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Christopher Kimball Net Worth 2024 | Wife

What is Christopher Kimball’s net worth? Who is Christopher Kimball’s wife?


Christopher Kimball is an American television personality and chef who gained fame as the host of the show America’s Test Kitchen.

He is also the founder and editor of Milk Street.


He was born on June 5, 1951, in Rye, New York, USA.

Christopher grew up on a farm in Vermont,

Kimball started to cook as a young child. ”Started baking when I was 7 or 8 – the first recipe was a chocolate cake with 7-Minute Frosting that ended up with the consistency of snot,” he told Daring Gourmet.

In 1973, Christopher earned his degree in Primitive Art from Columbia University.

In 1980, he launched Cook’s Magazine.

In 1989, Kimball sold the magazine to the privately held Swedish media group, Bonnier Group.


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Christopher Kimball and book “Here In America’s Test Kitchen” – @Getty

In 1993, Kimball was a co-founder of America’s Test Kitchen.

For the first 16 seasons, he also served as a host of the cooking show America’s Test Kitchen.

In January 2011, he started to host WGBH-FM’s America’s Test Kitchen Radio.

Kimball and America’s Test Kitchen parted ways in 2015.

”We made every effort to offer Chris a reasonable contract that reflected his significant contributions to the company and are disappointed that we could not reach agreement,” stated Boston Common Press (the parent company of America’s Test Kitchen) CEO David Nussbaum.

In January 2017, Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster began hosting the cooking show.

Milk Street

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.Christopher Kimball editor of Cook’s illustrated magazine shown with his new book “The Best New Recipe” – @Getty

In 2016, Kimball created Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street, a food media publishing company in Boston that has a public television show, magazine with tested recipes, radio show, and cooking classes.

Milk Street was funded by a $6 million investment.

The company has its location at the Flour and Grain Exchange building at 177 Milk Street. 

”Our mission is to rethink how we should cook at home,” Kimball said in January 2018 for The Kitchn. ”We’re trying to bridge that gap between how people really cook and how we design cookware. We want to make our recipes as easy as possible with a limited number of ingredients.”


Christopher Kimball Net Worth

© Guliver / Getty Images

In October 2016, the company behind America’s Test Kitchen filed a lawsuit against Christopher in Suffolk Superior Court, accusing him of ripping off America’s Test Kitchen concept for Milk Street and using company resources while working on launching Milk Street.

Additionally, he was accused of ”stealing” at least 15 former America’s Test Kitchen employees.

The lawsuit says: ”Mr. Kimball spent the last year of his employment with America’s Test Kitchen creating a new venture which literally and conceptually ripped off America’s Test Kitchen.” 

Jack Bishop, the chief creative officer at ATK, said: ”He kept on saying he wasn’t going to compete.” Jack added: ”I took him at his word. I think everyone on the board was taking him at his word.”

In late 2016, Christopher countersued and claimed that the lawsuit cost his company ”millions of dollars in possible investments.” Furthermore, he accused America’s Test Kitchen of using the lawsuit as a ”nationwide media campaign” that defamed him.

Kimball was also sued by Milk Street Cafe, a restaurant owned by Marc Epstein, for trademark infringement. In 2017, a federal judge ruled in Kimball’s favor.

In August 2019, it was reported that Kimball and ATK had settled their lawsuit. As part of the settlement, Christopher has returned his shares in America’s Test Kitchen to the company.

”Recouping Mr. Kimball’s shares in ATK was very important for the growth and future of the company,” said ATK in a statement.

”I think sometimes you just have to move on,” Kimball declared. He went on to say: ”I think it would have been awkward still being there as a partner.”

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In December 2012, Christopher divorced his second wife, Adrienne. There is no information about his first wife.

On June 30, 2013, Christopher Kimball married former ATK staffer Melissa Lee Baldino at the Memorial Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Christopher Kimball and wife Melissa Lee Baldino

Christopher Kimball talks with his wife and cofounder/media director Melissa Baldino at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street – @Getty


With Adrienne, Kimball has three daughters and a son.

With Baldino, Christopher has a son (b. on May 4, 2017) and a daughter Rike (b. in 2019).


”Cooks are architects, building a present that is worth remembering.”

”We must lose what we think we know so that we can come to see what we least expect.”

”Dinner slows the clock, allowing us a moment to catch our breath.”

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Christopher Kimball – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Christopher Kimball worth?

Kimball earned most of his wealth from co-founding the PBS show America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated magazine. 

Christopher has also founded Milk Street with his wife, Melissa Lee Baldino.

Kimball published several books, including – The Cook’s Bible: The Best of American Home Cooking, The Kitchen Detective, The Dessert Bible, The Cook’s Bible, Milk Street Fast and Slow, Milk Street: The New Rules, The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook, and The Milk Street Cookbook.

Therefore, TV personality Christopher Kimball has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

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