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What happened to Asmongold’s mom? Did Asmongold’s mom pass away?

What happened to Asmongold’s mom? Did Asmongold’s mom pass away?


Asmongold often cracks jokes in his live stream about mere mortals—making an ironic dig at himself as some kind of god.

His fans eat it up, and it all just adds to the appeal of Asmongold—also known as Zack.

Another reason fans and followers flock to Asmongold’s Twitch stream is that he’s just so relatable.

He speaks openly about his struggles, without turning his World of Warcraft platform into some kind of soap opera drama.

The One True King founder, Taco Bell addict, and former golden ticket of Izzy Pink Sparkles, has struck the perfect balance between influencer and hardcore gamer.

It’s no wonder Asmongold is considered one of the best streamers on Twitch—and he’d racked up more than 230 million views, just to prove that point.


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Did something happen to Asmongold’s mother? Did Asmongold’s mom pass away?

Sadly, though, even the biggest legends in gaming have hard times, and Asmongold has been facing his roughest times to date.

The WoW gaming guru has shared over the past few years that his mom’s health was deteriorating—so much so that he had stepped back from streaming temporarily to take care of her.

He then started taking mini breaks away from content creation to take care of his own mental health, as his mother’s physical health got worse and the strains on Zack and his family worsened.

A series of tragedies occurred in October of 2021—first, a house fire, and then, heart-breakingly, the death of Zack’s mom.

In this article, we keep fans in the loop about what happened with Asmongold’s mom—and why Asmongold might be stepping back from world domination.


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Asmongold and his Mom: The Early Years

Asmongold—also known as Zack and Zackrawrr—is an Austin, Texas, native who was born on April 20, 1991.

He has always had a fascination with media, filmmaking, and gaming.

For his 11th birthday, Zack’s mom and dad bought him a video camera.

That was no mean feat in 2002, back when the world didn’t have camera phones.

Zack’s passion for video editing grew.

By the time he got to high school, he knew for sure that this was his passion.

Asmongold found out that his mom was sick just before he graduated from high school in 2009.

Rather than making plans to go to college, he stayed home to help his family take care of his mom.

For the next few years, the young Texan played around with video editing, played video games, and spent time with his family.

He was already on YouTube, where he was building a modest following thanks to his engaging, genuine personality and skill in World of Warcraft.

Zack’s mom’s health improved at around the same time, and the young gamer headed to business school at UT Austin McCombs School of Business.

He graduated with a degree in Business Studies.

There was also a new video streaming platform coming up internationally—one that combined the video streaming functionality of YouTube with a community specifically for gamers.

That platform was Twitch—and Asmongold joined it in 2014.


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Asmongold and his Mom: The Next Decade

Asmongold went from strength to strength with his gaming brand over the next decade.

He became one of the most influential streamers on Twitch, where he gained a cult following as a World of Warcraft player—and then post-2019 as a World of Warcraft Classic gamer.

When World of Warcraft released Shadowlands in 2020, Asmongold’s popularity surged even higher.

He founded the gaming organization One True King (OTK) as a way to grow gaming talent and dominate competitive gameplay.

In July of 2021, he branched out to play Final Fantasy XIV.

Such is Asmongold’s influence that the game’s creators reported a surge in sales, players, and overall popularity across social media metrics following Zack’s move.

That same month, Asmongold’s mom gave him a present while he was livestreaming.

The gift, hundreds of tiny figurines, was clearly a big deal to the gamer, who hugged the box of figurines and showed them to viewers with a smile on his face.

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Asmongold and his Mom: October 2021

Zack’s mom may have had struggles with her health for many years, but she was able to battle through these with the support of her family.

Then, on October 7, 2021, a fire broke out in the family’s home, and his mother suffered serious burns after her oxygen tank exploded.

Asmongold explained that he had turned off his stream and gone to bed.

He heard a crash in the next room—his mother’s room—and saw “a bunch of lights in her room.”

Those lights, as it turned out, were lots of little fires.

Zack’s mother, a long-time smoker, had been smoking too close to her oxygen machine.

Ambulance and fire attended the 911 callout, and Zack acknowledged later that “it’s terrifying.”

Sadly, the worst was yet to come for Zack’s family.

On October 29, 2021, his mother passed away.

Asmongold shared the news on Twitter:

Since then, the gaming superstar has been pretty quiet—causing fans to worry about how he was handling the heartbreaking loss.

In response, Asmongold posted a video the following month titled About my mom.

In the video, he calls his mom “the most genuine and pure-hearted and kind person” he’s ever known, and added that he’s going to try to be “a little bit less of an [expletive].”

Asmongold then went on to share that he won’t be continuing his regular live streaming schedule for the time being, but that he would be back soon.

He did his first video live stream on February 8 the following year, to an outpouring of love from fans and live stream viewers.

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