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What is EmmyMade’s net worth? Who is EmmyMade’s husband?


EmmyMade (previously known as emmymadeinjapan) is a Chinese-American YouTuber and Instagram celebrity who is best known for taste tests of foods from various countries.

Her viewers send packages of their favorite foods, and she tastes them and teaches her audience about them.


Emmeline Mayline Cho greeted the world with her infamous smile on July 17, 1977.

The blazing heat of California cradled this babe until she grew into a woman who could take on the world.

The West Coast could not contain this superstar-to-be forever.

In her third decade of life, Cho left her home behind and relocated to Japan with her husband.

There, the two established a career as English Teachers to students on the island.

Cho, however, found herself dissatisfied with this significant shift.

Having no understanding of the Japanese language herself and knowing no one to connect with, loneliness became her only companion.

That is, until she picked up a video camera.

Cho believed that her only hope of finding others to form a community with would come through the internet.

But what was she supposed to record?

As opposed to her current course, Cho did not start with cooking or snack-tasting. Instead, she published a video called “How to Make a Moss Pot” – a simple DIY instructional video.

That style, and her newfound home, inspired her original username: emmymadeinjapan.

While she couldn’t successfully interact with others, there was one skill she knew all too well: eating.

Cho visited her local grocer, picked up candies that had caught her eye, and set up a studio.

If she was going to try something new, why not record her reactions to it?

With nothing but a wish for companionship, Cho pushed the “play” button and chowed down. Soon after, she published her first food-related video: “Neruneruneru Japanese candy: Whatcha Eating? #1”.

Cho’s sweet disposition and calm demeanor allured people who could not connect with Youtube’s brand of overenthusiastic vloggers.

Soon enough, emmymadeinjapan made an impact far from the Land of the Rising Sun.

From Cooking to Crafting

With each video Cho posted, people came in droves to witness what she would think about her latest discovery.

She never shied away from even the strangest dishes and refused to disrespect their taste regardless of her preference.

This open-minded nature led people to not only watch her videos but donate their own meals.

In “Emmy Eats Germany – German Candies,” Cho unboxed her first gifted treats from a fan and tasted their homeland’s sweets.

The positive impact of this video led fans to submit their own snacks in droves. Cho, however, could not keep up with the unexpected submissions and had to hand-select certain donations to taste test.

Despite her passion for eating, Cho had one that surpassed even that: cooking.

If she spent all this time learning about interesting dishes, why not record herself cooking them?

From mochi to gyoza, emmymadeinjapan educated its viewers on how to bring Japanese cuisine to their own kitchens.

This emphasis on cultural education led Cho to expand her horizons all the more.

She started a side series called “Hard Times,” where Cho discussed difficult points in world history with her viewers.

In 2013, Cho grabbed hold of her first opportunity to snag industry-wide attention.

Youtube’s NextUp competition encouraged content creators to submit their channel. Winners would receive cash bonuses along with significant upgrades to their video production quality.

At the behest of her fans, Cho entered the contest.

To her surprise, she was chosen as one of the winners. That triumph awarded her with $3,000 in pure cash and another $4,000 in production equipment.

One year later, Cho decided to both redefine and expand her brand.

Now that she had returned from her temporary stay in Japan, she changed her name to “emmymade.”

However, she also announced a second channel – ”emmymade extras” – on April 5, 2014, for her DIY projects. These spanned everything from crafts for kids to rearing bees.


Since Cho graced our computer screens, she has remained married to one man.

While she has never disclosed his true name, Cho refers to her husband as “Papa.”

He made frequent appearances in the early days of her channel and became a fan favorite inclusion.

The couple announced their first major surprise on April 7, 2012: Cho was about to give birth to a baby.

Fans had figured the secret out beforehand due to Cho refusing to show her stomach and her widening features.

Cho confirmed their suspicions by revealing her rounded tummy and claimed her boy would be due just one month later.

Almost two years to the day later, Cho followed her initial pregnancy video with another one.

Emmy and Papa were planning to welcome a second baby boy on August 1st.

Emmy has featured both of her children on her channel, with certain videos focused on making food for children.

However, despite their appearances, Cho has never shared their names with the public.

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The reason why her YouTube channel name has “Japan” in it is due to the fact that Emmy first started the channel while living in Japan.

Emmy refers to her subscribers as the Emmy League of Adventuresome Eaters.

In her first video, Emmy has tasted a Japanese candy.

Her first viewer to send her food to taste was from Germany.

She has collaborated with Donal SkehanMama Natural, and Byron Talbott.

EmmyMade – Net Worth

Emmy earned most of her wealth from sponsors and ads on her YouTube channel.

Both her channels have over 556 million views, meaning about $1.65 million in revenue before taxes.

Some of Emmy’s sponsors include Quaker Oats Company and ZipRecruiter.

Merchandising also contributes to this hefty net worth. The emmymade Youtube channel produces apparel that features Cho’s signature expressions.

Cho dons their most prominent apparel – a “So Stinking Cute” tee – on the front page of her website.

Therefore, YouTuber EmmyMade has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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