Instagram, she has over 40,000 followers.

She might not have the same millions of followers as Garret. Still, she has become a very popular individual in her own right, not only through her association with Garret but also with her successful Twitch channel.

Known for her upbeat and quirky personality, Wine Operator has also built a pretty strong profile for herself online.


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How did Donut Operator and Wine Operator meet?

Given his immense popularity on the platform, fans have become somewhat zealous when digging into his personal life. For instance, his relationship with fellow YouTube personality Wine Operator, or Kaley, became a huge talking point for fans of his platform. According to Kaley, the couple met via dating app Tinder around 2018.

The duo had a pretty strong bond, and thus, they started dating relatively soon after meeting for the first time.

The fact that Garret had a son from a previous relationship could have been a complicated matter, but it was nothing of the sort.

His son, John, had a strong bond and friendship with Kaley, i.e., Wine Operator.

For years, speculation was thrown around that Kaley was, in fact, John’s biological mother.

This, though, is not the case.

The fact that Garret had broken up with the mother in the past is the most probable reason a mother has never been mentioned.

Note – Garret also has a daughter. For whatever reason, Garret rarely mentions her on stream.


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Are Donut Operator and Wine Operator still together?

No, the duo are no longer together in their relationship. However, this was revealed without much fanfare; in a post titled Moving On, Kaley made clear that she was now single and no longer with her partner. However, unlike other big YouTube and internet personalities, neither made much of their in-person break-up.

Naturally, this made the internet followers of both wonder: did Donut Operator cheat on Wine Operator?

Given how happy the couple appeared to be in previous videos together, the low-profile nature of their breakup seemed – to some – quite odd.

This caused a lot of consternation, with fans of the duo wondering whether or not they were together any longer.

Since neither has made any information public about the topic, most fans assumed that the break-up was not exactly friendly.

After all, it has become common for YouTubers and other internet personalities to be very open about this.

It is almost part of their ‘content generation’ platform to some.

They use their personal lives and the ability to tell the world what is going on at home to help further boost their popularity.

For Donut Operator and Wine Operator, though, the break-up appears to have been very swift and not spoken about.


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Did Donut Operator cheat on Wine Operator?

The internet is littered with rumors about this, but there is no proof that this is why they broke up. Like many couples, they might have decided to go their separate ways. It has been made clear that they are no longer in a relationship and will not be getting back together anytime soon.

While many big-name personalities are seen as using their personal lives to get even more clicks, neither individual has been public about what happened.

Instead, they have carried on with their profiles and their success individually.

While fans might always want to get a little bit more information, celebrities like this are not really under any pressure to tell fans what they want to know. If a couple like this breaks up, they can move on from one another without clarifying why they broke up.

If you broke up with someone, would you want to have to put out a video explaining why?

So, when it comes to determining whether or not Donut Operator cheated on Wine Operator, we will likely never know. What we do know, though, is that the couple are no longer together – and that is about as much as people are entitled to find out.


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