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Vicky Stark Net Worth

Vicky Stark Net Worth – $600,000

What is Vicky Stark’s net worth?


There are millions of men out there who would kill to get paid to travel the world to sit in the sun and go fishing all day long, but women?

They’re out there, but they’re definitely fewer and farther between.

Vicky Stark is one of those rare women with a burning passion for reeling them in! In her many bikinis, she posts amazing fishing content all over the internet, and now there are millions of men who kill to go fishing with her!

Here’s what we know about Vicky Stark.

The Origin Story

Anyone, male or female, would tell you that Vicky is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

She’s a 5-foot-7-inch blonde bombshell with killer abs and a year-long tan from being outside all day.

Stark’s got a stunning straight and white smile and pretty brown eyes.

Vicky was born on the 5th of August in 1985 in Miami, Florida.

According to her various social media profiles, she grew up in Florida with her parents!

But, there isn’t that much information out there about who her family is, other than that she’s got a sister named Jen, who is a successful contemporary artist.

Jen’s art career has been so successful that she has a mural in the Facebook HQ building, one that was used in a Miley Cyrus performance at the 2015 VMA’s, and one in the Miami airport!

It’s safe to say that Vicky Stark is, for all intents and purposes, an internet-made celebrity who got her fame from posting herself clad in small bikinis holding BIG fish. But, beneath all that is an awesome fisherwoman who genuinely loves the sport.

On her YoutTube channel, Vicky can be seen fishing for all different types of fish (big and small) all over the world. She fishes regularly in Florida (especially Key West), the Bahamas, and Cabo!

Vicky Stark opened up her Instagram account (where her fame got its start) in April of 2021.

For several years, nothing much really came of her posts.

2016 is when everything changed for Vicky. Her followers and engagement on her account skyrocketed seemingly overnight!

She was famous!

However, every rose has its thorns. As Vicky’s account grew more and more, she noticed more and more inappropriate behavior from some of her followers.

She has said that she constantly has to block people (mostly men) for being vulgar or disrespectful of her posts and choices of attire. Hey, it’s all part of the job. The internet influencer job, that is.


In May of 2017, Vicky began posting videos of herself fishing on YouTube!

Tons and tons of followers started tuning in to see her catch all kinds of fish.

One of Vicky’s most popular videos of all time was in August of 2018 when she went fishing for her birthday.

In her trademark attire – a string bikini – Vicky headed to Central Florida with the Osceola Outback team (Byron and Kim Hennecy) to do some bow fishing!

The video has over 10 million views.

Later in 2017, Vicky Stark launched her official Facebook page, “Vicky Stark Fishing.”

She shares pretty much the exact same posts from her Instagram here so everyone can see what she’s up to, no matter which platform they prefer to use!

In 2019, Vicky opened a very limited online store, only offering one item – a monthly flip wall calendar with photos of herself in bikinis holding big fish!

She sold out fast at $20 a pop and hasn’t added anything else to the shop since. Sorry if you missed out on this one!


In 2019, Vicky Stark took a trip to the Bahamas to go fishing.

She posted several shots of her posing with the handsome Ryan Eidelstein, a young captain.

Her followers started asking lots of questions about the nature of the two’s relationship.

At the time of writing, it’s rumored that the two are indeed in a relationship.

Captain Ryan Eidelstein owns a business, Reel McCoy Charters, offering inshore and offshore boating in Biscayne Bay, Florida. He takes people out to fish for Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon!

Eidelstein is definitely benefiting from his relationship with Vicky, as she offers her company and fishing expertise as a package for his Reel McCoy Charters customers.

The two posted their first photo together on Vicky’s Instagram on April 27th in 2019. A few months later, Vicky responded “yes” to a comment from a follower asking if the two were dating.

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Another popular female angler in Florida is Darcizzle Offshore.

Vicky Stark – Net Worth

Stark earns most of her wealth from posting sponsored posts (at least $5,000 per sponsored post) on her Instagram account as well as ads on her YouTube channel (about $250k in revenue).

Vicky endorses brands such as Orca Coolers, FarOut Sunglasses, Xtratuf boots, Scales Gear, G Loomis, One One swimwear, and Smith Optics.

Moreover, she made money from selling her 2019 Fishing Calendar for $20. Currently, it is sold out.

Vicky and Capt. Ryan Eidelstein sells fishing trips. For instance, a full-day flats with Stark costs $950. In addition, Stark has a Patreon account.

Therefore, fishing expert Vicky Stark has an estimated net worth of $600,000.

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