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Jackie Braasch Net Worth $1 Million

What is Jackie Braasch’s net worth?

Jackie Braasch is an American professional race-car driver who has a net worth of $1 million. She is best known as a member of the racing collective ‘Car Chix,’ and as the partner of reality TV personality Justin Shearer, better known as ‘Big Chief.’

Braasch was born in Joliet, Illinois, on July 4th, 1990.

Braasch has stated that her father worked in a garage, and instilled in Braasch a love of motorcars that would stay with her long into her adult years.

He was a mechanic, and that’s what I grew up doing,” Jackie said in an interview in August 2021.

Braasch later recalled that her father was heavily involved in motorsports when she was a young child.


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Her father worked on an ’85 Chevy Camaro, and she reminisced about helping him out often, whether bringing him tools or actively helping him build the vehicle.

My dad was very like not hard on me but real, like if I ever had questions, he answered them and my dad taught me how to do so much, you know, and just I grew up doing that stuff,” she said in the same interview.

Braasch has two sisters – Erin and Tina.

It’s not known how old either sister is. Erin is also a drag racer, and is a member of Car Chix alongside her sister. She and her family spent most weekends at the race track, and according to her, her entire family are “hardcore drag racers.”

As a child, Braasch entered the Junior Dragster Division.

Due to her experience with motor vehicles, she impressed even as a child, frequently demonstrating excellent finishing times in all of her races.

Professional Racing Career


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In 2014, Braasch made her professional debut on the drag-racing circuit.

Racing in the Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Race, Braasch astounded friends and strangers alike with a very strong showing.

She placed in the top 12, cementing her reputation for being an accomplished drag racer.

A year later, Braasch won her first racing accolade and attracted attention from the women-run motorsports organization, Car Chix.

Braasch appeared alongside her sister, Erin, in 2015’s “Women of Car Chix” calendar.

Reality TV Appearances


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Due to her involvement with street racing – and her relationship with fellow racer Justin “Big Chief” Shearer – Braasch has seen exposure on reality TV in recent years.

The two of them appeared on the TV show Street Outlaws in 2017.

At that time, Shearer was married to another woman, with whom he had two children.

As the relationship between Braasch and Shearer became romantic, the former attracted a lot of negative attention as a purported ‘homewrecker’ – a situation that was exacerbated by the perception that she was interfering in the home life of a father with two sons who relied upon him.

Whatever the situation, the extramarital affair with Braasch led to Shearer becoming estranged from his wife, Alicia.

The two divorced in 2017, around a year after Shearer and Braasch allegedly became involved.

Shearer and his wife had been married for ten years at the time of their divorce.

He publicly confirmed the divorce on a podcast appearance, and, though he alluded to having a new partner, he did not explicitly name Braasch. However, given their chemistry on the show and frequent appearances, it seemed obvious to many that she was the partner in question.


Jackie Braasch remains unmarried, despite her longstanding intimate relationship with Shearer.

In spite of her controversial role in the breakup of Shearer and his wife, she enjoys a close personal relationship with both of his sons.


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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Jackie Braasch worth? Braasch earned most of her wealth from her career as a street racer. Jackie was involved in many racing championships. Therefore, Jackie Braasch has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

On the other hand, Big Chief has a net worth of $2.5 million.


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