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Katerino Net Worth | Boyfriend

What is Katerino’s net worth? Also, were Carson and Katerino dating?


At one time, Katerino was a gamer girl with big potential and all the right connections to be a hit in the gaming influencer sphere.

She was dating an uber-popular Twitch streamer with a strong following, was friends with several of the platforms biggest channels, and she was a decent gamer with a strong gameplay style.

Somewhere along the line, though, something went wrong for the young League of Legends fan. Is she gearing up to make a comeback, or have we seen the last of the diminutive social butterfly?

The Origin Story

Katerino—whose real name is Kate—is an American girl born on 11th January 2000.

The millennium baby has always loved video games—especially multi-player online role-playing games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Stardew Valley.

A big fan of games with a compelling storyline—or anything from the horror genre—Kate fell in love with the social aspect of the gaming community.


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She enjoys talking to people and meeting new people, something which has always been apparent with her Twitch channel.

The charismatic gamer hasn’t pigeon-holed herself so far—pushing back against the anti-social caricature of a gamer with her outgoing personality, charming nature, and cute aesthetic.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Kate is open and honest with her fans and followers about the things she’s into.

From music—she love rock, alt rock, rap, hip hop, and metal—to board games, dad jokes, anything in the Marvel universe, and tea.

Yes, tea.

Connecting with her audience and getting to know the people who support her channel are the reasons Katerino got involved in social media gaming at all, and could very easily have been her unique selling point if she’d committed to building a career as a gaming influencer.

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The Beginning Of The End?


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In 2019, Katerino met Carson King—most popularly known by his alias, CallMeCarson.

The pair met on the Rajjchelor—a twist on television’s The Bachelor reality show, hosted by RajjPatel—which featured Carson.

Carson, an influential YouTuber and Twitch star with more than 4 million followers across social media, is best known for his Minecraft gameplay, as well as for his podcast, and Pool Hall merchandise.

Kate started dating the young gaming celebrity, but the romance was short lived.

In April of 2020, Katerino was exposed for cheating on Carson with his friend and fellow gamer, Fitz.

An anonymous Reddit user stated that he believed Katerino and Fitz had been involved romantically. Carson confirmed the rumor, and effectively exposed Katerino for cheating on him.

The pair broke up, and Katerino eventually posted an apology video.

Fans weren’t buying it, as the video seemed to center around Katerino making excuses for her behavior, and talking about her own mental health issues.


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Loyal CallMeCarson fans were quick to point out that she made the video more of a plea for attention than a genuine apology to her former boyfriend. Reddit user Jameskii said, “bring a pet to the next apology, I hear they help.”

To make matters worse for the young gamer girl, more stories started to float to the surface, linking Katerino romantically to her manager at the time, and another guy behind the scenes.

Eventually, CallMeCarson had to rein in his legions of fans and issue a video of his own.

Being the bigger man in the situation, he apologized for putting both Katerino and Fitz’ private lives out in the public arena for everyone to judge.

He went on to point out that while they had done wrong, they didn’t deserve to have their careers destroyed.

He ended the apology with the statement: “I hope you can become the people I want to see you as.”

To Quit Or Not To Quit


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Following the fallout from her cheating scandal, Katerino posted a message to her remaining fans that she would be taking a break from Twitch.

The message wasn’t well-received, as many loyal subscribers believed she was punishing those who had stuck by her.

Regardless of her followers reactions, Katerino put her social media accounts on hold and disappeared from the gaming community.

Her follower count dwindled considerably, and by early 2021, she had dropped to 77,000 YouTube subscribers and is losing hundreds of followers a month on Twitch.

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Katerino – Net Worth

So, how much is Katerino worth?

Kate earns most of her wealth from ads on her YouTube channel and streaming on Twitch.

Therefore, American content creator Katerino has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Ready to focus on the positive? Here’s Katerino at her best!

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