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Shamin Abas Net Worth $2 Million

What Is Shamin Abas’ Net Worth?

Shamin Abas is a Welsh-born publicist who has a net worth of $2 million. Abas might not be a name people know—but the brands she represents will be. Her company handles luxury brand marketing and business development for some of the most elite brands in the world—like Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Dom Perignon, and Bugatti.

The Welsh-born beauty holds her own in boardrooms across the world, representing her clients to keep them at the top of luxury wish lists everywhere.

In her personal time, though, she hasn’t had quite the same bright and shiny reputation, since taking up with replaced NBC News anchor, Matt Lauer.

Lauer, who once conducted interviews with the most powerful and influential people in the world—like Hilary Clinton, Prince William, several US presidents, Charlie Sheen at the height of his career, and Donald Trump—was fired from NBC News in 2017 amid allegations of rape.

Abas has been in a relationship with Lauer since 2019.

The Origin Story

Shamin Abas husband


Shamin Abas was born on April 11, 1969, in Llangdegfan, Wales, in the United Kingdom.

The British national—whose parents are British and Persian—moved across to the United States as a child, with her family settling in New York City.

Abas’ father was a mathematics lecturer at the University of North Wales, and her mother was a jazz singer, prior to the family’s move to the Big Apple. Shamin and her family—including her three siblings—were all educated in the US.

Education was important to the Abas family, and Shamin earned university qualifications in communications and marketing before she took on her first job—as a spokesmodel for Chrysler.

As her reputation grew—and she honed her skills as a brand manager—she took on referral jobs.

Eventually, Shamin had built up enough of a roster that she branched out on her own.

As the CEO of her own agency—simply named Shamin Abas—the communications, brand marketing, and business development guru set a high bar for her clients.

From 2005 onwards, the NYC entrepreneur has only worked with what she describes as “ultra-luxury” brands—brands like Bugatti and Rolls Royce.

Abas has founded several initiatives—neither of which help those less fortunate than herself.

The first is an invitation-only classic car exhibition at The Bridge golf course in Manhattan.

The second is the Ultra High Net Worth Symposium—which gathers groups of very wealthy people.

Shamin Abas – Husband

Shamin Abas has been married twice—first to a dentist from Detroit, Michigan—and then to a nightclub owner in the East Hamptons named Frank Cillione.

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Matt Lauer boyfriend of Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer – @Getty

With such a focus on luxury and branding, you’d think Abas would know to stay away from the news anchor who earned $20 million a year up until a Variety expose detailed rape allegations against him.

However, it turns out that Abas and Lauer had known each other for decades from running in the same circles, and had reconnected after Lauer’s wife—model Annette Roque—left him over the accusations and his firing from NBC.

The pair have been dating since his divorce in 2019, and both continue to live in New York, where Abas still has her own apartment.

Shamin Abas Net Worth


Net Worth

So, how much is Shamin Abas worth? Abas earned most of her wealth from owning and managing Shamin Abas Ultra Luxury Brand Marketing & Business Development since 2005. The company has worked with many ultra-luxury brands. Therefore, Shamin Abas has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

On the other hand, Matt Lauer’s net worth is estimated at $80 million. The two were spotted in New Zealand, where Lauer has a $9.2 million lakefront ranch. He bought the property in 2017.

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