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xQc Net Worth | Girlfriend

What is xQc’s net worth? Who is xQc’s girlfriend?


xQc—sometimes known to his fans as xQcOW—is a Canadian-born Overwatch gamer and social media star.

He’s most well-known for playing Overwatch competitively as part of the Dallas Fuel crew.

xQc represented his country at the Overwatch World Cup in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

After a pretty consistent run-in with suspensions and bans, xQc made a move to focus on building his Twitch channel.

He did it with great success and amassed over 11.5 million followers on Twitch and 2.2 million on YouTube.

He worked as a variety streamer for Luminosity Gaming.

The Origin Story

xQc was born Felix Lengyel on November 12, 1995.

He was born in Laval, Quebec, to French-Canadian parents. He attended secondary school in his hometown before enrolling at a CEGEP in Quebec.

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Félix Lengyel aka xQc attends TwitchCon 2023 Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center – @Getty

A CEGEP is the equivalent of a community college in the US, and Felix studied humanities and administration there for 3 and a half years.

He dropped out just a few months shy of graduation, deciding to focus on gaming.

Felix has spoken openly about his struggles with his parents early on in his gaming career.

He said they were often concerned about his failure to follow a traditional path. He didn’t have a ‘real job’ and hadn’t graduated from college with any kind of qualifications.

Despite tensions between Felix and his parents in the early days, he tried to assure them that he was on the right path.

Fortunately, his risky move had paid off by the time he was 21 years old.

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When I Grow Up…

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xQc attends the 2023 Streamy Awards at Fairmont Century Plaza – @Getty

xQc has always had a passion for gaming—but it was taken to the next level when he joined Twitch.

The video streaming platform dedicated to gamers was where he found his League of Legends community early on.

He played under the pseudonym xQcLoL for a few years before discovering Overwatch.

Overwatch became xQc’s platform of choice.

He began his Overwatch career with DatZit Gaming—a Montreal-based eSports organization that took him on in 2016.

Lengyel and the DatZit team would go on to win the Dreamhack Montreal Overwatch tournament in August of that year.

Lengyel took his skills as an Overwatch tank player over to Denial eSports at the end of 2016, but left shortly afterwards because he claimed they didn’t pay him.

He followed this with a stint at Arc6, before being snapped up by a major Overwatch League franchise, Dallas Fuel, at the end of 2017.

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Fuel On The Fire

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xQc was welcomed to the Dallas Fuel team as the 9th OW player on their roster, and played several games before coming under fire for making homophobic comments about a rival player.

Felix was fined, and suspended for four matches.

The four-match suspension was eventually extended to include the entire stage 1 qualifier process.

After scoring Player of the Match and leading his team to victory against the LA Gladiators in a nail-biting Overwatch finale, Lengyel was suspended again—this time for disparaging language and social media violations.

In March 2018, Dallas Fuel announced that they had parted ways with the young gamer.

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An Omen

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Felix, as it turned out, had a habit of poor sportsmanship—receiving a permanent League of Legends’ ban for offensive in-game chat.

Less than 0.01% of LoL players are inappropriate enough to receive a permanent ban for their chat habits.

This came hot on the heels of him being suspended twice by Blizzard—the brains behind Overwatch—for breach of terms.

One of the suspensions was for misuse of the reporting system—xQc reported a player for not switching from a hero.

The second was for throwing a competitive game in December of 2017—essentially cheating.

He took a short hiatus to focus on Twitch streaming, before returning to the pro gamer field with GOATS, Gladiators Legion, and a 3-year stint with Team Canada at the Overwatch World Cup.

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Trouble at Twitch

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Lengyel hadn’t learned his lesson after multiple suspensions and fines, it seems.

In July 2019, he was hit with a 3-day Twitch ban for streaming inappropriate content.

Then in 2020, he received not one, not two, but three Twitch bans—one for showing character nudity on Connect Four, one for streaming explicit content of two gorillas having intercourse, and one for stream sniping in a Twitch Rivals’ event.

For the latter, Twitch Rivals hit him with a 6-month ban of their own and forced him to forfeit any winning from the event.

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In his return to competitive gaming, Lengyel teamed up with Luminosity Gaming.

One of the biggest eSports organizations in North America, Luminosity fields teams in Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, Fortnite, and Madden.

As a small fish in a big pond, xQc has the opportunity to learn from powerhouse teams like the Seattle Surge and the Vancouver Titans, and to tap into a fanbase that includes more than 70 million people.

In January 2023, xQc left Luminosity Gaming.


xQc is dating adeptthebest, a full-time American variety streamer. The two broke up in September 2022.

About one month later,xQc introduced his new girlfriend, Nyyxxii, on stream.

In 2023, xQc has broken up with his latest girlfriend Fran.

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xQc – Net Worth – Felix Lengyel

So, how much is xQc worth?

Félix earned most of his wealth from playing for several E-sports teams (xQc’s salary was not released to the public), tournament prizes, ads on YouTube, selling merch, and streaming on Twitch.

The prize money Lengyel received from tournaments is around $47,000.

On YouTube, Félix has more than 2.3 billion views, meaning about $7 million in revenue before taxes.

From Twitch, he makes money from donations from his followers, ads, and subscriptions. xQcOW has over 90,000 subscribers on Twitch, which means about $225k per month in revenue.

He’s sponsored by MetaThreads and G FUEL.

Therefore, Twitch star xQc (Felix Lengyel) has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Want to know more? You can watch xQc and Adept play the Newlyweds game with friends here.

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