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Survival Lilly is a social media star who is best known for sharing tips and tricks to surviving in wild situations.

The Austrian survival enthusiast rose to online fame by creating content around bushcraft, hunting, developing survival skills, and reviewing products that can help survivalists of all levels—from novices to hardcore preppers—to level up their primitive living skills.

But where did Survival Lilly hone her survival game?

And what else do we know about her background?

Here’s what we found out about the outspoken wilderness influencer.

The Origin Story

Elisabeth “Survival Lilly” Puntigam was born on the 22nd September 1984 in Lower Austria—a region in Austria that houses the capital, Vienna.

She grew up exploring the countryside around her and became quite adept at foraging for berries and mushrooms.

By age eight, she had already learned how to pack her own survival kit—or a Get Home backpack, as it would later be known.

She enjoyed building shelters with other kids and enjoyed the outdoor lifestyle.

By the time she reached high school, she had already formed a strong passion for outdoor pursuits, camping, hiking, and hunting, so she enrolled in several forestry and horticultural courses.

By the time Elisabeth was ready to leave high school, she was also ready to survive in the outdoors alone—having learned to identify trees, buds, bark, seeds, and leaves.

After graduating from high school, Elisabeth found herself at a loose end when it came to what career she wanted to pursue.

She ended up studying economics—graduating with a Masters of Business Administration.

A Wrong Turn

For the next few years, Puntigam threw herself into the corporate world, working as a tax consultant in the Austrian capital.

She was working more than 40 hours a week from an office at a tax firm, and in her own words: “that was a disaster.”

Elisabeth couldn’t imagine working in an office her whole life and watching the world pass by around her.

Arriving at the office early and leaving too late to explore, all the young, passionate outdoorswoman had to keep her connected to nature was survival videos on the internet.

Through nature videos she watched on YouTube, it became clear to Puntigam that she was in the wrong line of work.

She decided to try her hand at creating survivalist content and uploaded her first video to the giant video streaming platform in 2011.

On The Right Track

Elisabeth’s Survival Lilly channel started off small.

The channel was initially launched so Puntigam’s friends wouldn’t see her videos on her personal channel and so she could stay anonymous.

Initially, she had uploaded a tutorial on how to make a slingshot.

The video, which she uploaded to her own personal channel, was seen by a friend. The friend asked her about the video—showing an interest in what she was doing—but Puntigam was so embarrassed about what people would think that she deleted the video.

Still committed to doing something other than working a 9-to-5, she started the Survival Lilly channel and uploaded the video there.

“For the first couple of months, I was nervous about every single video. My first videos were really bad—the quality, the editing. Rookie mistakes.”

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Picking Up Steam

By 2013, the passionate survival enthusiast only had 2,000 subscribers.

That number grew quickly over the next few years, and by 2014 she had almost 100,000 subscribers and was able to make a full-time living from her channel. She quit her job that year and never looked back.

Studying business wasn’t an entire waste of Elisabeth’s time, though.

She credits university with helping her learn English, which she says is “good enough for YouTube,” and she saves money by doing her own tax returns and marketing.

Her hours are better suited to her, too.

Traveling into the country takes a few hours, and she spends several hours editing her videos from home each day.

On top of that, she does PR work, deals with inquiries, comments, and liaising with sponsors, and actually filming her content. “It doesn’t seem as much to me as it used to be when I worked in the office,” explains the intrepid explorer.


There is no information about Survival Lilly’s romantic life.

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Survival Lilly – Net Worth what is the net worth of Survival Lilly

Puntigam earned most of her wealth from ads on her YouTube channel, sponsors, and selling knives on her website –

Therefore, Austrian YouTuber Survival Lilly has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.

Want to learn more about Survival Lilly? Here’s what goes on behind the scenes for a survivalist YouTuber. You can also check her Instagram.

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