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Does Parker Schnabel have a girlfriend?

Does Parker Schnabel have a girlfriend now?

Short answerParker Schnabel is currently single. He was previously in a relationship with Australian Ashley Youle, a certified veterinary nurse. The couple met while Parker was on vacation in Australia and were together for some time before splitting up.


Parker Schnabel is a high achiever when it comes to gold mining.

At 22, he had already scored more than $13 million in gold for his crew on the Discovery Channel super-series, Gold Rush.

He’s constantly at the top of the earnings table on the show, thanks to his sheer drive and determination.

The show, which follows a group of experienced gold miners in the Yukon’s Klondike area, is better for having the passionate and savvy young Parker on it.

Alongside his dad, Roger, viewers follow a cast of charismatic professional miners that includes Rick Ness and Fred Dodge.

The Discovery Channel docuseries has its fair share of action, intrigue, and drama, but there’s one question fans really want to be answered: has Parker struck gold in the romance department?

We dig through the rumors to find out the truth: does Parker Schnabel have a girlfriend?

Let’s take a look at his prospects.

Is Parker Schnabel dating Ashley Youle?

Does Parker Schnabel have a girlfriend now


How it started…

Season 7 of Gold Rush saw the introduction of a new cast member—the blonde and bubbly Ashley Youle.

When Ashley joined the show in 2016, she was already dating Parker.

The pair met in Australia—Ashley was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, and Parker was holidaying down under during a break from filming.

The pair hit it off, and within a few months, Parker had invited his new girlfriend back to Alaska.

Youle accepted and obtained her tourist visa to head to the US.

Ashley was a qualified vet nurse when the young lovebirds met, and has since returned to work in that role after her stint on Gold Rush.

Not long after Ashley’s debut on the long-running reality television series, Parker was interviewed by Maxim magazine.

When pressed to talk about his beautiful blonde girlfriend—and her newfound fame as a gold miner—Parker was full of praise.

He started off by saying that he thinks Ashley is underrated as a miner because she actually worked really well throughout the summer.

He went on to explain how having Youle on the show was great for his own well-being, and that the cast all enjoyed having her around.

He also called his girlfriend a “really cool chick,” Schnabel explained.

How it’s going…

does parker have a girlfriend


As quickly as Parker and Ashley’s relationship started, it was all over.

Ashley left the show in season 8, and—as it turned out—she left Parker at the same time.

Before long, she had moved on to other endeavors, working as a vet nurse again and traveling to Africa and the Pacific.

At the time, Schnabel told a Discovery Channel film crew about the breakup.

He reflected on what had been an excellent season, but pointed out that there had been one “pretty big failure.”

As it turned out, he was talking about the end of his relationship. 

The mining star accepted blame for the way the pair’s young romance fell apart, saying that he’d never made it a priority.

He confessed to not putting Ashley first and admitted that his former flame deserved a lot more than what he had been willing to give, emotionally.

Even in his heartbreak, Parker could admit that the breakup was the right move.

“She is doing what’s best for her, and that’s the hardest part.”

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Is Parker Schnabel dating Tyler Mahoney?

Is Parker Schnabel dating Tyler Mahoney


How it started…

Fans have long hoped for the news that two of their favorite Gold Rush cast members—Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney—were going to get together.

Four years after Schnabel scored his own spin-off with Discovery’s Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, he headed to Australia to commence filming of his 2020 season.

Parker, who was 27 at the time, had a new cast mate—and she was a 24 year old gold miner and model.

Tyler Mahoney came with her own kind of mining legacy—she was the star of Discovery’s Aussie Gold Hunters, and a former cameo on Gold Rush: The Dirt. She comes from a long line of miners and gold prospectors.

Could Tyler be the girl of Parker’s dreams?

The pair shared a profound passion for mining, a depth of experience, and a gold mining legacy.

On top of that, Tyler brought a lot to the table—local experience, a knowledge of the environment, and a wealth of industry contacts.

Plus, their on-screen chemistry was off the charts.

How it’s going…

As it turns out, fans were getting their hopes up for no reason.

In an interview in May of 2021, Tyler revealed that she once took her boyfriend—a guy named Jake Bennett—to work with her.

In a devastating blow to her ego, he found more gold than she did!

Tyler and Jake had been dating for over a year at that point, and she regularly posts photos of their romantic adventures to her Instagram account.

Mahoney also opened up to fans to share that she and her boyfriend got matching tattoos the day after they met.

Tyler was also linked with Jack Lathey.

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Is Parker Schnabel dating Sheena Cowell?

parker schnabel wife


How it started…

There’s a third Gold Rush cast member that Schnabel has been linked to—Sheena Cowell.

The beautiful brunette was snapped in a pic with Parker on Instagram—and fans went nuts.

Cowell, who works for Knickerbocker Glory TV, is a British national who was temporarily in the US for work.

How it’s going…

It turns out that this was never a relationship.

The London girl was only linked to Parker because of their mutual interests—namely gold.

Once Knickerbocker Glory TV had gathered the footage they needed for their Hammersmith, London, studio, Sheena headed home.

So, does Parker Schnabel have a girlfriend?

Parker Schnabel does not have a girlfriend at the moment and appears to be focusing on his career and other pursuits.


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