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Is Daniel Gillies related to Elizabeth Gillies?

Are Daniel Gillies and Elizabeth Gillies related?

Short answerDaniel Gillies and Elizabeth Gillies are not related. Daniel Gillies, a Canadian-born New Zealand actor, film producer, director, and screenwriter, has gained recognition for his role as Elijah Mikaelson on the television series “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

On the other hand, Elizabeth Egan Gillies, born July 26, 1993, is an American actress and singer known for her starring roles as Jade West in the Nickelodeon television series “Victorious.”


A major part of our society today comes from a reverence for celebrity and celebrity culture.

Celebrities who we love and adore for their works, their actions, or simply their personalities.

However, for many of these people, the price of fame and wealth comes with a total lack of privacy.

The public always wants to know who they are dating, what they are wearing, where they are eating, and more.

It means that, for many people, a celebrity life can mean a loss of privacy.

When two celebrities share a surname, this often causes confusion.

For example, take Daniel Gillies and Elizabeth Gillies.

They both share the same surname, so you might ask yourself: is Daniel Gillies related to Elizabeth Gillies?

This is a common suggestion, given both of them are well-recognized entertainers within the Hollywood sphere.

Many people know their names and what they get up to, so most people assume that they are related.

Both have been in major shows, with Elizabeth making her name as one of the stars of The Black Donnelly’s, a 2007 show.

Daniel is recognized for his work in The Vampire Diaries as Elijah.

Both are pretty big deals in their respective acting careers, so are they actually related?

Or is this simply a case of two big-name stars having the same surname? Let’s investigate.

Who is Elizabeth Gillies?

is elizabeth gillies related to daniel gillies


Elizabeth Gillies has been a media personality since she was a teenager.

She appeared on Broadway shows by the age of 15, so Gillies was already respected and revered by a growing cast of people and professionals.

Her first TV show appearance was, as noted above, The Black Donnelly’s.

Later on, she had more acting credits in shows like Dynasty, where she played Fallon Carrington.

This helped to propel her TV and acting career even further, but she is a multi-talented professional.

Indeed, in 2011, she released her first song, Give it Up, which was part of Victorious.

In Victorious, she played Jade West. Since then, she has also released songs like You Don’t Know Me, which has helped to furnish her career even further.

Leaving school as a freshman, Elizabeth built her career by taking an online high school learning project.

This helped her to gain the skills, credibility, and confidence she needed to become one of the most celebrated actresses around.

Who is Daniel Gillies?

is daniel gillies related to elizabeth gillies


Daniel, by contrast, is an actor from New Zealand who was born in Canada.

As a prolific actor, he also shares credits as a scriptwriter, film producer, and even as a director.

Finding it hard to make a name for himself in the New Zealand acting scene, he moved to Sydney and then lived there for a period of time before making a move to Canada.

Working in standard roles in kitchens and as a waiter, he moved to LA.

Since then, his career has taken off, and he is now one of the most recognizable actors from New Zealand.

His biggest role so far came during his time as Elijah Mikaelson as part of the cast of The Vampire Diaries. However, he also has successful acting credits in shows like Saving Hope, where he took on the role of Dr. Joel Goran.

As a director, his main credit comes so far as the director and writer of The Broken Kingdoms.

So, now that we know who these two stars are, let’s go back to the original question: is Daniel Gillies related to Elizabeth Gillies?

Is Daniel Gillies related to Elizabeth Gillies? The short answer is no

elizabeth gillies is she related to daniel gillies


First and foremost, there is NO relation between these two people.

Given that Elizabeth was born in New Jersey and Daniel was born in Canada, any relations would be pretty stretched, to say the least. However, they share no familial history other than sharing the same surname.

Elizabeth believes that she has Italian and Irish ancestry, while Daniel hails from New Zealand and was born in Canada.

This means that neither of them has any kind of shared lineage or history, making it unlikely that their sides of the Gillies family name have anything to do with each other.

Are Daniel Gillies and Elizabeth Gillies married?

are liz gillies and daniel gillies related


The next question that tends to arise is whether or not the duo is married.

No, they are not married.

Elizabeth is married to Michael Corcoran, who she married in 2020.

Daniel is married to Rachel Leigh Cook, and married her in 2004.

They have two children together.

The two did eventually get divorced, though, with their marriage ending in 2019 and the divorce being finalized in 2020.

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In Conclusion

are daniel gillies and liz gillies related


So, now you have your answer to the question of whether or not Daniel Gillies is related to Elizabeth Gillies.

They are not related to one another, and they are not married.

They simply share the same surname – and this is increasingly common in the world today.

In any walk of life, you can meet people who share the same surname as you but are not have anything to do with your family.

In the increasingly open world of acting, we often find performers who you would assume are related to one another.

As the facts show, though, this is not often the case.

For many people in the profession, this can create unnecessary links to one another in a way that is not really fair to the people themselves.

Given that neither of the mentioned Gillies has worked together in a major production, or even met to the best of public knowledge, it would be strange if they were related after all.

While it would probably take some kind of ancestry course or exam to find out for sure, it certainly looks like Elizabeth Gillies is NOT related to Daniel Gillies.

This might come as a disappointment, but there is nothing to connect the duo apart from their shared surname.

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