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Jacob Collier is an English multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, arranger, and singer, who is best known for covering Stevie Wonder songs.

Collier has gathered more than 690,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.


He was born on August 2, 1994. His maternal grandparents, Leila Wong and Derek Collier, were both professional violinists.

His mother Suzie is a violin teacher. Collier once said:

”I think that it’s undeniable that there was music in my blood.”

Jacob continued:

”In the sense that my mother, in particular, she was a massive musical force for me And both of my parents were classical violinists.”

At age 7, Jacob had already taught himself to play several instruments. He said:

“I was given this music programme called Cubase, one of the first multi-layering programmes, when I was seven.”

Collier went on to say:

”I graduated to Logica at 11, and that became my primary instrument.”

Jacob later added:

”I would listen to tracks by Stevie Wonder, and I would ask ‘what’s the bass doing? What are the drums doing?’”

Collier attended Mill Hill County High School in North London.

After high school, he went to The Purcell School for Young Musicians in Bushey, Hertfordshire.

In 2011, he was discovered by the legendary producer Quincy Jones after he posted a video on his YouTube channel of his cover version of Stevie Wonder’s – ”Isn’t She Lovely.”

Quincy Jones described Jacob:

“An absolute genius… I have never in my life seen a talent like this… Beyond category.”

In 2014, Collier was signed by Quincy Jones’ management company.

Jacob Collier biography
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In February 2016, he was featured on Snarky Puppy’s album, Family Dinner- Volume 2.

In My Room

On July 1, 2016, he released his chart-topping debut album, titled – ”In My Room.” The album was recorded in a 3-month period in the music room of his family home in London.

For this album, Collier won the 2016 Jazz FM “Digital Initiative of the Year.”

In 2017, Jacob won two Grammy Awards for his arranging:

  • one for his cover of The Flintstones theme song – Best Arrangement, Instrumental, and Vocals;
  • one for his version of Stevie Wonder’s “You and I” – Best Arrangement, Instrumental, or A Cappella.


On October 29, 2018, he announced a new 5-volume, 50-song musical project, named – ”Djesse,” involving collaborators from orchestras, to choirs to drum troops.

On December 7, 2018, Jacob released Djesse Vol 1. Djesse is a four-album series. The album opens with a track named – “Home Is.”

All the songs on Djesse Vol 1, except for the first 3, were performed live at Jacob’s BBC Proms concert in 2018.

Jacob Collier Net Worth
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During an interview, Collier said about the album:

”It’s a huge album, it’s more like four albums in one.”

Jacob continued:

”It’s about 40 songs and basically makes the journey through all genres, every single musical genre that I like I just do them all.”

Djesse Vol 1 features collaborations with:

  • his mother – Suzie Collier;
  • Take 6;
  • Hamid El Kasri;
  • Laura Mvula;
  • Voces8.

Djesse Vol. 2 was released on July 19, 2019. The first single from this quartile is titled – “Make Me Cry,” and it was released on April 12, 2019.

The final single from Djesse Vol. 2 is titled – “It Don’t Matter.” The single featured vocals of singer-songwriter JoJo.

The record of Djesse Vol. 2 has been produced with collaborations from:

  • Kathryn Tickell;
  • Sam Amidon;
  • Oumou Sangaré;
  • Dodie Clark;
  • Lianne La Havas;
  • Becca Stevens.

In January 2019, Jacob began the Djesse World Tour. He is now backed by a band, including:

  • drummer Christian Euman;
  • bassist Robin Mullarkey;
  • multi-instrumentalist Maro.

On August 14, 2020, he released Djesse Vol. 3.


Collier started his YouTube channel on December 14, 2011. The channel has more than 74 million views and over 690,000 subscribers.

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In 2017, he was a speaker at the annual TED conference in Vancouver, Canada. 


”You can’t have a show with only those quiet moments; it’s about having that dynamic range.”

”I love putting as many notes as possible to every chord.”

”I’ve always enjoyed crossing rhythms over each other – like playing 4 and 7 simultaneously in different hands, or 5 and 8; or 3, 4 and 5.”

”I definitely had that physical, visual relationship with the piano very early on.”

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”I was born into a world of continuous music-making, and surrounded by a house full of music and a family of musicians from my earliest years.”

”As far as trumpets and clarinets and saxophones and things like that, I’ve always treated my voice as those roles.”

”Technology can be very distracting in many ways, and all of us our quite addicted to it.”

”I’ve always suffered from the ‘too many ideas syndrome’, but I love it.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a virtuoso in anything.”


In July 2018, he was one of the guests at Jones’ 85th birthday party celebrations, at the Montreux Jazz Club.

In December 2016, Jacob collaborated with 150 students at MIT to produce a 10 December live concert in Kresge Auditorium.

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In 2004, Collier portrayed Tiny Tim in Arthur Allan Seidelman’s A Christmas Carol.

His style fuses elements of:

  • soul;
  • gospel;
  • classical music;
  • electronic music;
  • folk;
  • groove;
  • cappella;
  • jazz.

Jacob Collier – Net Worth

Collier earns most of his wealth from his music. Jacob has several streams of income, including – a YouTube channel, tickets sold to his concerts, sponsors, and albums sold (especially online). Also, Jacob has collaborated with Pharrell Williams at Coachella and Herbie Hancock. Therefore, singer Jacob Collier has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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