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Lenedra Carroll Net Worth $3 Million

What is Lenedra Carroll’s net worth? — Jewel’s mom

Lenedra Carroll (birth name – Lenedra Jewell Carroll) is an American author, artist, singer, and businesswoman who has a net worth of $3 million. She is best known as the mother of Grammy-nominated singer, Jewel Kilcher, and the former wife of a reality TV personality who stars on the Discovery Channel television series Alaska: The Last Frontier, Atz Kilcher.

In addition, Carroll is known for being the author of The Architecture of All Abundance: Seven Foundations to Prosperity, as well as the co-founder of the Higher Ground for Humanity Foundation.

Lenedra was born into poverty in 1952 in Alaska to parents Jasper Jewel Carroll (father) and Arva Carroll (mother).

She has three siblings whose identities are unknown, and she grew up Mormon.

Her family moved around in Alaska, from a small village to Wrangell Island to finally staying in Homer by the time Lenedra reached her teens.

did jewel's mom steal from her

Jewel and her mother – @Getty

She went to high school in Homer.

Though there’s not much information out there about her childhood, it’s safe to assume she grew up in a tough environment that involved lots of manual labor and hard work.

After high school, Lenedra decided not to go to college.

For a time, she worked as a visual artist in Alaska.

Lenedra has spent over 15 years in the music industry as her daughter’s business manager.

In 2007, she released her first solo album, titled – ”Words.” After two years, she released her second solo album, named – ”Daybreak Song.”


lenedra carroll net worth

Lenedra Carroll and Jewel – @Getty

In 2001, she released a book called – The Architecture of All Abundance: Seven Foundations to Prosperity.


Carroll married Atz Kilcher, a reality tv personality who appears on the Discovery Channel television series – Alaska: The Last Frontier.

The couple released two albums together.

The two were married for something like 20 years, up until 1982, when they were divorced.

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Lenedra and Atz had three children together – Shane Kilcher in 1969, Jewel Kilcher in 1974, and Atz Lee in 1977.

Atz Lee Kilcher – he is the reality television star of Alaska: The Last Frontier. He married Јаnе Кіlсhеr in 2005. The pair has two children, Etienne and Piper.

In 2015, Atz Lee suffered a fall when hiking at Otter Cove Resort. Before that, he was charged with using a helicopter to hunt a bear. 

Jewel Kilcher – is a singer who has sold over 31 million albums.

jewel kilcher mother


In 1999, Jewel performed in Ang Lee’s Western film Ride with the Devil. Jewel has received four Grammy Award nominations. 

In 1995, she was in a relationship with Sean Penn. Jewel Kilcher has an estimated net worth of $31 million.

The singer has said about her childhood in Alaska:

”I read a lot of books in Alaska, I was pretty isolated where I grew up, and I think that I never thought I was any different than a man.”

Jewel went on to say:

”I was raised in a place where pioneer women were very strong still. They’d shoe horses and build their own homes and were very self-sufficient.”

Carroll and Jewel co-founded Higher Ground for Humanity.

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For about 15 years, Lenedra was Jewel’s business manager. However, the two have part ways since 2003 after Jewel has accused Carroll of stealing millions of dollars from her. According to San Diego Union-Tribune, Jewel said about their problems:

”I found out that not only was all my money gone, but I was several million dollars in debt.”

Jewel continued:

”The same year I came to believe that my mom, who was also my manager, was not the person I thought she was.”

The singer told HuffPost Live:

”My mom and I haven’t talked since 2010. She was my manager, and yeah – I don’t think things were quite what I thought they were.”

She later added:

”It took me a long time to come and see the truth. It was a pretty heartbreaking realization.”

Jewel wrote in her book “Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half The Story”:

jewel singer mom


”I can’t tell you the tears I’ve cried to see who my mom really is. I can’t tell you about the pain, and how my heart to this day screams to have a mom in my life.”

The artist added:

”But I know that it is not safe with her. Every day I miss having a mom. But I don’t miss Nedra.”

When asked by Vogue if she hopes that her mother will read Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half The Story, Jewel responded:

”I don’t really feel one way or the other about it. I’m not bitter and I’m not vindictive.”

Jewel continued:

”I don’t perceive either of my parents to be bad people. I don’t think there’s really a black and white.”

Shane Kilcher – he is a television personality who appears in The Last Frontier.

In 1990, Shane married Kelli. The couple has four children.

In 2017, he fell off a ladder and broke his L2 vertebra. Shane Kilcher has an estimated net worth of about $1.2 million.

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Lenedra is about 5 ft 6 in (167 cm) tall.


jewel mom stole money


She was featured in several TV shows, including – Regis & Kathy Lee, The View and Lifetime, Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah Winfrey, and CBS This Morning.

In 1998, Inga Vainshtein (Jewel’s former manager) filed a lawsuit in LA against Jewel and Carroll after Inga was fired for not having an agent’s license. Later, Jewel settled the lawsuit for $10 million.

Net Worth – Jewel’s mom

So, how much is Lenedra Carroll worth?

Carroll earned most of her wealth from working as a visual artist at her art studio in Alaska, selling her book, selling her albums, and working as the business manager of her daughter.

Therefore, author Lenedra Carroll has an estimated net worth of $3 million.


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Israel Diosdado

Sunday 5th of May 2024

To steal isn't good but to steal from your daughter and the amount of it all,that's just a no good piece of crap.


Saturday 6th of November 2021

Jesus Christ, this woman went through Hell with almost everyone that was in her life. I think her brothers were the only ones that didn't burn her in some way or another. Godd for her for coming out on top.