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Sicily Sewell Net Worth | Husband

Sicily Sewell Net Worth – $1 million

What is Sicily Sewell’s net worth? Is Sicily Sewell married?


Sicily Sewell – often referred to simply as ‘Sicily’ – is an American chef and restaurateur.

Sewell is best known for her former career as an actress, during which she appeared in several movies and TV shows.

The Origin Story

Sewell was born in Pontiac, Michigan, on October 1st, 1985.

She has two brothers, though it is unknown whether they are older or younger than her.

Sewell’s mother owned a cake-decorating business, so she was exposed to cooking and food preparation from a young age.

Sicily has stated that her mother often made cakes for the family; she has also admitted to sneaking tastes of the cakes her mother made for her business by sticking her fingers in the back of the cakes, where she thought nobody would see.

By the age of six, Sewell was not only assisting her mother in the kitchen, but she had also begun to cook her own dishes – something she called a ‘rite of passage’ for her and her brothers.

Sicily recalled that she and her brothers would prepare Sunday Dinner between the four of them.

One of her brothers would take care of all the meat, while the other two would take care of the sides.

Sewell herself would be in charge of salads and any baked foods.

Acting Career

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Sewell has said that she inadvertently stumbled into acting.

Her oldest brother began acting due to a close friend who’d started doing it, and she followed in his footsteps.

Sewell had soon scored a string of relatively high-profile roles.

She made her first TV appearance at the age of eight on an episode of Sesame Street and followed with appearances on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (in which she starred as ‘young Aisha’ in a flashback episode).

She reprised the role in the spin-off mini-series Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers.

Sewell went on to star alongside Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Her biggest role, however, was as Spirit Jones in the UPN sitcom One By One.

Sewell starred in the sitcom for four seasons but was unfortunately let go by the network before reprising her role in the fifth.

Cooking Career

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Sewell, who has long stated that she preferred cooking to acting, dedicated herself to the former after her acting career fizzled.

She attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Hollywood, from which she graduated with honors.

Sewell was co-owner, along with her mother, of the Californian soul food restaurant Pinky and Reds.

The restaurant, unfortunately, had to close its doors during recent events. The brand has since been relaunched as an eCommerce store that sells coffee only.

Sewell was also previously the head chef at the NYC restaurant ‘Colors NYC.’

The restaurant had had a tumultuous past and had closed its doors for three years before reopening with Sewell at the helm in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, it was only open for a month before closing again.

Sewell recounted difficulties with the management during her month there.

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Sicily Sewell married Chris Johnson in 2006. It is unclear if the two are still together, but they are probably divorced.

I’ve always liked ladies, my whole life,” Sewell revealed in an interview. “I don’t think that people knew that like out in the world, but like as I got older, I knew that I got married because it was the thing that I needed to do for my mom.

I needed her to see me in a healthy environment. I needed her to see me with someone and having children and all of these things because she had a bit of a health scare … when I got divorced, I had the wrong perspective of being strong.”


The couple have two daughters together. 

It didn’t really click for me until I became a parent, and then I got to see my mom in a very different lens,” Sicily said in the same interview with Comedy Hype in late 2022.

“I think that sometimes we don’t see that our parents are also people who are trying to work out things and trauma and do the best that they can right.

So, I think that once I had children, I realized that my mom never got the healing and the time that she deserved to be mentally okay to then be somebody’s parent.


Sicily Sewell Net Worth


“I have no desire to be famous, I have a desire to do something really well.”

Sicily Sewell – Net Worth

So, how much is Sicily Sewell worth? Sewell earned most of her wealth from performing in 9 TV movies and TV series, managing Pinky and Red’s, founding Sandwich Ministry, and working as a chef. Therefore, Sicily Sewell has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Sicily played in Mama Flora’s Family, One on One, Super Sweet 16: The Movie, and more.


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