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Is Nicolle Wallace Married To Michael Schmidt?

Is political analyst Nicolle Wallace married to Michael Schmidt?


Nicolle Wallace is the host of the straight-talking, hard-hitting Deadline: White House on MSNBC.

The show—which has consistently hit the network’s top spot for viewership—addresses the day’s events in politics, and gains insight from Washington insiders.

It’s a role that fits Nicolle Wallace like a glove.

With more than two decades of experience in the realm of political journalism and a reputation for asking the real questions, Wallace knows her stuff.

She served former president George W. Bush as the White House communications director during his re-election campaign.

She also joined the White House staff as senior advisor for John McCain’s unsuccessful 2008 bid for the presidency.

In 2015, Nicolle came up against an unexpected bump in the road.

After one season on the long-running talk show, The View, with Whoopi Goldberg and a variety of high-profile co-hosts, Wallace found herself out of the inner sanctum.

At the time, the seasoned journalist explained that being fired “[is] like being broken up with.”

Speaking of breakups, Wallace’s fans are naturally curious about their favorite political commentator.

Is she single?

Is she seeing someone?

Is she married?

We’ve got all the details on Nicolle Wallace’s romantic connections right here.

nicolle wallace and michael schmidt wedding


Is Nicole Wallace married to Mark Wallace?

They were married, but Nicole Wallace and Mark Wallace divorced in 2019.

The former co-host of The View tied the knot with US Ambassador to the United Nations, Mark Wallace, in 2005.

She took Mark’s name when the pair got married, and continues to use it as her professional name.

The marriage, however, didn’t last quite so long.

Following the birth of their son, Liam, in February of 2013, Nicolle and Mark spoke openly about their support of same-sex marriage.

They divorced in 2019, with friends of the couple saying the pair had been separated legally for over a year.

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nicolle wallace married michael schmidt


Who is Nicolle Wallace’s first husband, Mark Wallace?

Mark Wallace is a businessman who serves in a variety of roles for government and the private sector.

In addition to his role as US Ambassador to the UN for Management and Reform, he also served on the White House staff during George W. Bush’s presidency.

He is also the CEO of United Against Nuclear Iran and the Turkish Democracy Project.

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is michael schmidt married to nicolle wallace


Is Nicolle Wallace married to Michael Schmidt?

Yes, she is!

In March of 2019, media outlets across the US jumped on the news that Nicolle—who had just turned 50—was dating New York Times writer Michael Schmidt.

Nicolle and Michael first met on the set of Nicolle’s show, where he is a frequent contributor.

A fellow journalist, Michael was so popular on the show that he began appearing regularly.

It was then that the pair disclosed their personal relationship to network execs.

While Nicolle has long been comfortable front and center on screens everywhere, she wasn’t quite so eager to go public with her new relationship.

In fact, the pair kept it under wraps for a long time—only appearing in public once.

That one time was at the South by South West (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas.

Many sources didn’t even suspect that the pair were dating, as they only attended breakfast together and left separately.

michael schmidt wife


Wedding bells for Nicolle Wallace

The pair successfully kept their relationship low key—all the way up until their wedding in April of 2022.

In a small, private ceremony during the first weekend of April, Nicolle and Michael said their vows in front of a cosy group of family and friends.

The newlyweds kept things so quiet, in fact, that none of Nicolle’s co-workers suspected anything.

And then she walked on set sporting a sparkly new wedding band for her Monday show.

As it turns out, viewers of MSNBC’s Deadline: White House were the first to get a glimpse of the newly married Nicolle.

nicolle wallace michael schmidt wedding


Who is Nicolle Wallace’s second husband, Michael Schmidt?

Michael S. Schmidt is a well-known journalist, author, and New York Times correspondent.

Best known for covering high profile—and sometimes scandalous—stories of national security and federal law enforcement, Schmidt is the whistleblower behind Hillary Clinton’s private email server scandal.

He also exposed Donald Trump, then president, for asking FBI director James Comey to close the investigation into his appointed US National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

Schmidt became beloved amongst non-Trump supporters for inspiring the Justice Department to investigate the beleaguered former reality star.

Michael Schmidt won a Pulitzer Prize for the expose, and another for revealing the harassment allegations against Fox News celebrity, Bill O’Reilly.

The awards just kept coming for the brave journalist—he shared a 2018 Pulitzer Prize and a Gerald Loeb Award for his story on film producer Harvey Weinstein.

When he’s not busy marrying one of television’s biggest political journalists and lifting the lid on some of the United States’ most shocking stories, he’s also penning books—like 2020’s Donald Trump v. The United States: Inside the Struggle to Stop a President.


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