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ImperialHal Net Worth $2 Million

What is ImperialHal’s net worth?

Phillip Dosen, known as ImperialHal, has a net worth of $2 million. He was born on May 31, 1999, in Florida.

He’s been a professional Apex Legends player since March 6, 2019, as an inaugural member of the esports organization TSM.

ImperialHal has been given the title of CEO for his incredible gameplay and dedication to Apex Legends over the years.

What else do we know about this gaming legend?

Gaming Origin


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Dosen started his gaming career by starting with H1Z1 and even competed in a tournament where he won 3rd place. However, due to the lack of interest in H1Z1 at the time, Phillip had to move on to a different esport.

He played Fortnite briefly before he realized that Apex Legends was the perfect fit for him.

Hal signed with TSM in 2019 and, shortly after, recruited two other incredible gamers to be a part of his team.

TSM took part in the very first-ever Apex Legends Tournament and has been dominating the scene since.

Dosen revealed that his mother didn’t like the idea of him playing video games, but his father has always encouraged his gaming by buying him the equipment he needed.

He stated that he had to maintain perfect grades at school to continue gaming without any pushback from his parents.

In 2023, he won the Split 2 Playoffs and the 2023 ALGS Championship.


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ImperialHal and his family are from Florida, where he grew up along with his two older brothers.

Despite being a public figure, he avoids posting personal and private information about his family and personal life on social media.

He has, however, played an Apex Legends Tournament with his brother, Lucas, during a live stream.


In May 2021, ImperialHal began dating Acie. Acie, whose real name is Brieanne, is a Twitch streamer and Apex Legends content creator for Team Liquid.


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Dosen spends most of his time playing battle royale games and streaming on Twitch.

When Hal isn’t behind the screen, he enjoys eating at different restaurants and discovering new places with his family and girlfriend.

He also enjoys spending time with other popular Apex Legends players.

Phillip said in a YouTube video uploaded by ApexST that there was nothing else he was interested in apart from gaming.

He enrolled in college with Biomedical Science as his major.

Hal said that he attended one semester of college before he decided to leave. He also said that he chose his major because his mother wanted him to become a doctor.



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Dosen has won six awards for Most Eliminations in 2022.

He’s also won 1st place in seven competitions from 2019 to 2022.

Is ImperialHal toxic?

Many viewers of his gameplays and streams have accused Hal of being toxic.

From the way he screams at his teammates to his fits of anger while playing the game, fans seem to believe that he has a genuine problem.

Hal addressed this issue in a YouTube video posted by TSM Apex Legends, he stated that though he hears this accusation often, he doesn’t consider himself a toxic person.

He said that he’s passionate about the game and believes that he has to be firm with his teammates for them to continue performing their best at all times.

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Net Worth

So, how much is ImperialHal worth?

Dosen accrued most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, sponsors, esports tournaments, and streams on Twitch.

In 2022, Hal signed with United Talent Agency. Among UTA’s top clients are Hikaru Nakamura, Valkyrae, Pokimane, and NickMercs.

From the esports tournaments he has participated in, Phillip earned more than $650K.

On YouTube, Dosen has over 59 million views–about $180K in revenue.

Therefore, TSM ImperialHal has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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