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JVKE Net Worth & Girlfriend

What is JVKE’s net worth? Is JVKE dating anyone now?


In the modern world we live in, it only takes one video online to turn someone’s life around – good or bad.

Some people have had their lives elevated due to a viral video; others have had their lives ruined.

In the example of JVKE, though, it is absolutely the former.

The TikTok and social media star has built a career for himself as a popular singer-songwriter.

If you are looking to read a quick but informative JKVE bio and net worth, read on.

We’ll bring down everything that you need to know about one of the biggest stars on TikTok!

The Origin Story

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JVKE attends the TikTok Pre-Grammy Event at Bar Lis – @Getty

You know him as JVKE, but his real name is Jacob Dodge Lawson.

Lawson was born on the 3rd of March 2001 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Like many, he found himself stuck indoors during recent events, which forced many of us online for something to do during the day, and in the case of JVKE, it made him a social media superstar.

Growing up, JVKE attended church and learned how to play the piano through churchgoing and attending piano class.

However, he has stated that he was not hugely fond of the piano and instead pivoted to learning the guitar and then the drums.

He took lessons until the age of 15 when he started to produce his songs for the church, as well as writing his music.

From a young age, it was apparent that Lawson had a lot of musical talent.

After completing high school, JVKE attended the Community College of Rhode Island for around 18 months.

However, he decided that he wanted to drop out and instead focus on making a career in the musical industry.

Given his natural talent and songwriting credentials, it is pretty easy to see why.

How did Jacob Dodge Lawson become famous?

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JVKE started to create a range of videos that he would then post on TikTok.

In around 2020, he and his family started to create TikTok videos that he would gain traction and give him and his family something to do during the boredom of the lockdown era.

This included creating videos for his songs.

One of the songs, “Upside Down,” exploded in popularity almost overnight.

Now, the song has been used in millions of TikTok videos; at the time of writing, it is estimated that “Upside Down” has been used in more than fourteen million videos on TikTok alone.

Very quickly, then, his career blew up, and he became a bit of an internet sensation.

He found that musical stars like Charlie Puth wanted to do a remix of his “Upside Down” song, and he was asked to collaborate with Galantis.

Today, Lawson boasts well over 9 million subscribers online, and his videos have received over 3 billion views.

Some artists have been hustling for years who cannot create that kind of fame!

For Lawson, then, it is simply a sign that his musical career has been one that was worth the effort and the risk to start.

Not many people give up an academic place to chase the musical dream: for Lawson, it paid off.

Golden Hour

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JVKE attends Pleasure Is Always On VIP party during the Magnum x Jvke – @Getty

In 2022, Lawson released another track, “Golden Hour,” which he wrote and produced alongside his brother Zachary John.

Editing and producing the song and the music video together, the song reached the Billboard charts and thus started to gain Jkve more interest in his music outside social media.

He started to appear on musical lists and was named as an MTV Push Artist in 2022.

Golden Hour reached 71st on the Billboard Hot 100 and eventually peaked at around the 10th spot on the charts. Across YouTube and other social media platforms, the song has achieved well north of 100 million plays.


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In late 2022, he worked with Martin Garrix to produce a song, “Hero,” which was used in collaboration with the mobile video game Marvel Snap.

This further expanded his appeal to a wider audience and ensured that his musical star continued to shine into 2023.

He released several tracks in 2023, including featuring on tracks like BTS, Mini Long, Kodak Black, and NLE Choppa.

Does Lawson have an album?

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Yes, in 2022, he released his first album – “This is What ____ Feels Like.”

Interestingly, the artist claimed this album – split up into four parts, or volumes – would both be his first and his last album.

The album is split up into four tiers covering love, heartbreak, sadness, and then falling out of love. Each part of the album will be released to give fans a taste of his insight into love.

Does he tour?

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JVKE performs at 99.7 NOW’s Poptopia at SAP Center – @Getty

Yes, JVKE started touring in November of 2022.

He announced his first tour that would take him across the USA, including major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Very quickly, he has gone from being a bit of a TikTok star to becoming a genuine musician in his own right.

Now, he looks set to build a massive career in the music industry – just as he had planned when he left behind the community college.

For many, Lawson is an inspiration. How many people ditch their academic future to take the risk of starting a music career?

How many succeed?

With his lyricism and his musical flair, though, JVKE has very quickly built a career for himself that would be the envy of many musicians.

Whether you can call it a bit of luck as he created his persona online or you call it capitalizing on his talent, it does not matter. The fact is that Lawson will be touring major cities and continuing to build a very exciting music career.


JVKE is currently single. There was a TikTok video posted by Gabriella Stella where she duetted with JVKE and played his ex-girlfriend’s role, but it was purely for entertainment purposes and does not indicate any real-life relationship. Also, JVKE is not married.

JVKE Net Worth

VKE performs onstage during iHeartRadio’s Z100 Jingle Ball – @Getty

JVKE – Net Worth

So, how much is JVKE worth? Lawson earned most of his wealth from posting on TikTok and YouTube, selling copies of his album, and selling copies of his albums. Therefore, JVKE has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

On YouTube, Lawson has over 3 billion views–this means an estimated $9 million in revenue before taxes.

Final Thoughts

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Once dreaming of becoming a musical teacher, Lawson is now one of the most popular and well-liked artists of his age in the world.

He has posted hundreds of videos, he has created a huge musical future for himself, and it looks like he can enjoy the career that he had dreamed of.

While not much is known about JVKE away from the mic, we expect that as his star continues to grow, more will come out about his life.

Whether you love his music or are indifferent to it, it would be fair to say that JVKE has built a pretty amazing future for himself.


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