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What Ethnicity Does Trisha Paytas Go By?

What is Trisha Paytas’ ethnicity?


For people in the gaze of internet fame, it can certainly be tough to escape the questions and the accusations.

Many people have used the internet to build a profile and ensure that they are seen as successful superstars in their own right.

When someone becomes a sensation using the internet, though, it does not take long for the salacious rumors and innuendo to come along.

Most of the time, the rumors revolve around things like relationships and personal opinions.

Sometimes, though, it can be more sinister.

Take Trisha Paytas, for example.

The California-born YouTuber and vocalist have become a major star in her own right.

With well over one billion views and five million subscribers on YouTube, Paytas is a massive hit on the video-sharing platform.

Her content often revolves around everything from mukbangs to music videos and vlogs.

On top of this, she has enjoyed a successful independent singing career which has helped her to appear in a wide range of movies and TV shows.

Many questions about her rise to fame tend to pop up. However, when researching Trisha Paytas, one thing tends to pop up more than it should: her ethnicity.

So, in a bid to help simplify the topic, let us take a look at what Trisha Paytas’ ethnicity is – and why the discussion around it matters.

Short Biography

What is Trisha Paytas' ethnicity


As noted above, Paytas is a singer, YouTube personality, and vlogger.

She gained fame through her interesting lifestyle vlogs and successful singing career.

Trisha was also the co-host of Frenemies alongside popular YouTube personality Ethan Klein.

She is also a regular singer and actress, having regularly appeared on TV and media and releasing her records.

Paytas was born in May 1988 and grew up briefly in Riverside, California, before she moved to Illinois with her family.

However, at 15, she left home to move to a Catholic online school program back in California – by the time she was 16, Paytas had returned home and was now living with her mother and attending high school.

Her first breakthrough on YouTube came in 2006 when she moved to Los Angeles to try and pursue life as an actress.

Like many, she found it tough to get spotted in the City of Angels and spent some time working as a model, a stripper, and even an escort — in her early days.

Trisha appeared on shows like Who Wants To Be A Superhero? – in 2007, she opened up her YouTube channel and began producing.

The original aim of her YouTube channel was to praise Quentin Tarantino, one of her idols, but she soon began creating content revolving around everything from fashion advice to relationship tips.

Paytas soon appeared in a series of music videos, too, taking part in videos created by the likes of Eminem.

How did Paytas become famous?

trisha paytas ethnicity


So, her rise to fame started in earnest in 2013.

Paytas started to create a range of “troll” videos which she admitted were purposely dumbed down to gain attention.

This helped her to build an increasingly large portfolio of interest in her work, and in 2015, Trisha released the song “Fat Chicks,” which became commonly featured on played like Business Insider.

This saw her explode into fame, and her 2016 EP, Daddy Issues, managed to break into the Billboard Top Heatseekers album charts.

This led to an appearance in Celebrity Big Brother 20, which she left in under two weeks.

Since then, she has begun a common headline tour, starting with her headlining The Heartbreak Tour.

The 2020s saw her expand her range of interests further, including starting an OnlyFans account in 2021.

trisha paytas ethnic background


What is Trisha Paytas’ ethnicity?

A common question that you find when looking around online is the ethnicity of Trisha Paytas. Given her addiction to tanning machines, she has become confused with various ethnicities over the years. However, surprisingly, her actual ethnicity is European – she has Hungarian ancestry.

Despite being born and raised in America, she has a Hungarian ethnicity.

Her parents, Lenna and Frank, are Hungarian. They separated in 1991 when she was just three years old, and she grew up in the aforementioned Illinois part of the country.

Her family’s ethnicity had further deepened, too, when she met and got engaged to Israeli artist Moses Hacmon.

She also has a younger half-sister and an older brother.

Her sister-in-law is Hila Klein.

Who is Moses Hacmon?

As the husband of Trisha Paytas, Moses Hacmon is an Israeli photographer who has been around the photography scene for some years.

Hacmon came through the Avni Institute of Art and Design and also went to Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.

Moses moved to the USA in 2002 after his studies, and in 2006 he completed his Bachelor of Architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

A profoundly intelligent academic, Hacmon’s career as a photographer has seen various visits to exhibitions such as his Faces of Water series of artwork.

Hacmon’s exceptional skills as a photographer and his keen sense of creativity have garnered widespread recognition, establishing him as a highly respected authority in the field of photography throughout the United States.

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In Conclusion

is trisha paytas white


So, as has been noted, Trisha Paytas is of Hungarian ancestry.

This might seem odd to many, given she is primarily American, but she has a strong Hungarian ethnicity that comes from her parents.

This only goes to show further that the US is a deeply diverse place, with people coming from all different parts of the world to make a home there.

Now the wife of an Israeli and the mother of an Israeli-Hungarian-American, Trisha Paytas, and her family are simply proof that the melting pot of America can be a tremendous place to grow up and live for all.

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