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Tracy Romulus Net Worth 2024 | Husband

What is Tracy Romulus’ net worth? Who is Tracy Romulus’ husband?


Tracy Romulus might not be a name that sounds familiar, but fans of anything to do with the Kardashian West sphere will recognize the name instantly.

After all, it was Kanye West who called Romulus out for apparently “manipulating” his ex-wife.

Given how things unfolded for the embattled rapper in 2022, it’s hard to say whether he was right or wrong about the Vietnamese-American businesswoman.

That didn’t stop hundreds of thousands of KKW fans from taking to their mobile devices to find out more about Kanye’s latest target.

And there was a lot to learn.

Here’s what we know about the former refugee, current business leader, and Kardashian Klan insider.

The Origin Story

Tracy Romulus Net Worth

Guest, Tracy Romulus, Larsa Pippen, Kim Kardashian West, Maria Menounos and Carla DiBello – @Getty

Tracy Romulus was born Tracy Nguyen on December 18, 1979, in a refugee camp in Indonesia.

Tracy’s parents had fled Vietnam following political oppression, ongoing civil unrest, war, and poverty in the country.

Pregnant and fearful, Tracy’s mother, Sang Nguyen, and father, Thanh Khac Tran—who was a high school math teacher in Vietnam—managed to escape the violence and get on a boat from the Ca Mau coast of Vietnam to Malaysia in May of 1979.

The boat didn’t make it to Malaysia, instead ending up at Pulau Kuku in Indonesia.

Kuku was home to the largest refugee camp for Vietnamese Boat People.

It was here that Tracy—the couple’s only child—was born.

The family was moved to Galang—another refugee camp in Indonesia—in January of 1980, and then given the opportunity to relocate to the United States in May of 1980.

It was the chance of a lifetime—but Tracy’s father chose to stay where he was.

Tracy and her mom, heartbroken to be losing her husband, went on without him.

In 2021, Tracy would attempt to reconnect with her father for the sake of her children.

Life took a turn for the better when Tracy and her mother arrived in the United States.

Hardworking and determined to provide for her newborn daughter, Sang worked any job she could get.

The family duo lived in Olympia, Washington, for a time, as well as in New York and Los Angeles.

Sang Nguyen remarried and welcomed another daughter—Tina Nguyen—several years after their arrival in the US.

Tina got engaged to her long-term boyfriend in 2022.

Tracy Romulus – Love & Marriage (and Baby Carriages!)

Tracy Romulus inherited her mom’s excellent work ethic and was steadily building a reputation for herself as a savvy, intelligent business owner and publicist when she met music producer and rapper Ray Romulus in Los Angeles.

Tracy Romulus with husband Ray Romulus


It was a chance meeting that would change Tracy’s life.

The pair met in 2011, introduced by producer Kenny Mac.

They hit it off instantly, and after three years of dating, they got married in 2014.

Romulus is a successful music producer and studio executive in his own right.

Having worked with some of the biggest artists in the world—like Mariah Carey, Cardi B, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars—he has picked up a couple of Grammy awards throughout his career.

Ray and Tracy Romulus welcomed their first baby—a daughter named Ryan—in May of 2012, followed by Remi three years later, and a son named Raf.

Ryan celebrated her ninth birthday in 2021 with an extravagant pool party, alongside her celebrity-kid best buddies, Penelope Disick and North West.


Tracy Romulus and son

Ryan Romulus and Tracy Romulus – @Getty

Tracy never had her sights set on landing a rich and successful husband—although she managed to do exactly that.

Instead, Romulus was adamant that she would be able to provide for her mom and sister the way she had always dreamed of—independently.

She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, studying fashion design, from 1998 until 2000.

At the height of early Y2K reality television, Romulus got a job as an assistant to Kelly Cutrone.

Cutrone, the founder of the fashion PR company People’s Revolution, was one of the key characters on The Hills spin-off reality television show, The City.

In 2006, Romulus launched her own public relations company—Industry PR.

This was also the year she met her future BFF, Kim Kardashian.

At the time, Kardashian hadn’t reached the heights of fame she and her family would attain.

The family’s reality television show hadn’t even started yet, and Kardashian was still riding Paris Hilton’s coat-tails.

All that was about to change, and Romulus had just created a connection that would elevate her career exponentially.

The PR executive would spend the next decade and a half working to uplift some of the biggest names in entertainment—people like Ciara, Pamela Anderson, and eventually Kanye West.

In 2017, she became the chief marketing officer at KKW Brands—Kardashian’s umbrella corporation that oversees Skims, KKW Fragrance, and KKW Beauty.

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When Love Goes Wrong

Tracy and her husband, Ray Romulus, have been a part of the Kardashian and West worlds for a long time.

In fact, they were there when West popped the question in October of 2013.

They were in attendance at their 2014 Italian wedding, too.

More recently, though, Tracy found herself on the pointy end of one of Kanye West’s social media rants.

Following the pair’s split in early 2021, and a dinner outing for Kanye, Kim, Tracy, and her husband later that year, West took to Instagram in 2022 to level some accusations at his former spouse and tell Tracy to “stop manipulating Kim to be this way.”

Romulus did not respond.

Tracy Romulus – Net Worth & Salary 2024

So, how much is Tracy Romulus worth? Romulus earned most of her wealth from serving as chief marketing officer for Kardashian’s KKW. Therefore, Tracy Romulus has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Tracy also worked as a senior vice president for 5W Public Relations and vice president for Sunshine Sachs.

Tracy Romulus’ annual salary is undisclosed.

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