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Is Matthew Gray Gubler In Tangled?

Was Matthew Gray Gubler in Tangled?


In modern media, the crossover between different media properties feels more common than ever.

It does not take long today to see someone who was in one hit movie or TV series appear in another.

That was the case when fans began to notice a real rise in the number of appearances of stars from the hit cop show Criminal Minds.

In this TV show, a group of crack agents work together to solve crimes and apprehend criminals who are of extreme variety.

The show’s biggest benefit, though, was the dynamic between the characters.

Sure, the actual criminal elements were always fun – but that kind of thing has been done a thousand times before.

A big part of what made Criminal Minds so successful, though, was the fact that the cast bounced off one another so well.

By the end of the show’s main run, before it splintered into a series of tie-ins and reboots, the likes of Matthew Gray Gubler had become media mainstays.

With that in mind, then, it is not uncommon to see certain actors and actresses from the shows appearing elsewhere.

One such place that can be surprisingly common is in computer-animated shows and movies.

For example, 2010s Tangle was a classic computer-animated fantasy comedy. It was made in the same vein as Rapunzel, taking on many of the same themes and ideas, though created in a whole new style.

This saw the film become very popular indeed, but was Matthew Gray Gubler in Tangled?

Let’s take a look at whether the Criminal Minds star was involved in the movie at all.

Was Matthew Gray Gubler in Tangled


Was Matthew Gray Gubler in Tangled?

As a regular on TV and in voiceover content, Gubler has been involved in many different TV shows and movies.

He has become a common choice as a voice actor in animated content, and it has become a major part of his work away from Criminal Minds.

On top of that, he is a regular producer and director, so he has pretty versatile experience away from simply playing his star turn in Criminal Minds.

However, is Matthew Gray Gubler in Tangled? No. He is not involved in Tangled in any way, shape, or form. Many people connected him to being the voice of Flynn Rider, one of the main characters in the movie. However, this is not Matthew Gray Gubler.

Who voiced Flynn Rider, then?

Given that most assume that it is Matthew Gray Gubler in Tangled, it is surprising that many find out he is not involved. However, it is actually Zachary Levi who takes on the voice of Rider in the movie.

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi – @Getty

If you have been watching this and wondering why it sounds like Gubler is in Tangled, they do have some similarities to their vocals. However, it would be fair to note that despite sounding like MGG, it is not him.

It was thanks to the work of Levi and his co-star Mandy Moore that Tangled managed to become so successful and popular.

Indeed, their duet song in the movie “I See The Light” became a major hit and one of the most common reasons why the movie is still remembered so fondly to this day.

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Why do people think that Matthew Gray Gubler is in Tangled?

Matthew Gray Gubler


Part of it really just stems from confusion.

Early on in the production of Tangled, before it was even known as Tangled, rumors abound that Matthew would be in the movie.

There were rumors that he would take on the voice of a younger Flynn Rider, though this was never confirmed.

Early trailers for the film even still had MGG listed as a potential voice for the young version of Prince Flynn. However, this never turned out to be the case.

Whether it was scheduling issues or something similar, there is no record that Matthew Gray Gubler was to be in Tangled beyond early rumors.

So, if you are an MGG fan and you intended to watch Tangled to hear his tones, you might be let down quite significantly.

There is no presence of Matthew Gray Gubler in Tangled.

While it might seem like something that is right up his street, there is no part in the movie that he plays.

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