Darcizzle Offshore – Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend (Brian), Biography

Darcizzle Offshore (real name – Darcie Arahill) is an American YouTuber and Instagram star who is best known for her YouTube channel, where she documents her adventures in diving and fishing in the oceans of Florida. 

Her mission is:

“to prove that females, children, and young anglers alike can discover the secrets of fishing and accomplish their angling goals.”


Darcizzle was born on March 3, 1989, in the United States.

She has a brother and three sisters.

Her sister, Meghan aka Megcizzle, was involved in an accident in October 2020. The doctors performed an emergency brain operation to stop the bleeding.

Darcie has become fond of fishing at age 3 after her dad took her lobstering and fishing. 

During her high school years, she was a member of the Track & Field and Cross Country team.


Darcie started her YouTube channel on June 11, 2014.

On YouTube, she provides viewers with tips on utilizing different fishing techniques. Additionally, Darcie uploads many tutorials on cooking, baiting, filleting, and more.

Arahill said in an interview:

“Most just assume fishing is for middle-aged guys, so proving that we girls can do it too gives me a great thrill.”

Darcie went on to say:

“I do everything from rigging to cast netting and even cleaning the catch.”

According to her channel description:

“Watch Darcizzle’s tropical fishing (saltwater and bass!), boating and travel adventures as she lives the salt life showing the men, and ladies, that girls can do it all.”

She does most of her fishing on a 23 feet long boat called ”Darcizzle Offshore.” Arahill catches most of her fish with a fishing rod.

Currently, her channel has over 115 million views and more than 356,000 subscribers.

Her channel’s most popular video is titled – ”Best Fishing Fail Video: Big SHARK tries to pull girl overboard twice.” It was uploaded on November 5, 2015, and it has over 9.6 million views.

In the video, Arahill goes shark fishing and hooks up to a big bull shark saltwater fishing in Florida, Everglades National Park.

Her second most popular video is called – ”Top 10 Most Popular Fishing & Hunting Video Clips.” The video has more than 5.3 million views, and it was published on January 7, 2016.

Arahill went full-time in the fishing business in 2016.

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Darcie has more than 185,000 subscribers on Instagram.


Darcizzle Offshore is dating Brian.


Arahill is 5 ft 11 in (179 cm) tall. 


”I love nothing more than battling against a big fish, and at the weekends, I spend every waking minute out on the boat.”

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”I love being out on the boat, and if I could turn that into my job, that would be perfect.”

”The fruits of your labor will bare the fruits of your success!”

”Always learning when I’m out on the water.”


She once said:

”People are shocked when they see me stood in my bikini holding a 6ft tuna or snapper.”

Another popular female angler in Florida is Vicky Stark.

Darcizzle – Net Worth

Arahill earned most of her wealth from sponsors and advertisements on Youtube.

On this platform, earnings depend on several factors, including – views location, video length, time of the year, and audience retention. 

At the moment, her channel has over 115 million views, meaning about $300,000 in revenue before taxes.

She has several sponsors, including – Bimini Bay Outfitters, Mustad, HairClub, Marsh Tacky Carbon, SeaDek, Salt Life Optics, Smith’s Consumer Products, LTB, and YO-ZURI.

Darcie has also written for Coastal Angler Magazine, a monthly magazine that is dedicated to boating, fishing, and outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition, she has over 180 patrons on Patreon. Therefore, YouTuber Darcizzle Offshore has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.

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