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Wyatt McClure Net Worth $1.5 Million

What is Wyatt McClure’s net worth?

Wyatt McClure is an American actor who has a net worth of $1.5 million. He is best known for his supporting role on the popular CBS sitcom Young Sheldon. McClure was born on June 26th in Cleveland, Ohio.

His father is named Gary, but his occupation is unknown; similarly, little is known of McClure’s mother, or whether or not he has any siblings.

McClure became an actor at the very young age of 5.

Though he hails from Cleveland, he and his father frequently reside in a studio apartment in Los Angeles.

Acting Career

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McClure began his acting career in the 2014 Katie Holmes vehicle Miss Meadows, though he was not credited for his role. He appears briefly during the wedding party scene as a small child.

Wyatt then appeared in the movie The Fault In Our Stars in another uncredited role, where he played the character of Gabriel.

He then featured in a single episode of the TV show Camp Nottahope (again, uncredited).

McClure rose to greater prominence in 2015 in the YouTube video series Between 2 Phat Kids.

In the show, he and fellow host Brice Evan Fisher interview a series of YouTube celebrities and internet personalities about their careers and lives. The show was moderately successful, and introduced McClure to a wider audience.

McClure then branched out into horror in 2017, appearing in two such movies that year.

The first was Psychos, in which three young women who had been terrorized by a sadist take their revenge upon him.

McClure also appeared in The Terror Of Hallow’s Eve, in the role of “Pig Boy”/”Young Chuck.

Wyatt enjoyed a productive 2018, making appearances in two TV shows and a movie that year.

He made only one-off guest appearances in the two TV shows, and enjoyed a larger role in the movie Glass Jaw, where he appeared in the role of “Tommy.”

In 2019, McClure appeared in the movie I See You as “young Tommy Braun.” He also had a minor recurring role as “Sylvester” in the TV Series Puppy Dog Pals.

Young Sheldon

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McClure’s biggest role to date has undoubtedly been on the popular Big Bang Theory spin-off show, Young Sheldon.

McClure auditioned for the role in 2016, and beat out more than 100 competing actors to land the role of “Billy Sparks,” Sheldon’s next-door neighbor.

McClure has been a regular on the show since it started in 2017, and has, to date, starred in 41 episodes of the hit show. He continues to appear on the TV show as of 2023.

Personal Life

McClure is an avid sports fan, and watches on his tablet device whenever he can.

Of the various Cleveland teams, his favorite is the Cavaliers; he dislikes the Browns somewhat, whom he has called “horrible.”

McClure is also interested in going into sports himself, stating that he would like to be a quarterback one day.

He also has something of an athletic background, having formerly studied the Korean martial art of taekwondo.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Wyatt McClure worth?

Wyatt earned most of his wealth from performing in 12 movies and TV series, including — Young Sheldon, Glass Jaw, Between 2 Phat Kids, Teachers, and I See You. Therefore, Wyatt McClure has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. His money are currently managed by his parents.

With 41 appearances, Wyatt’s role as Billy Sparks in Young Sheldon is his biggest project so far.

In September 2019, Wyatt was on Brad Lea’s podcast. They had an interesting conversation.

Lea: “You got any businesses besides actor, you invest in?

McClure: “No.

Lea: “You are saving your money?

McClure: “Yeah.

Lea: “Do you even see your money?

McClure: “No.

Lea: “Do you get to decide what you spend it on?

McClure: “Yeah.

Lea: “What do you get to spend it on?

McClure: “Nothing really, I’m gonna save it up until I am older.

Lea: “How much older?

McClure: “18.

Lea: “But then it should be a ton.

The rest of the conversation is on this video.


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