Vicky Stark – Net Worth, Bio, Age, Boyfriend (Capt. Ryan Eidelstein)

Vicky Stark is an American Instagram star and YouTube celebrity who is best known for posting pictures and videos of her fishing.


Stark was born on August 5, 1985, in Florida, USA.

Vicky started her Instagram account (vickystark) in April of 2012. Her Instagram has over 189,000 followers.

She can be seen fishing and traveling in numerous locations including the Everglades, Venice, Miami, and Cabo San Lucas.

Stark loves fishing. She said:

”I just love being on a boat, the thrill of not knowing what you’re gonna catch: the fight, the tug at the end of your pole, the energy and the excitement of being out there.”


Vicky started her YouTube channel on December 18, 2011. So far, her channel has over 362,000 subscribers and more than 78 million views.

On the platform, Stark uploads videos of her schooling amateur anglers and reeling in whoppers.

The most popular video on her channel is titled – ”MY Personal Biggest Permit caught FLATS Fishing.” The video has over 23 million views.


Vicky Stark is currently in a romantic relationship with Capt. Ryan Eidelstein.

Ryan is a licensed realtor at Universal Realty Services and has been fishing for more than 2 decades. Eidelstein has caught a 14.5lbs Bonefish.


She is 5 ft 6 in tall.

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”I caught the world’s smallest bonefish yesterday for my birthday, and I love every ounce of him.”

”Girls fishing day turns into shark fishing!”


Vicky loves to fish in shallow water since it is a greater challenge. In her words:

”You have to be quiet. You have to push the boat really slowly so the fish don’t hear you.”

Stark went on to say:

”Going offshore is not as challenging I think, but still a lot of fun.”

Another popular female angler in Florida is Darcizzle Offshore.

Vicky Stark – Net Worth

Stark earns most of her wealth from posting sponsored posts (at least $2,000 per sponsored post) on her Instagram account as well as ads on her YouTube channel (about $160,000 in revenue).

Vicky endorses brands such as Orca Coolers, FarOut Sunglasses, Xtratuf boots, Scales Gear, G Loomis, One One swimwear, and Smith Optics.

Moreover, she made money from selling her 2019 Fishing Calendar for $20. Currently, it is sold out. Also, Vicky and Capt. Ryan Eidelstein sell fishing trips. For instance, a full day flats with Stark costs $950. In addition, Stark has a Patreon account. Therefore, Vicky Stark has an estimated net worth of $0.3 million.

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