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Dr. Tony Evans Net Worth 2024

Dr. Tony Evans Net Worth – $2 million

What is Dr. Tony Evans’ net worth? Who is Dr. Tony Evans’ new wife?


Tony Evans is an American author, speaker, and pastor who founded The Urban Alternative, which includes his TV and radio broadcasts of The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans.

He founded the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in 1976.

As a pastor, Evans serves the body of Christ through his ability to transmit theological truths through simple illustrations.

At the heart of this vision is the use of school partnerships and church to create social and spiritual change in communities.


He was born on September 10, 1949, in the USA.

Tony attended the Dallas Theological Seminary (an evangelical theological seminary in Dallas that is known for popularizing the theological system Dispensationalism), where he studied theology. Evans became the first African American to receive a doctorate in the subject.

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

what is tony evans net worth

Dr. Tony Evans, President of the Urban Alternative of Dallas, TX speaks at The Response a day-long “call to prayer for a nation in crisis” that attracted over 30,000 worshippers – @Getty

In 1976, Dr. Evans founded the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, with 10 members meeting at his home.

Currently, it has over 10,000 members.

Through his church, Tony has set in motion a Kingdom Agenda philosophy of ministry which teaches God’s comprehensive rule over every area of life.

The Urban Alternative

Dr. Evans founded The Urban Alternative, a national organization that is dedicated to Christian teachings. 


He also founded The Urban Alternative radio broadcast, which can be heard over 1,300 stations daily throughout the United States and in more than 145 countries worldwide.


He has a podcast named – ”Experiencing National Revival.”


Dr. Evans produced a documentary film called – ”Kingdom Men Rising.” The documentary is based on his real-life experience and details what it means to be a real man in the current world.


dr tony evans net worth


He has authored more than 100 Bible studies, booklets, and books, including:

  • Victory in Spiritual Warfare;
  • Kingdom Man: Every Man’s Destiny, Every Woman’s Dream;
  • Kingdom Disciples;
  • The Power of Jesus’ Names Interactive Workbook;
  • The Kingdom Agenda;
  • The Power of Jesus’ Names;
  • Oneness Embraced;
  • The Power of God’s Names;
  • Victory in Spiritual Warfare.


In 1970, Dr. Tony Evans married Dr. Lois Evans, the founder of the Pastors’ Wives Ministry. Lois recorded two albums in 1983 and in 1989. She is also the author of:

  • Stones of Remembrance;
  • Seasons Of A Woman’s Life.

In 2019, Dr. Evans announced that his wife is battling cancer again.

Dr. Tony Evans and wife Dr. Lois Evans

Tony Evans and Lois Evans pose for a photo before the premiere of “Overcomer” at AMC North Park 15 on August 13, 2019 in Dallas – @Getty

He wrote on Instagram: “Friends, please pray for my wife, Lois. Lois has been a cancer-free patient under care for a while.” Tony added: ”However, her last routine scan revealed that her rare gallbladder cancer has returned.”

She passed away in December 2019. Dr. Tony Evans and  Dr. Lois Evans were married for nearly five decades.

Second Marriage

In December 2023, Dr. Tony Evans married Dr Carla Crummie in a private ceremony surrounded by family and close friends. Dr. Carla Crummie is a Christian therapist, author, and Kindness Ambassador of The Urban Alternative.

Interestingly, Dr Crummie’s husband died on the way to the funeral of Dr. Lois Evans.


Dr. Evans has four children with his wife, Lois. His children are:

  • Jonathan;
  • Anthony Jr.;
  • Priscilla;
  • Chrystal.

His daughter, Priscilla Shirer, released her book The Resolution for Women, which was on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Priscilla has served as a Bible teacher in the bureau of Going Beyond Ministries.

Shirer attended the Dallas Theological Seminary for her master’s degree in biblical studies. Priscilla is known for her live speaking engagements. Furthermore, Shirer studied at the Dallas Theological Seminary. 

His son, Jonathan Evans, spent four years in the NFL. Jonathan played fullback for the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and the Buffalo Bills.

His son, Anthony Evans Jr., is a Christian musical artist. 

His daughter, Chrystal Hurst, is a worship leader.

Tony and his wife also have two great-grandchildren and twelve grandchildren.

In 2018, his niece – Wynter Evans Pitts, died suddenly. Actress Candace Cameron Bure, a friend of Wynter Evans Pitts, posted on her Instagram account:

“I’m saddened beyond words to hear of the sudden passing of my friend Wynter Pitts.”

Dr. Evans wrote on Instagram:

“My niece Wynter Evans Pitts (@forgirlslikeyou) unexpectedly passed away last night.”

Evans also wrote:

”A beautiful mother of four girls and a devoted wife, Wynter loved her family with a deep commitment.”

Tony continued:

”Please keep her husband Jonathan, her four young daughters and our entire family in your prayers.” 

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“God is sovereignly in charge of what happens in our life down to the most personal, intimate details of our existence.”

“In you, you have spiritual Jesus, and spiritual Jesus Is In You by means of his agent, the Holy Spirit, so if you have the Holy Spirit, you have Jesus operating in you.”

”I don’t have a problem with people using the Bible, the difference is in how the Bible is being used.”

”When I began to do a study on the names of God, I saw that His names were tied regularly to situations people were facing in life.”

“What we’re seeing, and will continue to see, is the decimation of the family because the man is the foundation of the family, and the family is the foundation of society.”

”It’s difficult because it’s not laid out for us in a clear road map.”

”Everybody feels like they’re on a detour at some phase in their life.”

“You cannot read the Bible from Genesis through Revelation and go through too many chapters that are not involving politics.”

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He serves on the Board of Incorporate Members at the Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dr. Evans taught black church studies, homiletics, and evangelism at the Dallas Theological Seminary.

When asked about how he speaks to Christians who are dealing with unwanted same-sex attractions, he responded:

”I would speak to them the same way I would speak to a heterosexual person that has illegitimate feelings toward females or males.”

Evans added:

”It’s a sin, no matter how you feel about it or what your orientation is.”

In 1989, he was named “Father of the Year” by the Dallas Father of the Year Award Committee Group.

Tony has served as chaplain for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.

In 1986, he was invited to preach at the National Religious Broadcasters annual conference.

Other famous American pastors are:

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Dr. Tony Evans – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Tony Evans worth? Dr. Evans earned most of his wealth from serving as senior pastor to over 10,000 members of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas. Therefore, Dr. Tony Evans has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

In addition, Evans has published more than 100 books, mostly about God. Some of his books are – Praying Through the Names of God, The Power of God’s Names, Raising Kingdom Kids, Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare, No More Excuses: Be the Man God Made You to Be, Kingdom Woman, and Kingdom Man.

Evans has a YouTube channel with more than 900,000 subscribers and 136 million views, a podcast, and a radio broadcast that can be heard in over 145 countries worldwide. 

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Dennis Jeffra

Sunday 9th of August 2020

I watch Tony on u tube and enjoy his stand for truth. We are all God's childrens with no distinction of race. He takes a tough stance but a Biblical one. It is refreshing to see any pastor stand up for Jesus in everything they do. We are here to promote the Kingdom of God not the desires of men.