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Abby Hornacek’s Eye Injury

What happened to Abby Hornacek’s eye? Update.


Despite having gone through some pretty intense surgeries and coping with severe injuries to her eye and foot, there’s not a lot that can slow Abby Hornacek down.

She overcame her physical challenges to dominate her athletic endeavors as a kid and young adult, and has transformed her life as the darling of Fox Nation in front of an entire world of viewers.

Former athlete Abby Hornacek may have eventually stood down from her place in the sporting arena, but that didn’t stop her from living out her dreams.

Here’s what we know about Abby Hornacek, eye injury, foot injury, Fox career, PARK’D host, and everything else.

Short Biography


Abby describes herself as a “below average banjo player” but goes on to confirm what her legion of fans already knows—she’s one talented lady.

Presenter of PARK’D, a Fox Nation host, and presenter of the Getting Schooled podcast, there isn’t a lot that Abby can’t do—except play the banjo, apparently.

Abby is the daughter of famed basketball coach Jeff Hornacek and his wife, Stacy.

Sport was always in her genes—she grew up playing rough on and off the field.

Hornacek has two big brothers, Ryan and Tyler.

What happened to Abby Hornacek’s eye


What happened with Abby Hornacek’s eye injury? Does Abby Hornacek have a glass eye?

When fans and Fox viewers look closely, they might notice that Abby Hornacek’s eyes are slightly asymmetrical.

And noticing that often leads to the question: does Abby Hornacek have an eye injury?

The answer is actually pretty straightforward: yes, Abby suffered an eye injury.

Abby had dreams of going pro as a volleyball player—and she had the skills and dedication to pull it off.

Bloody noses, scraped elbows, and sprained joints were par for the course for the young go-getter.

Unfortunately, a few serious injuries put an end to Hornacek’s dreams of going pro.

One of those injuries was to her right eye, and eventually, it meant Abby ended up with two surgeries and a glass prosthetic eye.

The injury occurred after Abby was hit in the head with a volleyball during practice.

What happened with Abby Hornacek’s eye injury


Does Abby Hornacek have any other injuries?

While it was Abby’s eye injury that most fans these days know about, that wasn’t the problem that ended her volleyball career.

A foot injury ended her dreams of hitting the big time with her volleyball team—or at least of continuing the sport through the rest of college.

The foot damage took two surgeries to heal, and left Hornacek out of the USC women’s NCAA volleyball team for the rest of her time there.

Never one to stay down and out for long, Hornacek decided to turn her love of sports into a different type of career—she set her sights on being a journalist.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in sports journalism from the University of Southern California, and used her extensive knowledge of sports, her natural charisma, and her connections to get her foot in the door as a reporter.

abby hornacek eye injury update


How did Hornacek get famous?

Before she started shopping around for several months to get a job as a reporter, Abby had already been doing the hard yards.

She started out as an anchor for USC’s Trojan Vision TV, presenting on the local university channel to 29,000 students and 18,000 university employees.

From there, she took on a role at Annenberg TV News at USC—and a quick stint as Miss Desert Rose and the third runner up to Miss Arizona.

After that, Hornacek tackled her first big gig: a role as an NBA Sports reporter in 2014 and an NBA Summer League correspondent in 2015.

This was enough to get her noticed at Fox Sports San Diego, where she secured a role as feature reporter and co-host of the San Diego Prep Insider segment.

From there, Hornacek moved on to Fox News in January of 2019.

The role, which saw her make the move from San Diego right across the country to New York, put her in front of millions of viewers as an On Air Host.

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What else is Abby known for?

This is one girl who likes to keep pushing herself. Rather than get comfortable at Fox News, the savvy young blonde worked to earn hosting roles on the hit Fox Nation shows like American Arenas, Rides to Work, and her labor of love: PARK’D.

PARK’D With Abby Hornacek is probably her biggest role to date—and one that helps her maintain her athletic spirit and connection with the outdoors.

With 5 seasons of the show under her belt, Abby takes viewers on a tour of American national parks.

She delivers on the premise with her own adventurous twist, too, often showcasing some kind of adrenaline rush on the show.

From biking and hiking across Zion National Park, to white water rafting, to cruising on Lake Nighthorse, there’s never a dull moment for Abby Hornacek on PARK’D.


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Leroy schwab

Monday 19th of February 2024

I've been watching Parked on the fox weather channel and at 74 I'm out of breath watching Abby climb up the trail to the glacier field. I had no idea she had suffered life changing injuries. Her personality is so wonderfull it shoulde showcased as the perfect example of young American endeavors and energy. If she was my sister I'd be bragging about her whenever I got the america!