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Jessie Armstead Net Worth & Salary

What is Jessie Armstead’s net worth? Also, what was Jessie Armstead’s salary?


Jessie Armstead is a former American football professional player in the NFL, who is best known for playing for 9 years for the New York Giants.


He was born on October 26, 1970, in the US.

Jessie attended David W. Carter High School in Dallas. The school is a part of the Dallas Independent School District. There, Armstead was coached by Freddie James, a former American football coach.

During high school, he was part of a highly talented team that featured 4 other future National Football League players:

  • Darius Smith;
  • Le’Shai Maston;
  • Joe Burch;
  • Clifton Abraham.

The team won the 1988 5A state championship. Their win against Permian High School in the state semi-final game was documented in the 2017 documentary titled “What Carter Lost” and the film Friday Night Lights.

Carter High

At age 15, he had spent 6 hours in the juvenile correction center after committing theft. During an interview with Dallas News, he said:

”When I got caught, it was very embarrassing, ’cause the police officers had me, and they couldn’t believe that I had did that.”

Armstead went on to say:

”Then, for my mother to come down to juvenile to come get me, and it seemed like the longest six hours of my life.”

Later, his friend Gary Edwards and Derric Evans asked Jessie to join them in a series of robberies of fast-food restaurants and video stores. Fortunately, Armstead refused.

In September 1989, Gary Edwards and Derric Evans were sentenced to 16 years and 20 years, respectively, in prison.

Jessie Armstead salary

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University of Miami

After college, Armstead played college football at the University of Miami, a private research university in Coral Gables. He was recruited by Jimmy Johnson, a former American football player, who is one of only 3 football coaches to lead teams to both a Super Bowl victory and a major college football championship.

Jessie was a college standout on 2 of Miami’s 5 national championship teams.

New York Giants

jessie armstead salary

Jessie Armstead of the New York Giants on the sideline in a 19 to 14 win over the Dallas Cowboys on 10/15/2000 – @Getty

In 1993, Jessie signed with the New York Giants.

Armstead was not drafted until the 8th round of the NFL Draft since he tore his anterior cruciate ligament during his sophomore season.

Between 1997 and 2001, he was a 5-time Pro Bowler.

Washington Redskins

Jessie Armstead Net Worth

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In 2002, he signed a 3-year contract worth $10.5 million with the Washington Redskins, a professional American football team based in the Washington metropolitan area.

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Carolina Panthers

For the 2004 season, Armstead signed with the Carolina Panthers, a professional American football team based in Charlotte. The club is worth about $2.3 billion.

However, Jessie retired in the same year following a pre-season injury.

On June 13, 2007, he signed a one-day contract with the New York Giants to officially retire.

Since September 8, 2008, he has worked as a special consultant for the New York Giants. Some of his responsibilities included:

  • free agent recruiting;
  • player development;
  • defensive assignments;
  • special projects.

In 2010, Armstead was inducted into the New York Giants Ring of Honor.

Jessie Armstead wife

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Armstead got married to Channon Turner in 1998.

The two met during high school.

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The couple has two daughters, named – Jaya and Jessica.


In February 2008, he was featured on Spike TV as one of the pros on Pros vs. Joes, an American physical reality game show that featured professional athletes (the “Pros”) matching themselves against male amateur contestants (the “Joes”).

Armstead has a Super Bowl ring from the New York Giants.

In 2017, Shaquille O’Neal and Jessie promoted an initiative to strengthen relationships between police and the communities in which they patrol, called – ”Safe Stop.”

He was interviewed about the time he played football for the University of Miami for the documentary ”The U.”

During high school, Armstead was selected as an All-American for 3 years.

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Jessie Armstead – Net Worth

what is the net worth fo Jessie Armstead

@Getty Images

So, how much is Jessie Armstead worth?

Armstead earned most of his wealth from playing American football professionally for 11 years. His best years were with the New York Giants, where he played for nine seasons. After he left the New York Giants, Armstead signed a contract with Washington Redskins for about $10.5 million.

During his career, he had 12 interceptions for 175 yards and 752 career tackles with 40 sacks. After his football career was over, he was hired by the New York Giants as a special consultant.

Additionally, Jessie is the co-owner of National Automotive Management, an auto dealership.

Therefore, former American football linebacker Jessie Armstead has an estimated net worth of $15.5 million.

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