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Steve Moy Net Worth $300,000

What is Steve Moy’s net worth?

Steve Moy has a net worth of $300,000. Steve Moy was just a single IT guy from Boston, Massachusetts, when he suddenly appeared on our screens—and within 24 hours, he was married to Noi Phommasak, and the pair were planning a life together.

Steve was a fan favorite throughout MAF’s 14th season, winning hearts with his maturity, approachability, and kindness.

On paper, it looked like he and his brand new wife could be a really strong match, and fans were cheering around the country when they announced they’d be staying together on Decision Day.

As it turned out, though, that decision wasn’t as final as it should have been—and fans were in an uproar when Noi posted a photo to Instagram alongside the caption, “Divorce feels good.”

Show execs and fans weren’t the only ones taken aback, though—it turns out that Steve hadn’t planned on making the news public at all.

What he had planned was a trip with his buddies, and to return to life as normal in Massachusetts.

Here’s what we know about that life so far.

The Origin Story


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Stephen Moy—who has always gone by Steve—was born on April 5, 1983, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Born and raised a proud Bostonian, he has a brother named Daniel, who is in the military and was born in July of 1981, another brother named Jeffrey, who was born in October of 1979, and a sister named Jennifer, who was born in September of 1985.

All the Moy siblings were born in the same town and grew up in the same house their whole lives.

All the Moy kids attended Waltham High, where both Dan and Jeff were in the show choir.

Steve was always into technology and computers, and his college years reflected that.

Steve initially enrolled at Northeastern University, where he studied Computer Science.

This led him on to Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, where he tackled his Masters in Educational and Instructional Technology.

Never one to stray too far from home, Moy wound up his studies at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he picked up a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

But what does one do with so many degrees and such a lot of knowledge?



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Back in 2008, the young tech whiz scored a job as a technology education specialist.

He also worked as a teacher for five years before taking a bit of a detour into digital entrepreneurship.

That path led him to create and develop an app called Jib, which led to him developing a second app named Nulite.

Moy also started working at Experian Data Quality in 2017, before switching to freelancing work in 2020—something which made him the butt of endless unemployment jokes both within his family and also on television.

Love & Marriage

Despite Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak starting out pretty strong on Married at First Sight, their relationship ran off course, and the pair were quickly pursuing their own Happily Ever Afters once the cameras stopped rolling.

Both Steve and Noi posted to social media regarding the split—with Noi celebrating in a bikini alongside the caption, “Divorce feels good.”

The divorce came not long after Noi’s beloved dog, Sushi, passed away, meaning she was left to cope with that without Steve’s support.

Steve was a bit more wordy in his announcement, writing several paragraphs about their journey and posting photos of the couple from happier times.

He then hit Las Vegas with friends—something he laughingly called the Steve Moy package—while Noi worked through her healing with friends, adventures, and loved ones.

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Net Worth 2024


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So, how much is Steve Moy (from Married At First Sight) worth?

Moy earned most of his wealth from working as a software developer and engineer.

He was employed as a sales engineer for Experian Data Quality from April 2017 to December 2020.

Previously, Steve worked for Nulite, The Guild for Human Services, and Jib.

Moy also has an album, Watch City.

Moy mentioned on the show that he “invested in ‘one of the coins.'”

At the end of 2022, Steve announced his book – Dedication.

Therefore, Steve Moy has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

It is likely that this figure will continue to grow over time as Steve continues to pursue more opportunities in entertainment and business ventures.

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