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Glen Richards Net Worth | Wife

What is Glen Richards’ net worth? Who is Glen Richards’ spouse?


Glen Richards is an Australian businessman, veterinary physician, shark on Shark Tank Australia, and the founder and former chief executive of Greencross, Australia’s largest pet care company.


He was born in 1965, in Richmond, Queensland, Australia.

Richards grew up on a grazing property in north-western Queensland.

In 1988, Glen earned his Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland.

In 1992, Richards completed his Post Graduate Research Masters at James Cook University, researching production and reproduction parameters in Bos Indicus Cattle.

At age 27, he bought a small vet practice in Townsville.



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In 1994, he founded Greencross, Australia’s largest pet care company.

In 2003, Glen became Managing Director of Greencross Ltd.

In 2007, Greencross went public on the Australian Securities Exchange.

In 2014, Greencross purchased Mammoth Pet Holdings, the parent of Petbarn and Animates chains in New Zealand and Australia.

In September 2014, he became the Non-Executive Director of Smartvet Pty Ltd, an animal health company that develops novel veterinary medicines.

In December 2015, Glen became the Chairman of Healthia Limited Australia, an integrated group of health-based companies.

In 2016, he appeared in ”All-Star Family Feud.”

Shark Tank


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In 2016, he joined season 2 of Shark Tank as an investor, replacing John McGrath. The rest of the ‘sharks’ are:

”There are three reasons people come into the tank: publicity, money, and strategic mentoring advice,” Glen said in an interview.

In January 2018, Richards became Non-Executive Director of Adventure Operations Australia, a global consumer goods company.

In 2019, Greencross was acquired by TPG Capital, an American investment company founded in 1992 by William S. Price III, James Coulter, and David Bonderman.


Glen Richards is married to Lisa Richards.

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The couple has three daughters.



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”You have to be patient when it comes to money and wealth creation.”

”Most small businesses fail not because it’s not a good business or because it’s a bad idea.”

”I’ve done a lot of right things and a lot of wrong things as I’ve grown businesses.”

”A lot of entrepreneurs are not focused enough on the key things they need to get where they need to.”

”Society’s consuming materialistic approach doesn’t respect some good old fashioned values around living within our means.”

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Glen Richards – Net Worth

So, how much is Glen Richards worth?

Richards earned most of his wealth from building the multi-million dollar integrated pet care empire, Greencross. The company now operates in over 130 veterinary hospitals in China, New Zealand, and Australia.

In addition to Greencross, he is a Director of Naturo Technologies, Chairman of CardioNexus Imaging, Non-Executive Director of PetSure.

Therefore, Australian veterinary physician Glen Richards has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

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