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Is Tyler Mahoney Parker Schnabel’s Wife?

Is Tyler Mahoney Parker Schnabel’s wife? What is the relationship between Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney?


In the celebrity world, it does not take much to see two people linked together.

All they need to have rumors flying around is seen having a cup of coffee together or attending some kind of event with one another.

This is increasingly common in the world of celebrity love gossip.

Relationship rumors can start up from out of nowhere, and most of the time, they are false.

For example, many people are focused on the kind of people we see meeting in reality TV shows and other contestant-based shows.

Two people who fit that description are Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney.

Both have come to public attention due to their gold-mining connections.

Schnabel is a gold miner, as is Mahoney. Both have been linked romantically recently, but is there any truth to a Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney relationship?

Like many celebrity rumors, there are many rumors and ‘inside sources’ out there claiming that they are an item.

So, is this true?

Let’s evaluate the information out there to try and find out what is going on between two of the most popular gold miners in the media today.

Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney relationship are they an item


Why are there rumors of a Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney relationship? Is Tyler Mahoney Parker Schnabel’s Wife?

The main reason comes down to the fact they both share a similar profession.

Schnabel became recognized because he was on the reality series Gold Rush, a popular show about, you guessed it, mining and finding gold.

Mahoney is a professional gold miner, too, and has a long-term history right back to when her parents would take her on hunting trips as a youth.

So, they both began to get a lot of attention.

Any kind of sighting between the pairing, or any tangential connection, was put out there as ‘proof’ that there is a genuine Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney relationship. However, like most celebrity love stories, the truth might lie entirely elsewhere.

Both people are relatively private, and thus there is not a huge amount of information based on their potential relationship. Also, Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel are not married.

However, we can find out a bit more about them if we look at the publicly available information.

Is Tyler Mahoney a ‘real’ gold miner professional?

Many people who head out with a metal detector call themselves gold miners or hunters.

Tyler Mahoney, though, is an actual gold prospecting pro.

She appeared on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, a popular take on the Gold Rush series.

The show, hosted by the Discovery Network, shows Parker Schnabel and his team heading out to find gold across the USA.

Across four seasons, we have seen the team hit up places like the Yukon River to try and find some gold.

So far, Mahoney has appeared in four episodes across the show’s four seasons.

She first appeared in the show in March 2020 and impressed the production team.

So, she became a more regular feature on the show and gained her place in the Gold Rush spin-off show, The Dirt.

Some wonder how she fell into the profession, but it actually runs in the family.

Her parents were gold hunters, and the family has several generations of gold-hunting experts in the family.

Tyler was used to going out searching for fortune, fame, and success. Alongside being an expert gold prospector, Mahoney is also a jewelry designer and the founder of the Prospector’s Club.

This is not a gimmick or toy – Tyler Mahoney is a legitimate gold professional.

Her other business pursuits include her Made by Tyler business, a jewelry and clothing business that recycles plastic and other waste material found in the ocean to create ornaments, garments, and mementos.

Is Tyler Mahoney married?

This is a common question because it immediately throws shade on the concept of a Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney relationship.

Is this 23-year-old gold expert married?

Given most assume that Mahoney and Schnabel are in a relationship, her being married would be a cat amongst the pigeons (unless, of course, they were married together)!

However, there is no proof that Tyler Mahoney is married – to anyone.

Other rumors initially suggested that Mahoney was an item with Jack Lathey.

There is, though, no proof that she is in a relationship with Lathey – from what we understand, they are good friends.

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So, is there a Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney relationship?

Why are there rumors of a Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney relationship


Alright, so the challenge here is that both people are very private.

They spend a lot of time together, though the fact they are on a successful TV series together would mean they naturally spend time with one another.

Given their similarities in age and the fact they are in the profession, though, it would make sense that there is some meaningful relationship between Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney.

According to Mahoney’s Facebook page, though, she is single.

This could be an easy way to keep the media from speculating (as we are now, to be fair), or it could be the legitimate truth.

For now, though, it does not appear that the Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney relationship stretches beyond anything other than professional work together and friendship.

Considering that both have a very successful project on the Gold Rush show, it would be hard to see anything changing in the near-to-medium term. Shows like this tend to see people working together for long periods without ever becoming a romantic item.

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In Conclusion

In our world, it is easy to always look for a sign that someone is in a relationship with another person.

Our society, though, could learn a lot from the simple fact that males and females can be friends without having to be dating.

So, as far as we know?

Outside of working together and being friends, there is no relationship between Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney.

If that ever changes, we are certain it will not take long for the information to become public.


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