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Wes Watson Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Wes Watson’s Net Worth?

Wes Watson is a motivational speaker and actor who has a net worth of $1 million. Wes Watson might not be a mainstream celebrity just yet, but the motivational speaker has racked up a whopping 91 million views and counting on YouTube.

While the channel has some hidden gems, it also largely focuses on every aspect of prison life.

More than a how-to of prison life, Watson claims that he wants to help people avoid the mistakes he made.

Watson, who spent more than ten years incarcerated, is the founder of a bodybuilding and personal fitness brand, an author, a YouTube influencer, and a self-styled motivational speaker.

Watson, who often asks that people not mistake his “reflection for glorification” speaks often about his time in the California correctional system.

Even the name of his channel—GP Penitentiary Life—refers to his time spent in the General Population in prison.

While Wes is mainly known for serving time, he also earns followers for his well-defined physique and commitment to personal fitness.

But is there anything else we need to know about Wes Watson, one of more than a million people who serve time in the US prison system each year?

Let’s find out.

The Origin Story


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Wesley Watson was born on November 26, 1983.

He remains fairly tight-lipped on where he grew up, although he has openly talked about the decisions he made to eventually end up in prison.

Watson grew up in San Diego, and spent a lot of time skating, surfing, and snowboarding.

As a teen, Watson’s life may have sounded idyllic, but he began selling marijuana for extra cash.

It was this that landed him in federal prison in California, where he claims to have served ten years.

The Silver Lining

According to Watson’s YouTube channel, the muscled-up influencer served his prison time in California and Oklahoma—at one point getting involved in a dangerous prison riot in Oklahoma.

While not everything about Wes Watson’s time in prison adds up—and several channels have devoted themselves to picking apart Watson’s story of life on the “inside”—there are some positive benefits that have come his way.

It was during his time in prison that Watson discovered his passion for personal fitness and bodybuilding.

The YouTube sensation was able to transform his body through a harsh regimen of weight training, intense cardio, and high-intensity interval training.

He also took the time to work on his mental health and well-being.

Opening himself up to the importance of discipline, self-management, and self-improvement, Watson committed to turning his life around once he was released from prison.

YouTube & Internet Fame


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Wes Watson launched his YouTube channel as a means to talk to viewers about fitness and the lessons he learned inside.

The channel quickly grew in popularity, with viewers tuning in to listen to Watson’s no holds barred take on motivation.

While his delivery may have been rough around the edges, his message resonated with many people who had been through the criminal justice system in the US. Filled with profanity, violence, and stories of tragedy and redemption,

Watson was able to build a following of lost souls in need of saving—a trope that fit the influencer well, according to one person very close to him.

Wes Watson – Wife

In 2019, Wes Watson reached out to a gorgeous artist, tattoo model, and solo mom who caught his eye on Instagram. After sliding into her DMs, the pair had undeniable chemistry.

Both covered in tattoos, both with colorful pasts and a driving need to move past those pasts, they fell in love fast. In less than a month, the wildly impulsive duo were married.

Both Wes Watson and his new wife, Valerie, caught heat for getting married so fast, but the pair stood by their decision—at least for a couple of years.

At the time, Wes shared on YouTube that his marriage was like a roller coaster, and they fought a lot, but that their “love for each other conquers it.”

He took pride in the fact that both he and Valerie were in the relationship for the long haul, sharing with viewers that they would “never give up on each other.”

The pair divorced at the beginning of 2022, just shy of their third wedding anniversary.

In a 2022 interview, Watson’s ex-wife explained that she had been vulnerable at the time, stressed out, and was still adjusting to life as a solo mom.

Wes, who she described as wanting to save everyone, was willing to help her.

They bonded over shared experiences, and he wanted to “fix things for” the lost young artist.

Valerie has two sons, Wolf—who was born in 2019—and Xavier, who was born in 2007.

Wes claims to love them as if they are his own blood, calling Wolf “his kid, even though he isn’t mine by blood”.

On his website, he states that he has three kids, plus an adult daughter.

“Amazing [expletive] fun with kids (3 of them, not so much my adult daughter)”

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Wes began dating Instagram fitness model Angie—aka mbs_angie—in mid-2022, following his divorce from Valerie.


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Wes Watson – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Wes Watson worth? Watson earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, selling copies of his book (Non-Negotiable), and online training. On YouTube, Wes has over 87 million views — an estimated $250k in revenue. Therefore, Wes Watson has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

He sells merch on

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Tuesday 6th of December 2022

How does he have all those expensive cars though?


Friday 5th of April 2024

@Matt, Credit, finance and renting. The sure way to look rich, and go bankrupt in a decade.

Michele Bailey

Monday 27th of November 2023

@Matt, they are his! Nothing about him is fake or borrowed. Are you kidding me!


Friday 7th of April 2023

@Jimmy, so how is he living in the house and driving those cars all the time if there not his?


Thursday 16th of March 2023

@James, He doesn't, it's complete BS as is the house. He'd need to be worth a few hundred mill, which he isn't.