Darcizzle Offshore – Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend (Brian), Biography

Darcizzle Offshore (real name – Darcie Arahill) is an American YouTuber and Instagram star who is best known for her YouTube channel, where she documents her adventures in diving and fishing in the oceans of Florida. 

Her mission is:

“to prove that females, children, and young anglers alike can discover the secrets of fishing and accomplish their angling goals.”


The blistering Florida sun shone down as the Arahills welcomed their newest baby girl – Darcy – into their family.

On March 3, 1989, Darcy became the newest resident of Miami and inhabitant of the Arahill household.

Despite sharing a house with one brother and three sisters, Darcy found a special companion in one other relative: her father.

This connection helped the two to bond at every opportunity, with Darcy’s dad whisking her away to fish with him.

Darcy and her father fished and lobstered the days away from the ripe age of three.

However, her passion as an angler took a backseat during her schooling.

Throughout high school, she preferred to compete in cross country or track and field.

Darcy refused to be outdone by any other, earning the role of captain for whatever team she participated in.

Her inherent speed helped her break the record for the fastest mile run.

That accomplishment earned her a nickname amongst her peers: “Cizzle.”

Despite her academic triumphs, Arahill could not neglect her love for angling any longer.

On June 11, 2014, she decided to start her own Youtube channel in the hopes of showcasing her fishing skills.

The first obstacle to overcome?

Selecting a name.

Thankfully, her recent moniker helped her decide on the perfect username: “Darcizzle.”

Fishing for Fame

With her hobby now in place, Darcizzle began churning out as much content as possible.

Her videos spanned a variety of topics, from fishing techniques to baiting hooks to cooking her catches.

Each of these had one primary goal: to share her passions with the world at large and encourage others to follow in her footsteps.

But her desire to invite others into her interests did not apply to everyone.

Instead, Darcizzle focused on encouraging three specific groups: women, children, and young adults of every gender.

Darcizzle recognized that the majority of people believed fishing to be a pastime enjoyed only by old men.

Each video on Darcizzle’s channel strives to break this stereotype and incite people like her to appreciate this sport all the same.

Her ambition aside, Darcizzle did not create content around the clock.

Arahill had a full-time desk job to attend to that pulled her away from her passions.

That is, until her post on November 5, 2015, skyrocketed her popularity across the internet.

Her most infamous video – “Best Fishing Fail Video: Big SHARK tries to pull girl overboard twice” – highlighted her experience in Everglades National Park.

The world refused to look away at this terrifying but thrilling ordeal.

Her newfound popularity allowed Arahill to leave her desk job behind her and embrace full-time content creation.

As of 2016, Darcizzle dedicated the entirety of her being to publishing videos, articles, and blogs.

With her 23 foot boat, aptly named the “Darcizzle Offshore,” Arahill continues to inspire aspiring anglers and catch every fish that comes her way.

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Arahill has never been one to shy away from showing her relationship to the world.

Since March 7, 2012, Darcizzle’s Instagram account has featured the man of her dreams: Brian.

Or, in Arahill’s own words, fans may recognize him better as her “Puddin.”

Darcizzle has not relegated her partner to sentimental social media posts. Instead, she brings him in on the action throughout her various videos.

The two frequently compete against one another to catch one of the biggest fish in a set period of time.

Brian’s relationship with Arahill has taken such a prominent position in his life that it’s even affected his personal social media.

His Instagram handle – darcizzlesbf – reflects just how important their romance is to him.


Arahill is 5 ft 11 in (179 cm) tall. 

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”I love nothing more than battling against a big fish, and at the weekends, I spend every waking minute out on the boat.”

”I love being out on the boat, and if I could turn that into my job, that would be perfect.”

”The fruits of your labor will bare the fruits of your success!”

”Always learning when I’m out on the water.”


Another popular female angler in Florida is Vicky Stark.

Darcizzle – Net Worth

Arahill earned most of her wealth from sponsors and advertisements on Youtube.

Her channel has over 123 million views, meaning about $300,000 in revenue before taxes.

This internet notoriety has helped Darcizzle to partner with brands hoping to showcase their products by paying Arahill for promotion.

Brands like Bimini Bay Outfitters clothe her in new bathing suits, while companies like Mustad grant her specialized gear.

Even her fashion gets an upgrade, with hair products from HairClub and sunglasses from Salt Life Optics.

Darcizzle ventures beyond her own channel in order to accrue funds and spread information about her brand.

She regularly writes for Coastal Angler Magazine, literature that helps fishing and boating fanatics like her.

Though her commission has never been published, each article submitted awards her with a fresh paycheck.

Darcizzle also opened her own Patreon page. Here, people can donate specific amounts of money each month in exchange for individualized rewards. With hundreds of patrons and support tiers ranging from $1 to $500, Darcizzle makes passive income every month from this source alone.

Therefore, YouTuber Darcizzle Offshore has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.

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