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Is Jennifer Todryk’s Hair Real?

Is Jennifer Todryk really a redhead?


If you’re a celebrity, not only are you constantly in the public eye, but to a certain degree, you are responsible for being a role model.

Your fans, young and old alike, will look upon you to set an example and may be inspired by not only how you act but how you dress as well.

Jenn Todryk, in particular, is an inspiration to young women all over the globe, who look to her not only for inspiration in terms of life in general but for fashion advice and style inspiration as well.

Jennifer Todryk is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and authors in the entertainment industry today.

Not to mention the fact that she juggles an incredibly busy career with the duties of being a full-time mother to her three children.

Because Jennifer is so popular and so successful, she is regularly featured in online articles, magazine articles, blogs, YouTube videos, and much more besides.

She is also somewhat of a fashion icon, especially when it comes to her hair, though some have questioned how authentic it really is.

So, who is Jenn Todryk, and more importantly, is Jennifer Todryk’s hair real?

Who is Jennifer Todryk?

Jennifer Todryk is a fiery, funny, sometimes sarcastic, redhead who is one of the most successful women in the world today.

Jennifer, also known as Jenn, was born and raised in Texas and is now a hugely successful entrepreneur, author, blogger, and fashion icon, all while being a working mom to three children (Von, Berkley, and Vivi).


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As Jenn grew up it was clear to her that she wanted to work in the fashion industry in some way.

She spent a lot of time on her appearance, styling her hair in various ways, choosing stylish outfits, and not being afraid to push the boundaries when trying new makeup looks out.

Jenn decided she wanted to get into fashion and so she studied Fashion Merchandising at Tarleton State University.

She would eventually get a degree in that subject.

Ultimately, however, it was her writing and blogging skills that helped to launch her career back in 2015, and since then, her stock has continued to rise.

Jenn currently works on HGTV, where she works on a show entitled ‘No Demo Reno.’

The premise of this show is that Jenn helps to completely transform the interiors of homes that looked unsalvageable and ready for demolition.

Life as a Rambling Redhead

As mentioned, Jenn is currently a very successful TV presenter on the No Demo Reno show for HGTV.

Her Instagram currently has well over 1.3 million followers and is growing every single day.

Jenn really started to make a name for herself in 2015, however, when she started writing online on her blog.

Jenn’s blog was entitled ‘Life as a Rambling Redhead’ and, as we’re looking at Jennifer Todryk’s hair, that should serve as some clue.

Jenn’s blog proved to be a huge hit online, as she would take a witty look at life as a woman, at parenthood, at fashion and beauty, and her life in general.


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Fans loved her open, honest, self-deprecating humor and her funny writing style.

The blog itself helped her to create ‘The Rambling Redhead’ brand, which is inspirational and motivational for women all over the globe, regardless of their situations, shape, size, or personal circumstances.

As if she wasn’t busy enough, Jenn also recently got into podcasting, launching her debut podcast ‘You, Me, and Mike’ with her husband Mike Todryk, who is also her business partner.

Writing and Other Ventures

Because she seemingly didn’t think she was busy enough, Jennifer also decided to get into writing and became a published author.

Back in 2017, after her blog took off, Jenn tried her hand at writing, writing a humorous parenting book entitled ‘W(h)ine: 50 Wines that Pair Perfect with Your Child’s Rotten Behaviour’.

Jenn is clearly a workaholic and can not keep still for more than 5 minutes at a time. in 2019, she and her husband, business partner, and former US Veteran Mike Todryk decided to take on their own coffee shop in Allen, Texas.

Together they renovated it, gave it a facelift, and called it ‘Armor Coffee Bar and Workspace.’

Not only does it provide a wide selection of coffees, teas, and caffeinated beverages, but if you’re after something stronger you can also enjoy a glass of wine or a beer.

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So, is Jennifer Todryk’s hair real?


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Because Jenn has such an eye for style and fashion, she is often featured on a wide range of fashion blogs and YouTube videos.

Despite Jenn having such a keen eye for fashion and style, it is her hair that often gets the most attention.

Jenn is a fiery redhead and even has her very own signature hairstyle.

She often wears her hair in a half-up top knot, which her fans often copy.

If you’ve followed Jennifer for a while, however, you may have noticed how her hair has changed color, with some questioning whether or not her hair is real.

So, is Jennifer Todryk’s hair real? Well, the answer to that is yes. Jenn’s hair is 100% real and belongs to her. It is not a wig, a hairpiece, extensions, or anything else artificial for that matter.

It is her hair.

The reason why some question whether her hair is real or not, however, is the fact that she sometimes dyes it, so sometimes she will go brown, rather than red/ginger which is her natural color.

Jenn is a true redhead through and through and has the trademark porcelain complexion to match.

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