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Who are Rosie Rivera’s kids? How old are the kids?

How many kids does Rosie Rivera have?

Short answerRosie Rivera has three children – Elias Melek Flores, Samantha Chay Flores, and Kassandra Rivera.


When it comes to American television personalities, few have managed to gain the fame of Rosie Rivera.

The Long Beach native has become one of the most commonly spoken about TV personalities in the country.

She has been involved in various reality TV shows, including Rica, Famosa, Latina and I Love Jenni.

She has been around for a few years and gained prominence thanks to her Spanish-language reality TV shows.

You have likely heard the surname Rivera before because of Jenni Rivera. Jenni was a hugely successful American singer who was famous for her work within Regional Mexican musical circles.

Jenni began her music career in 1992, quickly becoming a star in the Spanish-speaking music world.

Tragically, Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in December 2012.

This led to an extensive public campaign to find out what happened, and it also pushed some of her family members – like Rosie Rivera – to the limelight.

With that in mind, Rosie Rivera became more popular, and she eventually took on the role of the Chief Executive Officer at Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

This was a big move at the time. Although it all ended in acrimony – Rosie resigned in 2021 after allegations of funding being misplaced by the children of Jenni – she is still commonly seen within the media.

Not a huge deal is known about her life, but a common question revolves around the Rosie Rivera kids – does she have any children?

Let’s take a look at what information is available out there about Rosie Rivera and her children.

Who is Rosie Rivera?

does rosie rivera have kids


So, before we go any further, let’s take a quick recap of her life so far.

Rosie Rivera was born to Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera and was born on July 3rd, 1981.

She was the younger sister of Jenni and Lupillo Rivera.

She also has other brothers, including Pete, Gustavo, and Juan.

So, this was a big family.

Not much is known about Rosie before she became a ‘star’ in the aftermath of her sister’s demise, though.

In 2013, she appeared on the third season of I Love Jenni, the reality TV show that followed her sister’s life before her untimely death.

She was a regular in the show, appearing in her sister’s house along with the rest of the family on a regular basis.

By the middle of 2014, work had begun turning a new reality TV series, Rice, Famosa, Latina, into a reality.

This took place, and it propelled Rivera to the limelight, helping her to appear as the principal member of the cast alongside the rest of her family. This has done a lot to help turn Rosie into a TV personality.

In 2016, she also released her book – My Broken Pieces: Mending the Wounds From Sexual Abuse Through Faith, Family and Love.

The book was a major success, pushing on themes of how Rosie overcame sexual abuse at an early age and shared how she came through this.

It was a major helping moment in her life, helping to give some closure and clarity on the challenges she had faced in her life previously.

Rosie Rivera's kids

Rosie Rivera and her family – 2017 – @Getty

Does Rosie Rivera have any children?

Yes, Rosie Rivera has three children at the moment. In 2003, she had her first daughter, named Kassandra Rivera, whom she had with a previous boyfriend. She had her two youngest children, Elias Melek Flores (2015 or 2016, according to some sources) and Samantha Chay Flores (b. in 2013).

Given their ages, little is known about the two younger children.

Kassandra has been mostly kept out of the spotlight, too, with not a great deal known about her either.

Despite being part of a reality TV series, Rosie Rivera has done a pretty good job of making sure that there is not too much known about her kids.

But yes, does Rosie Rivera have kids? She absolutely does. From what the public understands, her kids are the light of her life and one of the most important changes to have ever occurred in her life.

They play a massive role in giving her balance and the opportunity to be the best person she can be.

rosie rivera father of her kids

Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores – @Getty

Is Rosie Rivera married?

Yes, Rosie Rivera is married. She is married to Abel Flores, whom she married in 2011. However, precious little is known about her husband.

At the time of writing, there is not much information about him out there on the web.

Rosie was in a previous relationship with a man only known as ‘Chief’ and had one of her children with him. Her other two children, though, are part of her relationship with Flores.

Interestingly, Rivera also happens to run a podcast with her husband, known as The Power Of Us.

The podcast is highly popular and has done a lot to help push Rivera even further up the popularity standings.

The podcast covers a highly varied number of topics, but it typically revolves around Rivera and her husband’s opinions on all kinds of topics.

In Conclusion

how many kids does rosie rivera have

2015 – @Getty

So, yes, Rosie Rivera has children. She has three children, – two with her current husband and one from a previous relationship the best part of 20 years ago. Her career has ebbed and flowed in that time, having seen herself rise as one of the co-stars of I Love Jenni to becoming a regular host on Spanish morning shows such as Despierta America.

Rivera’s career has seen several controversies, not least the resignation issue from her sister’s enterprise. However, for all of the controversy, it appears that Rivera is a doting, caring mother who has spent many years making the lives of her children better.

Rosie Rivera exemplifies what can be achieved when the right opportunities present themselves.

While she might carry the torch of controversy, it would be hard to say that Rivera is anything but a loving, caring mother who has done her best to create a stable opportunity for her children.


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