Penguinz0 – Net Worth, Girlfriend (Tiana Tracy), Height, Biography

Penguinz0 often ranks in the Top 10 lists of YouTube gamers.

He’s known for his outspoken wit, blunt honesty, and foul language—and it’s amassed him a YouTube following of 7 million subscribers and growing.

He might have a sharp tongue and an even sharper wit, but is there more to this outrageous influencer than meets the eye? Read on to find out.

The Origin Story

Charlie “Penguinz0” White was born in Florida on August 2, 1994. He is an intensely private personality, choosing to protect his family and friends by distancing them from his online celebrity.

White, who is based in Tampa, Florida, lives with his girlfriend and his dogs.

The couple has two dogs—Tetra and Cayda. Tetra is a female husky, and Cayda is a tan mixed-breed dog, and the pair have their own Instagram account.

The account is managed by self-professed “Dog Mom” Tiana Tracy, an amateur photographer, and Penguinz0’s long-term girlfriend.

Penguinz0 graduated from the University of Tampa in 2016.

An Unlikely Path To Fame

Charlie White never planned on being “YouTube famous.”

Originally, he posted videos to make people laugh, and as a creative and emotional outlet in his own life.

White was only 13 at the time he launched his Penguinz0 channel in 2007.

He has spoken openly in some of his videos about how he was quite unhappy early on in his YouTube days, and also suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and explained that making content helped him with both those issues in his life.

In the early days, he created a lot of amateur content designed to entertain, without any real focus on a brand or a persona.

As he’s honed his channel into the empire it is now, he has focused more on gaming commentary—and especially the glitches and bugs in games.

Part of what has helped Penguinz0 amass almost 3 billion views on YouTube is his very unique sense of humor.

His dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit—coupled with his love of cursing—help him to stand out from other gaming YouTubers.

The Official Podcast

The Official Podcast focuses on a conversation between its four members—Charlie, Kaya Orsan, Andrew Wagenheim, and Jackson Clarke—on everything from wildlife to celebrity lives, to dating horror stories and travel.

The podcast launched in 2016 and celebrated its 280th episode in 2020.

They also launched an account on the Patreon website, where they are attempting to raise $500,000 (by the end of 2020, they had raised a lot less than that).

Real Talk From Penguinz0

In 2015, White confessed that he was having relationship difficulties and also struggling to find work.

He explained that he had just found out that his girlfriend had cheated on him and they had broken up. He was hurting, and said that when he hurts, it’s good for him to talk about that.

As uncomfortable as it was for him to share—although he said he was drunk at the time—he thanked his supporters for being there for him, and encouraging him to achieve his goals.

His goals at the time involved helping animals, making a difference, and making every day memorable.

Dancing was also important to the social media star, who added in a video that you should dance no matter how bad you are at it. He says he wants to be able to do cool stuff, and give everything a go.

Following that breakup, he shared that life can be hard, but that it’s important to stay positive, surround yourself with people who care, and know that really good things can come from a bad situation.

For him, the end of that relationship cleared the way for him to meet Tiana, with whom he is raising two beautiful dogs.

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The Shout Out That Changed Everything

Penguinz0 has always been unapologetically true to his personality, and his hilarious, sarcastic sense of humor helped him capture the eye of Ray William Johnson.

Johnson, with his 9 million-strong subscriber list, reviewed Penguinz0’s channel and praised it highly—which significantly boosted White’s following almost overnight.


Penguinz0 is 5 ft 6 in (167 cm) tall. ”I’m 5’6, the height evolution wanted for the male species,” Charlie wrote on Twitter in April 2018. He added: ”Unfortunately I’m often insulted for achieving the golden height.”

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Penguinz0 – Net Worth

Charlie earned most of his wealth from selling merch, ads on his YouTube channel, and streaming on Twitch.

On YouTube, White has more than 2.87 billion views, meaning about $7 million in revenue pretax. Therefore, YouTuber Penguinz0 has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Want to get to know Penguinz0? Check out his storytime about being an extra on The Hunger Games.

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