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Does Adriene Mishler have a baby? Is Adriene Mishler pregnant?

Is Adriene Mishler pregnant? Does Adriene Mishler have a baby?


Regarding YouTube personalities, the most successful are there because they offer useful advice.

Most of the time, this comes down to videos about personal fitness and self-improvement.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that Adriene Mishler is a well-loved personality.

The yoga instructor and actress has managed to amass over eleven million subscribers on YouTube. With over 600 videos, she is a prolific yoga instructor through her Yoga With Adriene series.

As one of the highest-ranking YouTube channels for subscribers, many people naturally want to know more about Adriene.

For example, does she have a family away from her awesome yoga videos? Does Adriene Mishler have a baby?

Let’s look at what we can discover about this beloved YouTube personality.

Who is Adriene?

Does Adriene Mishler have a baby

Adriene Mishler attends the Lionsgate & Roadside Attractions with The Cinema Society premiere of “Joe”- @Getty

Mishler is, as mentioned, a YouTube personality.

She works as an actress and has lent her voice to various projects.

Born on the 29th of September 1984 in Austin, Texas, Mishler was born into an artistically gifted family.

Not too much is known about her pre-career life, but she started her career in acting as a television and movie actress.

She also took part in some voice acting work early in her career, but she found her true love – yoga – almost by chance.

What acting roles has Mishler held?

Is Adriene Mishler pregnant

Adriene Mishler poses in the greenroom at the screening of “Good Night” during the 2013 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival – @Getty

Mishler has enjoyed some success in the acting and voice

acting world. For example, she was involved in the 2013 film Joe, as well as the 2016 release Everybody Wants Some!!

However, Her first acting role came in 2004 when she was involved in the 2004 TV series American Crime.

Her last credited acting role was in 2017 when she was in the second series of web TV hit Day 5.

Her voice acting work mostly revolves around the DC Universe Online video game. She lent her voice to characters including Lois Lane, Raven, and Supergirl.

How did Adriene start yoga?

adriene mishler baby

Adriene Mishler attends the 2015 Shorty Awards at TheTimesCenter – @Getty

She took part in a studio yoga class and had a simple epiphany: everyone should know about yoga!

So, Mishler set about completing a yoga training course. This gave her the skills, experience, and confidence to start teaching people yoga.

In 2012, then, she launched Yoga With Adriene.

Working alongside her business partner Chris Sharpe, a colleague from the acting industry who had worked on other YouTube channels, the channel started with a very professional style from the outset.

Most newbie YouTube channels are barebones regarding content, but Mishler put her skills and partnership with Sharpe to good use. The result was a range of highly engaging and creative videos.

These videos led to some impressive views early on, culminating in 2015 when Mishler formed an agreement with sports giant Adidas. This year has also seen the release of her subscription-based service, Find What Feels Good.

Her status and fame only continued to grow due to this Adidas partnership.

For instance, she participated in the Adidas Women Global Creator Network, resulting in a yoga livestream on International Yoga Day that brought in well over half a million viewers. In 2018, Mishler led a highly successful European tour to help provide yoga classes in person.

Therefore, Mishler is a highly accomplished and well-respected name within the international yoga community.

Her fun, easy-to-follow videos – paired with her effervescent and upbeat personality – ensured that she remained one of the most well-celebrated yoga personalities on the internet today.

adriene mishler pregnant

Adriene Mishler attends the 2016 Streamy Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel – @Getty

So, does Adriene Mishler have a baby? Is Adriene Mishler pregnant?

The question has been thrown around the internet a lot. Given her swelling personality, especially during recent events, many want to know about their favorite yoga expert. So, is Adriene Mishler pregnant? Or does she already have a baby?

The internet has been alight with rumors that she was pregnant with a child to her now-fiancé Chris Sharpe. This was ignited by the fact that Mishler seemed to have her hand firmly placed on her abdomen in some social media postings and videos. This sparked numerous rumors of her being pregnant.

Interestingly, she also started to provide a range of prenatal yoga instruction videos on her YouTube channel. With no official statements from Mishler, many wondered if this was a simple coincidence. At the same time, given she is a private individual, there is no real need for her to tell the world whether or not she has a baby.

At the moment, all speculation around whether or not Adriene Mishler has a baby – or is pregnant – is just that, speculation. As a relatively private individual, she does not share many details about her life online.

Without any official statements – at the time of writing – there is no way to confirm whether or not Adriene Mishler is pregnant or has a baby. Regardless of her pregnancy status, it has not stopped the yoga expert from producing world-class yoga instruction videos in the last while.

Does she want to have children? Nobody Knows Apart From Her

does adriene mishler have a child


The main thing to focus on for fans of Adriene Mishler is that she has not provided an update.

Considering the complexity of pregnancy, many people today choose to keep their announcement delayed until the very last minute.

For Adriene Mishler, the media uproar that would come from her announcement would be added pressure, attention, and stress. This is exactly what pregnant people do not want!

As such, fans should provide space until there is a clear and definitive announcement about whether or not Adriene Mishler has a baby on the way.

Pregnancy is among the most demanding situations that a person can go through in life.

Ensuring that anyone going through pregnancy is given the time and space to do without added stress is important to creating the right circumstances for a happy birth.

The speculation is easy to understand, given how much Adriene Mishler means to people. For those who genuinely care, though, it would be best to take a step back and let her, her fiancée, and her family make the announcement when they are ready – if there is anything to announce!


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