Adam Calhoun Net Worth

What is Adam Calhoun’s net worth?


Adam Calhoun is a country and hip-hop singer/rapper and online personality who ventured onto social media around 2013.

His music and music videos are primarily viewed and uploaded to Youtube, but his videos are viewed on a wide range of social media platforms.

He is also known widely for his love of America and opinions through casual conversational videos he places on his social media platforms.

He is forty years old (born in 1980) and has a son who was born in 2000.

He resides in Illinois most of the time, although he travels for Youtube and other social media engagements.


He began his venture on Youtube and social media in 2013.

Calhoun was temporarily removed from Facebook because of an older video on his channel but was able to return to the platform in 2016.

He posts on his channel 2-3 times a month.

He ventured into a music career in 2017.

When starting this portion of his social media career, he released a song with a country rap singer named Hosier.

The song they released was titled “Salute the Brave.”

This song ranked fairly well on country music charts and prompted the duo to release an album later that year.

The album was titled “Made in America.”

Eventually, Adam Calhoun and Hosier parted ways, and Adam decided to begin a solo music career.

His first solo venture was an album titled “AmerAcal.”

This album had ten songs, and he perceived its success well enough to release an additional album that year, titled “The Throne.”

Both albums rely heavily on a combination of country and hip-hop beats and styles.

“The Throne” received backlash because of the content of one of its key songs.

After these two individual albums and solo ventures, Calhoun decided to team up with another artist, yet again.

This time his partner was Demun Jones, and together they released an EP called “Crazy White Boy.”

The two decided to go on a tour together to perform the EP for fans, and while it was mostly successful, some shows were canceled.

The EP was successful enough, but Adam Calhoun decided it was time to release another individual album titled “War.”

During the week it came out, it was the second best-selling country album and third best-selling rap album.

In 2019, Calhoun collaborated with Ryan Upchurch and released an album titled “Hooligan.” This album peaked at #160 on the general US album charts.

2020 led to the release of his album titled “Billy G.O.A.T,” which topped the U.S. HEAT chart at #8.

Another collaboration was also released in 2020. This time with the artist Struggle Jennings. It was titled “Legend” and peaked on the US HEAT chart at #18.

In 2021 he released another solo album titled “Pressure” and another collaboration with Struggle Jennings titled “Outlaw Shxt.”

On March 4, 2022, Adam and rapper Tom MacDonald released an album titled – The Brave.

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On Youtube, Adam Calhoun has over 200 videos on his channel spanning over six years.

He currently has 1.29 million subscribers on the channel and has over 352 million views spanning across his channel.

He is ranked as #5,460 amongst the country channels on youtube and #3,430 amongst the music channels on the platform.

He generally receives around 10-15 million views on his youtube channel every month. This could be more or less depending on if he has any videos that go viral that month.

His youtube channel is a mix of his music and his personality.

Many of the videos on his channel are casual videos of him giving his opinion or thoughts on different subjects he and his followers find interesting.

He also posts music and music videos of his current album or single whenever he releases new music.

On Instagram, Calhoun has over 600,000 followers and regularly posts short clips or high-quality photos so his followers can see a peak of his daily life or behind the scenes of music videos and other content that he is creating.

He has over 120,000 followers and likes on Facebook and regularly posts links to Youtube videos on that page, but occasionally creates exclusive content for that particular audience.


As far as personal life goes, Calhoun has a son that was born in 2000.

He is no longer with that partner but has been with his fiancé Margie since 2016.

They became engaged in 2018, and Adam Calhoun occasionally posts pictures of them together on his social media platforms.

Margie is currently pregnant, and they are expecting a daughter in September 2020.

Adam currently lives and owns a home in Illinois with his fiancé Margie.

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Adam Calhoun – Net Worth

His streams of income come primarily from selling copies of his album and his Youtube channel — where it is estimated that he brings in approximately $20,000-30,000 each month from that channel alone.

His Youtube channel heavily advertises his music and increases single and album sales which also serve as a steady stream of income.

Adam does go on tour for his music, and tours and ticket sales play a large part in his current income.

Adam Calhoun also has a line of clothing called ACal Apparel that has an Instagram page with over 33,000 followers. That clothing brand sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats.

The shirts and items in the shop sell for around $30 a piece.

He does not currently do any amount of sponsored posts or ads on his social media platforms.

Most of his posts are advertising his music and other ventures.

It is safe to say that with his large legion of followers and fans, Adam Calhoun does not need to do sponsored content on his social media platforms. His followers and fans religiously follow his content and music and provide a steady stream of online income.

Therefore, American rapper Adam Calhoun has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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