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Fofo Marquez Net Worth & Father

What is Fofo Marquez’s net worth? Who was Fofo Marquez’s father?


Social media is loaded with interesting personalities, including Fofo Marquez.

Born on the 15th of July 1997, Marquez is a Mexican social media personality known as a content creator on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Most of the time, he provides comical updates from his colorful life.

Otherwise, he gives interesting content, like appearing at red-carpet events.

Across his TikTok account, he has well over one million followers – around 1.3m at the time of writing – and has gained much attention for his personable nature and upbeat, charming style.

His full name is Rodolfo Marquez, and he has quickly become one of the most prominent Mexican DJs out there.

Fluent in Spanish and Italian, he has managed to create a huge name for himself in a few short years.

How did Fofo become so well-known, though? And what does the future look like for him?

Growing up, Fofo lived with his father, Rodolfo, and it is believed that his family has a history of entrepreneurial success.

His father, Rodolfo Márquez, owned a series of gas stations across Mexico, while his great-grandfather had a lot of success in the shoemaking industry. Note – Rodolfo Márquez passed away in 2022.

His great-grandfather is supposed to have been involved with Tenpac, which makes shoes for various big-name companies such as Bimbo.

The Origin Story


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Marquez first appeared on the scene in 2021 in a viral video of him in a nightclub.

It was his ‘debut’ on social media, and the instant fame of the video meant he quickly gained a lot of attention.

However, given that Marquez also works as a DJ in his day-to-day life, it is no surprise that he has some interesting insights into music.

Many of his videos are built around that kind of concept.

His TikTok videos are also occasionally built around his fancy cars, of which he owns several high-class luxury vehicles.

This further helps show off his personal growth and his success to others and goes a long way to help him maintain the high number of video views he gets regularly.

One of his most popular videos, a 2021 red carpet video, saw Marquez gain as many as five million views on that single video.

As far as we can see, this is the most successful video that Marquez has put up on his TikTok profile. Generally, though, his videos generate hundreds of thousands of views – sometimes millions.

If you were to look for Fofo Marquez on social media, you would also note that he has impressive follower counts.

For example, on Instagram alone, he has some 4m followers – that’s incredible.


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He spends much time appearing on podcasts and other meet-ups, too, so he gets a lot of visibility and traction simply by being smart enough to put himself in the public eye.

His social media rise to fame has seen him participate in some pretty controversial things. For instance, at one stage, he was able to block traffic on a bridge in Guadalajara, Mexico, which caused no shortage of controversy for the DJ.

For the most part, though, he has made a big name for himself on social media courtesy of his various videos that garner millions of views – the bridge video, for example, peaked 10m in around 24 hours after it was released!

His music, though, is why so many people know who Fofo Marquez is.

His natural talent mixed with this confidence in going for something a little bit different, though, ensured that he soon got noticed by the public masses. Now, he has millions of followers online!


Fofo Marquez has been linked to various big-name models from Mexico, such as Maria Jose Galindo and the Mexican actress Maria Fernanda Quiroz. However, Marquez has been pretty clear that these are just salacious rumors that fly around the internet: as far as we know, he is not dating anyone now.


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Fofo Marquez – Net Worth

So, how much is Fofo Marquez worth?

Marquez earned most of his wealth from working as a DJ and on social media. 

Marquez regularly posts photos of his flash cars, as noted above, but he also spends a lot of time jet-setting around the world and doing DJ gigs in high-profile places.

Given his social media personality and his popularity as a DJ, it should be no surprise that Marquez has wealth.

His success as a DJ, where he tends to be involved in high-profile events, likely pays well. With well over 1m followers on TikTok, it would be fair to say that Marquez has a fair amount of interest in his life and personality. 

His father owned the Total gas station chain in Mexico.

My stage as a millionaire child is over, and a new stage is coming for me, which is to become a man,” FoFo posted on social media after his father’s death.


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Also, Fofo’s great-grandfather established a prominent industrial footwear company called Tenpac.

This company grew successful over time and is now a supplier to various major companies, such as Coca-Cola, Pemex, and Bimbo. This successful venture laid the foundation for the Marquez family’s wealth.

Fofo has been seen several times with the exclusive ‘Century Black’ card from American Express.

The Century Black Card is not just a credit card but a status symbol. This is a card for the 1%—or, more likely, the 0.001%.

To even be considered for an invitation, applicants must spend between $100k and $450k annually on another American Express card.

Therefore, Fofo Marquez has an estimated net worth of $15 million.


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