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Reno Gold Net Worth & Income | Height

Reno Gold Net Worth – $1 million

What is Reno Gold’s net worth? How tall is Reno Gold gold? How old is Reno Gold?


Reno Gold is a self-professed exhibitionist who is living his fantasy on YouTube and OnlyFans.

The young entrepreneur is comfortable making money digitally off his body—and what a body it is.

The social media adult entertainer has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers—and probably countless more fans who prefer to remain anonymous.

Reno Gold has graced the covers of multiple magazines.

But that’s not all: the savvy young model has a heart of gold: he donated a week’s worth of earnings to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation.

The Origin Story

Reno Gold was born on December 27, 1995, in Reno, Nevada.

While he hasn’t clued fans in on his real name, he has shared that he chose Reno for his hometown.

Gold’s dad is an appraiser, and his mom worked in administration and property management.

He has two older sisters and a close relationship with his family—in fact, they are his proudest achievement in life.

Reno was raised in a Christian home—a far cry from the debauchery he displays on his adults-only social media platforms.

He describes his parents as “the best type of Christian.”

He explained that he has never felt judged by them, and that it was always important to his parents that he does what is right for himself.

In a tribute to how well Reno’s parents support all types, he explained that he has one sister who is “very modest, very religious” and one who is a super-liberal lawyer.

Then there’s him, the gay OnlyFans “p###star,” as Reno describes himself.

A Giving Heart


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One thing that Reno’s parents always instilled in their kids was the spirit to give—and Gold has that in spades.

Not only did he donate $27,000 to Elton John’s AIDS foundation in 2020, but he has also financed a college education for his niece and nephew.

Reno is a big advocate for keeping business in the family, too.

His OnlyFans earnings have so far earned him enough to buy not one, not two, but five condos in his local area.

Reno’s mom manages them for him.

Building Bonds


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Building up an online empire while also being out and proud while also exploring your s###ality is a lot of work to do everyday—but the grind is paying off for the young Reno.

Always independent, Gold didn’t want to work for a studio that took a cut of his profits.

After talking over his options with his family, he went solo. “I like working for myself,” he explained.

The move paid off—financially and for engagement.

Reno Gold has built an engaged brand around himself—and it’s not all about n###ty, either.

He has fans who are going through medical treatments, and some who just want to talk to him when they’re having a difficult time.

“It’s really nice to know that you’re affecting somebody positively.”

On the Career Ladder


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Reno started out his career as a webcammer in his teens.

He always knew the value of having a relationship with the people around him, and claims to notice when one of his ride-or-die subscribers doesn’t tune in.

“If I don’t hear from one [of my regular viewers], I’ll reach out to them.”

Gold started out stripping.

He made a killing as a stripper, and felt less inclined to work on his webcam hustle when it didn’t pay as well as stripping did.

Over time though, he wanted out of the strip clubs—so he needed something new.

He began posting a video to his social media every day.

There was no big spike—no major moments—but there was progress.

Eventually, that progress became a spike, which turned into money…a lot of money.

When Gold moved into cross-promotion, YouTube, and his thirst-trap stretching videos, things escalated rapidly.

By the end of 2020, Reno Gold was getting millions of views.

His YouTube subscribers followed him to OnlyFans, and the rest—as they say—was history.

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Be True To You


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Reno—who is out and proud as a gay man—always knew he was different.

“Since forever,” he explained.

In a maturity beyond his years, Gold points out that everyone feels different or bad about themselves in some way—but for him, given his amazing, accepting family, it wasn’t hard on him.

Reno once joked in an interview about how his parents knew he was gay before he did.

They would often tell him that it was OK if he was, but for a while, Reno denied it.

Even in his career, he kept it fairly ambiguous—in order to not pigeonhole himself as a male entertainer for only men.

Over time, the outgoing and gorgeous male model decided to share that part of himself online.


Reno Gold is about 6 ft (182.8 cm) tall.

Reno Gold – Net Worth

So, how much is Reno Gold worth? Gold earned most of his wealth from his incredible success on Instagram and OnlyFans. Therefore, Reno Gold has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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