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Tony Beets Net Worth | Family

What is Tony Beets’ net worth? Does Tony Beets have a family?


Tony Beets is a Canadian gold miner and TV personality famous for his gold merging abilities and his unfiltered speech.

Beets made his fortune digging for gold in Canada’s Klondike region as well as featuring on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush program, where he and other gold miners race against each other for the most gold.

The gold miner has done well for himself, rising from his humble beginnings as a farmer to the position of one of the biggest gold miners in Canada.

The Origin Story

He wasn’t always a gold miner, nor was he even originally from Canada.

In truth, Beets was born in the Netherlands on the 15th of December 1959.

He was born into a humble family whose major source of income was farming, and this was how Tony was raised.

He worked on his family farm as a boy, milking cows, raising chickens, and tending to sheep and goats.

When Tony came of age, he met his wife Minnie while in the Netherlands, and they got married a few years after meeting each other.

The pair had 4 children together, namely Monica, Bianca, Mike, and Kevin, before they both decided to move the entire family to Canada.

After the decision was made, Tony and his family moved to Dawson’s Creek, Canada, in 1984, where Tony worked in construction for some time.

He also dabbled in machine operation, which is how he learned about dredging and gold mining equipment.

Tony also worked on oil pipelines for a while, all the while amassing savings to start his very own company.


Tony Beets

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Upon moving to Canada with his family, Beets maintained a career around oil ridges and sand dredging for a few years until he got a taste of “gold fever,” which would eventually change his career forever.

Tony caught wind of the profits being made by gold miners in Canada’s Yukon territory, profits to the tune of a thousand dollars a week, and that gave him a new sense of purpose.

He began his gold mining career from the bottom, working as a machine operator for a gold mining company, Paradise Hills Claim.

His wife, Minnie, worked in accounting at Paradise Hills Claim during the mining season and worked as a healthcare personnel during the offseason.

Beets eventually moved up to become a landowner leasing out lands for mining to new gold miners before eventually deciding to venture into mining full-time by starting his own company.

He went on to own Paradise Hills Claim, and he took things a step further by starting his own mining company, Tamarack Mines.

The establishment of his own company led to Tony becoming one of the most successful gold miners in Canada, with operations based out of the Yukon’s Klondike.

In addition to running a successful mining company, Beets also owns and leases out land located in the Scribner Creek Claims.

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Gold Rush

what is the net worth of Tony Beets


While Tony now deals in millions of dollars running a successful gold mining company, his rise to fame wasn’t until he was featured in Discovery channel’s Gold Rush show.

The show features different gold mining companies racing against the clock and each other to mine the most gold in the Yukon.

Tony Beets first appeared on the show during its second season in 2010, but he wasn’t featured as a gold miner at first.

On his first season appearance, he was brought on in an advisory capacity to other gold miners on the show because, at that point, he was already so experienced in the business, and his success was widely sought after.

He told one of the main miners at the time, Todd Hoffman, that the secret to successful mining was drilling test holes which Hoffman readily dismissed as he believed his methods were better than Beets.

Although most of the other mining families on the show turned to Tony Beets for advice, he felt he could do more than just advice and went on to join the show as a full-fledged competitor.

Tony joined the show the very next season and soon became its biggest competitor, and the other families did not like that fact.

He believes the classic methods of mining are the way to go, and while the other families on the show did not think so, it clearly worked for him.

He once spent over a million dollars on trying to move a 75-year-old dredge from its position in Clear Creek to his claim on the Indian River, which was well over 159 miles away.

what is tony beets net worth

Tony Beets Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel discuss “Gold Rush” with Build Brunch at Build Studio – @Getty

During the offseason, Tony Beets and his family live in Arizona, where they have numerous family homes.

His method of mining is a bit old-fashioned, and some might even say unorthodox.

Back in 2014, Beets and some of his crew members decided to give one of their dredge machines a “Viking Baptism” to improve its luck in finding gold.

So they poured gasoline into the pond surrounding the dredge machines and set it on fire.

Beets followed it with, “Fingers crossed, better hope it works. There you go, I told you guys come hell or high water, didn’t I?”.

And while this was all exciting for Beets and his crew, they had just violated the Yukon Waters Act by pouring a pollutant into managed waters and were fined $31,000 for the act.

Tony Beets – Net Worth

So, how much is Tony Beets worth?

Beets accrued most of his wealth from his gold mining business.

Tony has also appeared in 200 episodes of Gold Rush.

Therefore, Tony Beets has an estimated net worth of $17 million.


How much does Tony Beets pay his employees?

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