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Ryan Shazier Net Worth 2024 | Wife

What is Ryan Shazier’s net worth? Who is Ryan Shazier’s wife?


Ryan Dean Shazier is a retired NFL football player best known for his short-lived career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After a couple of years as a full-time starter, Shazier had a career-ending injury in 2017.

The Origin Story

Ryan Shazier was born on September 6, 1992. He was raised in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, a small town just outside of Fort Lauderdale.

As a child, Shazier suffered from alopecia, a condition that prevents the growth of hair on the body.

Shazier was bullied as a child because of this condition until his hair unexpectedly began growing back.

After playing high school football at Plantation High School, Shazier played college football.

His talent for football led to Shazier’s NFL football career.


what is the net worth of Ryan Shazier


Ryan Shazier began his college football career at the University of Florida.

It was his lifelong dream to play for Coach Urban Meyer.

When Meyer unexpectedly resigned, Shazier withdrew his commitment to the Gators.

After leaving the University of Florida, Shazier played for The Ohio State University under Coach Jim Tressel.

When Tressel retired, Urban Meyer was hired to replace him.

Shazier was named a first-team All-American in 2013 by The Associated Press, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated.

With his rising popularity, Shazier decided to forego his senior season and declare for the 2014 NFL draft.

Shazier went to play for the Pittsburg Steelers as the 15th overall pick of the first round of the NFL draft.

In his rookie season, he played less than ten games. However, by 2015 he was a full-time starter at left inside linebacker.

In 2016, he made his first Pro Bowl.

By 2017, he was clearly a rising star in the NFL football world.

That all changed on December 4, 2017.

After a tackle, Shazier went down and stayed down.

Ryan Shazier injury


Officials, teammates, and viewers saw him grasping at nothing to see if his hands still worked.

The game’s officials knew something was seriously wrong.

Medics removed Shazier from the field on a stretcher.

At the hospital, he was diagnosed with a spinal contusion.

Doctors told him that he would need spinal surgery if he ever wanted to walk again, so Shazier underwent surgery three days after his injury.

The spinal contusion and surgery cost him his NFL career.

Fans were overjoyed to see him walk across the NFL draft stage in 2018.

Shazier remained on the team’s roster, even though he couldn’t play the game.

Because he was still on the Pittsburg Steelers’ roster, Shazier still received a base salary, medical insurance, and access to the team’s doctors.

He formally retired from the NFL in September of 2020, nearly three years after his injury. ”I want people to know, hey, I have this spinal cord injury, but this isn’t the end,” Shazier said in an interview

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In 2019, Shazier married his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Rodriguez. Rodriquez played college basketball. Their relationship blossomed from online interactions where the two sent Bible verses to each other and conversed over FaceTime.

Ryan Shazier wife Michelle


In 2016, Rodriquez traveled with Shazier to Arizona, where he was training.

After his workout one morning, Shazier told her that he was going to play golf with a buddy all day.

When he called and told her he wanted to take her out to a nice dinner, she tried to talk him out of the plan because she doesn’t like getting dressed up.

A photographer taking posed photos under a tree outside the restaurant told the couple he was trying to kick start his career and would love to take their photos for his portfolio.

When the couple was in place, Shazier got down on one knee and proposed.

Their wedding was originally planned for July 2018. However, Shazier’s spinal contusion forced them to reconsider their plans.

Although the two knew they wanted to be married, the logistics of a wedding so soon in his recovery raised questions.

The two were finally married in 2019.

Shazier, whose recovery had come a long way, was able to dance the night away with his new bride.

The duo shares both their Christian faith and one son, Lyon. Shazier also has a son from a previous relationship.

In March of 2021, they settled into their new home in Pine Township.

In 2023, Shazier has officially filed for divorce from his wife Michelle. This decision comes less than two months after Michelle publicly accused him of misconduct.


Ryan Shazier has a son, Ryan Jr., with his former girlfriend, Tonika Marie.

Ryan Jr. was present at the wedding between Shazier and Rodriguez.

In 2019, a couple of months before their wedding, Michelle Rodriguez gave birth to Shazier’s second child.

Their shared son is named Lyon Carter Shazier.

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Ryan Shazier Net Worth


Ryan Shazier – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Ryan Shazier worth? During his NFL career, Shazier made over $18 million on contracts alone. His initial contract was $9.5 million, with a bonus of $5.23 million. Therefore, Ryan Shazier has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

The Pittsburg Steelers paid Shazier an $8.26 million signing bonus in 2018 after his four-year rookie deal had expired.

Shazier has had endorsements from top brands, providing him and his family with an additional stream of income.

In 2020, Shazier and his wife listed their Fox Chapel home with an asking price of $2.95 million.

After a year on the market, their home sold for $2.3 million in March 2021.

That same month, they purchased a smaller 4,900 square-foot home for $1.425 million.

In early 2023, Ryan and Organic Remedies launched Steel City Greats.

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