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Cloakzy Net Worth 2024

Cloakzy Net Worth – $2.5 million

What is Cloakzy’s net worth? Also, who is Cloakzy’s girlfriend?


This millennial is a professional gamer. Famous on YouTube and Twitch for streaming video footage of him playing Fortnite—and other gaming content—Cloakzy (real name – Dennis Lepore) has over 2.9 million Twitch followers, and 4.2 million followers across Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Here’s how he got so big.

The Origin Story

Born Dennis Lepore on 26 December 1994, this Texas native moved to New York short-term but returned to Austin, Texas, in the middle of 2018.

He has always loved gaming and knew at an early age that if he could get paid to do what he loved, that would be the best career for him.



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Cloakzy started a YouTube channel in 2015, where he streamed footage of himself playing various games.

His channel wasn’t a success initially, and once he was able to gather a stronger following, Cloakzy removed the old videos. Most of his current content centers around Fortnite and other first-person shooters.

Cloakzy’s other pro-level competitions are focused on PUBG Mobile, Battle Royale, and H1Z1.

Cloakzy didn’t see any significant success on YouTube, or any other social media or streaming platform until Fortnite gained popularity.

As a solid gamer already, Cloakzy was able to showcase his talents on the popular game and catch the attention of hardcore and newbie gamers alike.

He also captured the attention of the pro eSports organization, Faze Clan.

Faze Clan is one of the dominant professional competitive esports clubs, and takes part in a wide number of tournaments.

Cloakzy signed with Faze Clan in March of 2018. He is also a former member of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team.

Initially, Cloakzy considered moving to the Faze Clan house in California.

The organization bought a large property near Hollywood, with dedicated game rooms and minimal expenses for team members.

Things changed when, in June 2019, Cloakzy announced he was quitting the Clan.

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Read The Fine Print


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Near the end of 2018 and into 2019, Cloakzy was vocal online about how he signed a “really bad” contract with the Faze Clan.

The gamer was rumored to be on bad terms with the popular organization—issues that were put down predominantly to the gamer’s lack of maturity, poor decision making, and inability to be a team player.

Many popular mainstream eSports organizations blacklisted the popular Twitch streamer because of his unprofessional talk online about his contract, and Faze Clan in general.

Cloakzy himself acknowledges that signing a “bad” contract was his fault.

He was questioned on his Twitch stream about why he made that decision, and whilst he admitted it was his decision, he repeatedly said that he didn’t know why he did it.

In March 2021, Dennis left Faze Clan.

”I am grateful for everything they’ve done for me, and am happy we have come to an agreement to part ways,” Lepore said in a statement. ”I wish nothing but the best for everyone over at FaZe.”

Complexity Gaming


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In March 2022, Lepore joined Complexity Gaming as part-owner and official creator.

“I’m looking forward to working with TimTheTatman and Complexity’s diverse roster of talent,” Lepore said at the time.

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Onwards and Upwards

Cloakzy is one of the most prolific tournament participants, and routinely teams up with other gamers to challenge top players from around the world.

His high visibility—he often does guest features on other gamers’ channels—is part of what maintains his popularity on Twitch.

The young social media star invests the most time and effort into his Twitch streams, which is reflected in the popularity of his channel.

YouTube is his platform of choice for posting highlights from tournaments and games.


Cloakzy is dating Twitch streamer and YouTube personality Alexia Raye.

Raye has over 296k followers on Instagram.

She is good friends with Valkyrae.


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Cloakzy – Net Worth 2024 + How much does Cloakzy make a year?

So, how much is Cloakzy worth? Dennis made most of his wealth from streaming on Twitch (over 7k subs, which brings him about $24,500 in monthly revenue), sponsors, selling merch, tournament winnings (about $464k), and advertisements on YouTube. Therefore, American Twitch streamer Cloakzy has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

On YouTube, Lepore has over 107 million views, meaning about $321k in revenue before taxes.

In addition to donations from viewers, another major source of income for top streamers like Cloakzy comes from sponsorships with gaming companies or other brands. These sponsorships usually involve promoting products or services related to gaming or streaming in exchange for monetary compensation from the company providing them with sponsorship opportunities. 

For instance, in June 2020, Lepore signed a deal with PC maker iBUYPOWER.

Cloakzy earns somewhere between $400k -$500k annually.

Want to see some of Cloakzy’s highlights? Check them out here.

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