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Kristy Wicks Net Worth | Husband (Jeff)

Kristy Wicks Net Worth – $4 million

What is Kristy Wicks’ net worth? Who is Kristy Wicks’ husband?


Kristy Wicks is a former flight attendant, turned blogger, and Instagram influencer.

Kristy bases herself out of Santa Barbara, California, but her reach through Instagram, and her blog gives the world access to her lifestyle, travel, home decor, and fashion tips.

After 20 years as a flight attendant, Kristy decided to hang up her wings and spend more time at home. However, she was at a loss for what she would do with all of that extra time.

Kristy’s daughter was away at college and wanted Kristy to create an Instagram account so that she could see all of the fun things her daughter was doing.

So, with the help of her daughter, Kristy made the Instagram account, and she quickly gained 200 followers, who were mostly her friends and family.

Kristy soon realized that Instagram wasn’t just for following your family and friends.

People and even famous interior designers were posting photos of their homes and gardens to strangers on Instagram.

While Kristy wasn’t an interior designer, she had a real passion for it.

She had spent years designing her home and helping her friends and family create beautiful homes.



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Kristy started to post daily on Instagram.

Within four months, she had built her following up to 700, then two months later, she reached 3400 followers.

After that, her following kept growing faster and faster as people loved her posts.

Kristy started getting comments on her posts that people wanted more information. However, Instagram limits how much you can write.

Kristy realized other posters linked out to a blog, so she started to investigate what that was.

In 2014 she started her first blog named “WicksNest” to provide her followers with access to more in-depth information and photos.

Her blog initially just focused on her home and decorating, but within a year, she wanted to post more about her life, her travels, and her family. So she changed the blog just to be called her name “Kristy Wicks.”

Kristy’s Instagram and blog readership continued to grow.

Between August 2014 and January 2016, Kristy’s Instagram following grew from 10,000 to 100,000 and is even more significant now.

With the continued growth of Kristy’s influence, brands started to collaborate with her.

Initially, through free products and gift cards in exchange for posts on her accounts, however, that progressed into real paid partnerships.

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Before Being An Influencer


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Kristy’s career started off focused on teaching, and she graduated from college with an English degree.

However, after subbing and dealing with kids for a year, she decided she did not want to teach other people’s kids and left that career path behind.

She joined her mother’s travel agency and assisted people in booking their dream trips around the world. Her future husband even booked trips with her.

Once Kristy got married, she moved and decided she no longer wanted to be a travel agent, especially if she wasn’t working with her mother.

So, she decided being a flight attendant would be a great career move and allow flexibility and travel opportunities for her family.

This proved to be true, and she stayed a flight attendant for the next 20 years, which is a fantastic feat to stick with a single career that long.

Meeting Her Future Husband


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Kristy met her future husband, Jeff Wicks, in 1986 while visiting her sister at the University of Southern California.

After a rocky start to their dating, with a few boyfriends in between, they finally married and have been together for over 30 years now.

Kristy and Jeff have one adult daughter, Emma, who works for Kristy as her creative director and general jack of all trades employee.

Emma states that she has been instrumental in quadrupling the profits of her mother’s business. 

Kristy and her husband have a dog — Maggie.

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Kristy Wicks – Net Worth


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Her net worth is combined with her husband’s as their assets are intertwined.

Both Kristy and Jeff are over 50 years old; however, Kristy has only been making exceptional money from her influencer role for the past three years.

In June of 2021, Kristy and her husband sold their only home for $1,710,000 and moved to Santa Barbara, where they purchased a new home in the $1.6-$2.1 million range.

They own 2 Tesla Model 3s, estimated at $56,000 each.

They have two main streams of income:

Jeff’s job as a Chief Cybersecurity Officier in San Francisco with estimates at $296,000 / year.

Jeff has built a career around this, so the income would have been steadily increasing over the years, and it may be much higher, especially as Jeff works for a major communications company.

As an Instagram influencer and blogger, Kristy can directly make money from Instagram’s creator fund, affiliate links, paid partnerships, and as a brand ambassador to a variety of companies.

Kristy talks about her business now being profitable after many years of hard work. Her primary source of income is from promoting products for companies and being a brand ambassador for some of them.

With Kristy’s following, she has an estimated price of $3000 per sponsored post.

While she doesn’t list every post she makes as sponsored, they indeed link out to companies, but she no longer posts every single day. So the estimates for her posts are $288,000/year.

Kristy’s affiliate marketing is any links not explicitly provided to her by a company. She has signed up and redirects her followers to these sites to purchase products and services. The estimate from her Instagram and blog links is $100,000 per year.

Right now, Kristy is a brand ambassador for one company with estimates of $50,000 per year for this.

Wicks’ estimated yearly income is $438,000; however, this could be much higher depending on what other work she may be doing that she doesn’t document online.

Therefore, Instagram influencer Kristy Wicks has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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